Recertify Your ACP

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a program that provides discounts on monthly broadband Internet access service and certain connected devices. Once every year in order to keep your benefits through ACP customers are required by Federal and/or State regulatory authorities to recertify their eligibility. 

In most cases recertifying your Lifeline benefit will recertify ACP. However if you do need to recertify your ACP this page will help answer all your questions about recertifying. That way you're able to keep your benefit active and continue to enjoy your service. 

*This page is for ACP recertification ONLY

Also need to recertify your Lifeline? 

When do I know it's time to recertify?

When it is time to recertify you will be notified by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC), the administrator of the Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Programs. They will send a letter to anyone required to recertify, letting them know their Recertification Application ID#, and the date by which they must recertify.

USAC will follow up with a postcard, phone call or text. You may also receive phone calls, texts, or emails from EASY Wireless to confirm the date by which you must recertify, or lose your discount.

In some cases by using  available database dips into certain programs USAC can confirm if you still qualify. If so there's nothing else you have to do. Otherwise you will have to go through the recertification process. 

When do I know it's time to recertify?

What Do I Need to Recertify?

Most of the time you'll just need the Recertification Application ID# that was sent to you. Once you have your Application ID, you can renew your ACP service online, by phone, or by mail.

If USAC cannot confirm your eligibility you may also need to show proof of eligibility such as proof of your program or income documentation.

How Do I Recertify? 

All ACP subscribers must recertify their ACP benefit yearly to keep their service. When the time comes to renew your ACP service, you will receive a letter from USAC. The letter has renewal instructions and a copy of the Annual Recertification Form. You will have 60 days to finish recertifying before you automatically lose your ACP benefit.

Recertify by Phone

Complete renewal over the phone and get your results in about 10 minutes. Those who need to submit proof documents cannot renew over the phone. 

If documentation is required customer may not renew by phone.

Recertify Online

Complete recertification online via the National Verifier web portal. Instructions to recertify online are included in the letter mailed to you by USAC. 

Customer who recertify online get  immediate results.

Recertify by Mail*

Recertify by completing the form sent to you by USAC and return it by the indicated due date to:

USAC / ACP Support Center
P.O. Box 7081
London, KY 40742

*Recertifying by mail can increase your recertification time by 3 weeks

For Questions and Concerns call the USAC Support Line 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I don't recertify on time?

If you do not recertify by the deadline your EASY Wireless service will be disconnected.

If you lose your discount but you think you still qualify, you can reapply to get ACP.

Does it matter which method I use to recertify?

As long as you do not require any additional information, it does not matter which method you use to renew. If you are not required to provide additional information calling over the phone provides the quickest response and only requires your application ID number. 

If you are required to submit eligibility documentation, you will not be able to recertify over the phone. Instead please recertify online.

How will I know if I need additional documentation to recertify?

The letter and notification text messages will provide your Application ID and indicate if you are required to submit additional documentation for recertification. Application IDs starting with the letter “D” will require eligibility documentation and can only be use to recertify online or by mail. Application IDs starting with the letter “D” will not be able to recertify over the phone.


What if I have both Lifeline and ACP on one device?

If you have Lifeline and ACP with EASY wireless you will be asked to first renew your Lifeline benefit. To renew your Lifeline visit this page. In most cases if your Lifeline recertification is successful USAC should recertify your ACP benefit automatically!

However if your Lifeline recertification is denied you must recertify your ACP benefit separately.


What if I have Lifeline and ACP on different devices?

Customers with Lifeline and ACP benefits on separate devices may need to recertify both programs separately to keep their current services active. 

Recertify your Lifeline benefit here.