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Your goal is to minister to people through whatever means you can. This includes your sermons and Bible study classes, of course, but you don’t stop there.

You extend your hand to members of your congregation, your community, and even other parts of the world through mission trips, meals for the hungry and homeless, Christmas toy drives, and so much more. And chances are high that you want to do more.

The struggle of church fundraising to having the funds you need to extend your hand to others. It’s no secret that such activities require resources. Without them, you simply can’t make things happen. The question is how to get the resources you need.

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Funding Challenges  - EASY Wireless

Ministry Funding Challenges 

It’s hard to ignore how difficult times have become. The pandemic alone wiped out many Americans financially. And inflation isn’t helping. With necessities like gas and milk increasing in price, people have a much tighter hold on their wallets than before. Sadly, these situations only increase the number of people that need help.

And regardless of the economy, you still work hard to keep your facilities maintained so your congregation has a clean, safe environment to gather and worship. That’s not to mention that churches and those in ministry still need to build on or extend their facilities to meet the needs of growing memberships.

How can you continue your mission of ministering and accommodate growth while battling such challenges?

Ideas to Raise Money for Church - EASY Wireless

Ideas to Raise Money for Your Ministry  

Even if it seems hopeless, it’s not. There are ways to keep the funds you need flowing in the toughest of times. Before we dive into ways to raise money for church, let’s discuss a few basic tips that can help make your fundraisers more successful.

1. As often as possible, find ways that don’t require people to pay for an item. For example, do activities like yard sales, clothing drives, and scrap metal drives. None of these require congregation members – or others that choose to get involved – to spend money. Instead, they get to clean out their homes.

2. Be strategic about when you run the fundraiser. Trying to raise money around Christmas or during the summer when people are going on vacation likely won’t produce the desired results.

3. Try to keep church capital campaigns to a minimum. It’s great to run large campaigns to fund big projects, like adding a new teen building. However, doing so more than every few years can often drain congregation members of their enthusiasm to get involved.

4. Piggyback fundraisers – but be strategic about it. In other words, while you carry out an active campaign, be sure to have a more passive campaign going, as well. Our EASY affiliate marketing program is completely passive – we’ll get into that below in a moment.

With these tips in mind, let’s take a look at some fundraising ideas that typically have high success rates.


People love to show their membership via t-shirts and other wearable products. They also enjoy items that remind them of their favorite Bible verses or have a silly saying on them.

You can use a print-on-demand service to make these shirts and sell them to your congregation. If you talk to local businesses, you might find one that is willing to donate the shirts or provide a deep discount.

Yard Sales

As mentioned above, hosting a church yard sale is usually a success. Your congregation as well as community members can donate all of their unwanted items. Volunteers can then run the actual sale. Just be sure to get the word out in advance.


Congregation members can all provide their “secret” recipes to make one larger cookbook. You can then sell them online and to your community.


Hosting a walkathon or a race can be a fun idea – and it provides a couple of benefits. Not only do you raise the funds, but you are also motivating people to get out and be active.

Fundraising Ideas for Church Youth Groups - EASY Wireless

Fundraising Ideas for Church Youth Groups

If you’re looking for ideas for your younger crowd, the following can help.

  • Have them hold car washes
  • They can provide lawn care or house cleaning services to congregation members
  • Provide a parents’ night out (your youth group babysits for a donation)
  • Have them organize a play or concert and charge an admission donation
  • Hold an arts and crafts fair where your youth members can sell their handmade items

All of these ideas can be helpful, and you can often hold more than one at a time if they are targeting different groups. However, there is one way that you can earn the funds you need in a much more passive manner: EASY affiliate marketing.

What Is the EASY Affiliate Marketing Program? - EASY Wireless

What Is the EASY Affiliate Marketing Program?

At EASY Wireless, we have a mission, as well. We want to bring free smartphones and cell phone service to qualified individuals through the Lifeline and ACP programs. And we want to provide the opportunity to as many people as we can.

Like you, we have challenges when it comes to that mission: getting the word to everyone that needs to hear it. That’s why we partner with organizations that come face-to-face with people in need of assistance.

All we ask is that you share our message. We provide all of the materials you need to do so – materials that include a referral code unique to your organization. And every time someone signs up successfully through your referral code, you earn $15.

Yes, it’s really that EASY. There’s no selling, no chasing leads, no convincing – nothing. You can simply hang a flyer on your announcement wall or leave them on your entryway table. And while you work on your other active fundraising campaigns, your EASY affiliate earnings can continue to grow on autopilot.

Can We Really Earn With EASY Affiliate Marketing? - EASY Wireless

Can We Really Earn With EASY Affiliate Marketing?

In the current age, it seems like everywhere you turn, someone has a smartphone in their hands – even young children. In fact, many kids learn how to work a smartphone before they learn to read, tie their shoes, or manage other regular tasks.

It’s this fact that makes it difficult to imagine that anyone is going without a cell phone these days. And it may leave you wondering how you can raise funds with our EASY program. Let’s take a look at some numbers.

Despite the ease of accessing smartphones now, nearly 20% of American adults do not have one. Of those that do, about half cannot afford the service that goes with it. With prices averaging about $127 per month, keeping service on can be a challenge for low and moderate-income families.

That challenge increases with the number of family members that need access to a cell phone. If mom and dad both need a phone, the monthly cost will average about $250 per month.

When there are teens who are driving or are involved in activities independent of their parents, they need a communication method, too. This can leave families choosing to pay hundreds – even thousands – per month or leaving members without a cell phone. This is obviously a problem – one that you can provide a solution to.

By signing up for our EASY Affiliate Program, you are spreading the word that there is a better option. Many people are unaware that they can get assistance with a cell phone service. You can bring awareness that assistance is available and guide them to it. Your qualified congregation members can receive:

  • FREE Unlimited Talk
  • FREE Unlimited Text
  • Keep Your Phone & Number
  • FREE SIM Card & Activation

By doing nothing more than sharing our message, you can lighten a heavy burden from many members’ shoulders. And you can get your congregation members in on the earnings. If they sign up as an affiliate under you, you can both earn from each of their successful sign-ups.

Would you like to learn more about how EASY it can be to earn funds? Read more about the program here or head straight to the application to sign up.