About EASY Wireless

Who is EASY Wireless?

Since 1999 Easy Wireless has offered low-cost and free communication services to eligible consumers. Easy Wireless is a nationwide service provider on the T-Mobile network, offering Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program benefits to eligible consumers. With plans including unlimited talk, unlimited text, and unlimited data Easy Wireless is the choice for all of your communication needs.

  • Store locations throughout Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Find a location in your area here.
  • Amazing Customer Rewards! Earn free account credits on your account anniversary and for referring friends and family.
  • Truly Lowest Refill Prices! Top up your talk, text, and data for less than the competitors. Data refills are only $10 for 1GB of Data. *As compared to other wireless carriers who charge $15

Is there any cost to me?

Easy Wireless is FREE to Lifeline or ACP eligible customers. There are no bills, long-term contracts or activation fee.

Consumers who are not eligible for Lifeline or ACP will be happy to know that Easy Wireless has low cost retail plans. For a listing of these plans go here.


Do I need to sign a contract?

You will never be asked to sign a contract or pay any hidden fees.

Will you run a credit check on me?

There are NO credit checks.

Lifelife & ACP

What is Lifeline?

The Lifeline program is a federal program that provides discounted phone services to qualifying low-income households. The program was created in 1985 to ensure that everyone has access to communication services, regardless of their income level. 

What is the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)?

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a government-funded initiative designed to provide affordable internet access to qualifying low-income households. . The program was created in 2021 to ensure that everyone has access to affordable internet service, regardless of their income level. 

Are there any restrictions for the Lifeline program?

Yes, there are a few restrictions.

Easy Wireless’ Lifeline service is a government benefit program only available to individuals who participate in a qualifying government program or who are income eligible based on household income eligibility standards.

  • Only one wireless or landline Lifeline account is allowed per household.
  • Households are not permitted to receive benefits from multiple providers.
  • Violation of the one per household requirement will result in de-enrollment from the Lifeline program.
  • The address provided for your phone service must be the customer’s current place of residence.
  • The address provided for phone service must be issued in the name of the qualified customer and is non-transferable.
  • A good practice is to use your phone at least once per thirty (30) days. If your Lifeline service goes unused for thirty (30) days, it may be suspended.


Am I eligible for Lifeline or the ACP program?

Consumers may qualify for the Lifeline and/or ACP program if they participate in select government programs or meet the income requirements. Please see Lifeline and ACP Qualifying Government Programs for more details. 

If I qualify, what do I get?

For the list of available plans in your area, go here.

Signing Up

How do I sign up for service with Easy Wireless?

  • For in-person orders with an Easy Wireless employee, we can help you get qualified with the National Verifier. 

  • Our online order application will direct you to the National Verifier to get qualified, and then we can ship a device to you. 

  • If you are already qualified in the National Verifier, call our call center and we can place the order over the phone and ship the device to you. 

What do I need to apply for Lifeline or ACP service?

  • All consumers will be required to have an approved application with the federal government’s National Verifier (NV) system. 

    • The National Verifier will run your identity through an identity check. If your identity is not found, the NV application may ask for proof of identity (non-expired Driver’s License) or proof of last 4 SSN (social security card or tax return). 

    • The NV application will run your information through available Medicaid, HUD, and SNAP databases, where available. If you are not found in a program database, proof of eligibility will be required. 

      • Program proof may be required, such as an award letter or screenshot from an online account, or proof of income such as a tax return or 3 months’ paycheck stubs. 

    • Have all your data available when you apply. Need help? Come see us at one of our locations, or call or chat our customer service team, and we will be happy to help with your NV Application!

When will I receive my free phone?

For online orders or orders made through our customer service team, you can expect to receive your free phone or free SIM card within 10 business days, in most cases. For questions about your shipment, reach out to customer service at 877-476-3451.

What if I have service with another provider?

If you are currently receiving service with another provider, you can sign up for service with Easy Wireless. The order will transfer your Lifeline and ACP benefit from the other company over to Easy, cancelling your account with them. If you are enrolled with another pre-paid provider, we can port your number over so that you can keep your same number, or we can provide you with a new number.

What is the National Verifier?

The National Verifier (NV) is the federal government’s Lifeline and ACP application system. The government uses this application system to determine whether consumers are eligible for the Lifeline and/or ACP programs. Once the consumer is eligible, they can receive service from the company of their choice. USAC manages the NV and provides customer service to consumers to through the National Verifier Support Center.

Customers are required to have an approved NV application prior to Easy Wireless being able to offer the service. Need help? Come see us at one of our locations, or call or chat our customer service team, and we will be happy to help with your NV Application!

What do I do when I’m done applying through the National Verifier website?

Once you have an approved application, call 888-792-0076 to provide your Application ID (begins with a Q or a B) to Easy Wireless and we can connect your service and ship out your phone or SIM card.

What types of proof of Social Security do you accept?

In some cases, the National Verifier application may ask you for proof of Social, in which case, a social security card, W2, or recent tax return will prove the last 4 SSN for the NV application. Easy Wireless does not retain this information.

What is the Household Worksheet, and where can I find it?

In some cases, the National Verifier application will give a “Duplicate Address” error. This means someone at this address is already receiving the Lifeline or ACP benefit. Completing the Household Worksheet will resolve the error. Go to nv.fcc.gov to create a National Verifier application. The application will include additional questions such as “Does another adult live at the address with you?” “Does this person share income and expenses with you?” Answer these questions truthfully to complete the worksheet.

Can I apply if I don’t have an email address?

To complete the Easy Wireless Lifeline application online, you’ll need to have a working email account.

If you do not currently have an email address, you can create one for free in just minutes. We suggest you create one with Google, known as Gmail, using these steps:

  1. Go to gmail.com and click sign up

  2. Complete the sign up steps and then click create account.

  3. View your Inbox folder.

  4. Once the email account is created, visit myeasywireless.com and sign up for your free service using your new email address.

Can I save my online application and finish it later?

Yes, you may close your browser and come back at a later time and pick up where you left off. Just go to our homepage at www.myeasywireless.com, and enter your same email address and zip code to log back in.

Please remember that your application is not complete until you have submitted the required proof documents to prove your eligibility for the Lifeline program at the National Verifier. 

Applications older than 30 days will be cancelled for inactivity. You can reapply with by starting a new order from the beginning.

Made a mistake and need to start over? Call 888-792-0076 or email compliance@myeasywireless.com to request order cancellation so that you can begin again.

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