Nonprofit Fundraising Challenges:

How EASY Wireless Can Help

Nonprofits are faced with a lot of challenges; nonprofit fundraising is the biggest one.

Competing with other nonprofits for donations is hard. You spend more time on fundraising than you do on mission work.

EASY Wireless can help.

By promoting our federal government-backed free wireless phone and data service, your nonprofit organization can:

  • Generate substantial income for your organization
  • Help your community eliminate their wireless phone and internet bills
  • Focus on your core mission

The EASY Wireless Mission

Access to affordable phone service is vital to staying connected in today’s world. It’s your Lifeline to your family, your friends and your community. It’s your Lifeline to healthcare providers, potential employers and first responders in the event of an emergency.

However, affordable phone service remains a challenge for many consumers. At Easy Wireless we understand this and for over 20 years have helped close the gap for consumers by providing FREE phone service via the Federal Lifeline Program and the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

We are and have been one of the key players in the industry, supplying over a million Lifeline and ACP customers with high-quality products and services.

What Does EASY Wireless provide to your community?

Our free mobile phone service comes with FREE talk, text and data that can reduce or even eliminate monthly phone and internet bills! Eligible consumers will also receive a free smartphone.

This puts hundreds of dollars back into each person's pocket every year.

How Does Your Nonprofit Benefit - EASY Wireless

How Does Your Nonprofit Benefit?

By spreading the word about us you will earn income through your unique referral code when people sign up and qualify for service through the EASY Wireless website.

When someone clicks your link to our site, your referral code is automatically attached to their sign-up application.

Track Your Leads and Activations

We will provide you with a login and password to a dashboard that will let you monitor sign-ups and successful activations.

There is nothing to “sell.”

There is nothing your organization needs to do other than help spread the word about how people are eligible for FREE phone and internet service.

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Join Our Affiliate Program and Earn Monthly Income for Your Organization

Stop worrying about how to do more with less. No more scouring the web looking for fundraising companies for nonprofits only to find they will take a cut of whatever they raise for you.

EASY Wireless is a partner that cares about your community and wants to help you remove the financial headache of constant nonprofit fundraising. We want you to be able to focus on your core mission and do even more great things for your community.

Ready to Solve Your Funding Challenges?

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