Annual Lifeline Recertification

Since March 2020, the requirement that you recertify your continued Lifeline eligibility each year has been on hold due to the ongoing pandemic. Annual recertification resumes on July 1st, 2022.

You may need to recertify soon.

USAC will email a letter to your address on file with the due date by which you must recertify. Now is the time to make sure your address is up to date!

3 EASY Steps to Update Your Address

  1. Go to the National Verifier at and start a new Lifeline Application with the new address.
  2. Receive an Application ID (starts with a Q or a B).
  3. Call 877-476-3451 or email us at to provide us with your new address and that application ID.

What if I don't recertify?

Failure to recertify by the required due date will result in a de-enrollment from the program and a loss of service.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Keep your information up to date with the National Verifier and with Easy Wireless, and be on the lookout for mail, phone calls or texts coming your way in the very near future. These outreach steps will contain instructions.

When your time comes to recertify, you will be given a short window by which to complete the recertification. You can visit our nearest store or tent location for more information or assistance.

As always, Easy Wireless is here to help keep you informed along the way.