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Living on minimum wage in Kentucky can be a nightmare. With the soaring cost living, the minimum wage is just not enough to make ends meet!

Thankfully, this article can help.  We will explain 11 ways to start saving money in Kentucky today!

From getting free unlimited data with EASY Wireless to new grants that can help you save money on your heating bills this winter, we have you covered!

Qualify For Free Internet and Government Assistance Even if you are Working- EASY Wireless

Qualify For Free Internet and Government Assistance Even if you are Working

Many new benefit programs allow even people who work to get help. These first tips are aid programs that you may qualify for depending on your income and the number of dependents. Apply online and get help with just one click!

Free Government Internet in Kentucky

Do you know that you can get free internet in Kentucky without paying a single cent on phone bills? This is made possible by the Affordable Connectivity Program. The ACP program was launched by the federal government to ensure that households are able to stay connected to the internet.

You may also qualify for the Lifeline program in Kentucky through EASY Wireless and receive even more benefits!

You might wonder if you qualify for the ACP or Lifeline program if you have a job, and the answer is yes! You can qualify by participating in certain government aid programs or through income levels.

The program works with EASY Wireless to deliver free internet and unlimited data to your doorstep. With free internet, you can apply for all sorts of aid online, apply for jobs, work from home and stay in touch with your loved ones.

When you combine the Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program, EASY Wireless offers the following:

EASY Wireless Free Unlimited Plan

  • FREE Unlimited Talk
  • FREE Unlimited Text
  • Keep the Phone You Love
  • Choose to Keep Your Number or Get a New One
  • FREE SIM Card & Activation

Contact EASY Wireless today to connect to their unlimited free internet in Kentucky!

Apply Kentucky Homeowner Assistance Fund

Recently, many homeowners lost their income, making it difficult to pay their mortgages. The Homeowner assistance programs help you cover these costs if you run into trouble making these payments, so you don’t become homeless!

Visit their website to apply today and save.

Got kids? Apply for Kentucky Transitional Assistance Program (KTAP)

KTAP is a government assistance program that aims to help low-income families with finances and medical assistance. If you have kids, you can apply for the program to help with their needs. It also covers the finances of the parents or the guardians taking care of the children.

Applying for the program may also help you get a better job and be eligible for other supportive services in the government to care for your children, such as childcare and transportation assistance.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Kentucky

LIHEAP program helps many people to pay their electric and other energy bills. The Department of Health and Human Services runs the program.

Apply today to get assistance on your energy needs to avoid going broke trying to keep the light on!

Kentucky Prescription Assistance Program

The KPAP helps you and your family pay for your medicine. It pays for all your drugs or part of the cost to ensure you get the necessary medication.

The program works with churches and hospitals to sensitize the public about its services.

To apply, you can also call their hotline at (855) 793-7470.

Save Money by Spending More Wisely and Improving your Skills - EASY Wireless

Save Money by Spending More Wisely and Improving your Skills

Save Money by Going to Thrift Stores in Kentucky

You can save heaps of money and have fun by shopping at thrift stores, and you are helping the environment too!

For example, you can visit a store such as Goodwill outlets. My favorite thrift stores are Fat Rabbit Thrift and Vintage, Louisville, but there are countless options for any taste. 

 Remember to purchase items in good condition and ask yourself if you need them.

Spend Less on Entertainment in Kentucky

Living on a low wage doesn’t mean you don't need to enjoy yourself. Therefore, you can check out some free places to visit and enjoy with your family. Here are a few places I love!

Take a hike and swim in "Tom" Sawyer State Park

Check out the art at the 21c Museum Hotel

Walk the Big Four Bridge

See the mansions in Old Louisville

Kentucky Employee Educational Assistance Program

The Employee Educational Assistance Program gives you financial assistance to allow you to continue with your studies if you drop out due to insufficient funds. Check if your company participates in this program, get a grant from work, and see if you can get that promotion!

Look for Extra Money Sources In Kentucky

You can increase your income if you’re on minimum wage in Kentucky. Some fantastic ways to use your free time and earn extra cash over your minimum wage. Here are a few examples of doing so effectively.

Rent out extra space in your apartment

Share your car with Turo or Drive Uber for extra cash

Deliver food and groceries with Uber Eats or Amazon Fresh

Budget Effectively in Kentucky

To live smoothly on minimum wage in Kentucky and save, the budget must be your friend.

The first step in budgeting is to list all your monthly expenses and then start to track what you spend. Get a free budgeting app on your phone to help!

 There are free credit counseling agencies in Kentucky. Just make sure they are a charity and not a for-profit business.

Enroll With Kentucky Workforce Development Programs

People live under minimum wages mainly because of lacking adequate skills to help them pursue higher-paying jobs. You can counter that by enrolling with Kentucky Workforce Development programs. They will help you get the skills you need.

EASY Wireless understands its importance in staying connected, and we are here to help! Our friendly and experienced customer care team is on hand to help you get qualified for the benefits you deserve today!

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