17: How do I activate my Easy Wireless phone?

Before you start using your Easy Wireless phone, you will need to perform a few simple steps to set it up on the network:

  •   Insert the   battery.
  •   Turn your   phone on by pressing and holding the red power button (or End key).
  •   Call 611, or   attempt to call any number of your choice.
  •   You should   hear an automated message that says “Thank you for choosing Easy Wireless as   your telephone Company”, please press 1 to activate.
  •   Press 1 and   you will hear “Thank you, your phone is now activated. Please hang up.”
  •   Your phone   will not work if this is not completed.    To make sure these steps were completed properly, please make a test   call to any number of your choice to make sure the call will go through. This   second call, or test call, will count towards the monthly usage requirement   of the current month’s service.