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4 Best Get Paid Early Apps

4 Best Get Paid Early Apps

Ever find yourself in a cash crunch waiting for your next paycheck to reach your bank account? Don’t worry, Almost everyone’s been there. The struggle is real when bills are due and your wallet is empty. Thanks to some technology, there’re some easy ways to get paid early without resorting to payday loans.

You could now access a portion of your wages as soon as you earn them, on your own schedule. Read on to discover 4 of the best cash advance apps that can put money in your pocket when you need it most. Stop living paycheck to paycheck and start taking control of your cash flow.

Earnin – The Popular Payday Advance App

Earnin is one of the most popular payday advance apps, and for good reason. With Earnin, you could get paid up to $500 of your earned paycheck before payday for free.

To start, just link your checking or savings account and work information. Earnin uses this to verify your hours worked and how much you’re owed. Once confirmed, withdraw money you’ve already earned whenever you need it. Best part of Earnin is that there are no interest charges or hidden costs. You just pay an optional $2.99 fee if you want express delivery and what you think is fair as a “tip.”

Budget & Save With Earnin

Earnin also has useful budgeting and saving tools. You can allocate a certain percentage of each paycheck to essential bills, set saving goals and limits, and track your cash flow. This helps ensure you have enough to cover bills before withdrawing early.

While Earnin likely seems too good to be true, they are able to offer low fees by taking a socially conscious approach. They believe people should have access to their money as soon as they earn it. Tips left by users who can afford to contribute help make that possible.

DailyPay - Access Your Paycheck Daily

DailyPay – Access Your Paycheck Daily

DailyPay lets you access your earned wages before payday. Instead of waiting a week for your regular direct deposit, you could be paid the day after you work your shift. DailyPay integrates with your company’s payroll system. Once you sign up, your hours are tracked in real time. The day after you clock out, the money you earned is deposited in your bank account or loaded onto a DailyPay Visa card.

There are no fees for standard 1-2 day transfers to your bank account. If you need your cash right away, you could receive it in minutes with a small fee. Either way, you have access to your own money when you need it most. DailyPay is simple to set up and your information is kept private. Your employer will not see any of your financial transactions or account balances.

Who Benefits

Anyone living paycheck to paycheck knows that unexpected expenses can throw off your budget. DailyPay gives you flexibility so you don’t have to worry about overdraft fees, late payments or high-interest loans.

  • Seasonal Workers: Seasonal workers and those with variable incomes also find DailyPay useful. Access your money as you earn it instead of waiting until the end of a seasonal shift or project.
  • Students: Students could technically avoid taking out additional student loans by accessing their part-time job earnings in a timely manner. DailyPay makes it easy to stay on top of tuition, books, and living expenses even when your income fluctuates.

DailyPay partners with major employers across various industries. Check with your company to know if they offer DailyPay as an employee benefit. If not, ask your HR department if they would consider adding it. With DailyPay, receive your paycheck early and have your money when needed.

Cleo – Borrow & Manage Your Money

Cleo is a popular money management & cash advance app that lets you borrow money on demand. While Cleo technically is not a bank, it analyzes your income and spending habits to determine how much you’re able to borrow, then direct deposits your money into your bank account.

Cleo makes it easy to get paid before payday. Just link your bank accounts and payroll accounts to Cleo. The app uses that information to get an understanding of your cash flow and income. Once it has analyzed a few pay cycles, it will determine an amount you can borrow based on what you can afford to repay. You can then request an advance and Cleo will deposit the money directly into your linked bank account, usually within a day.

Paying Back Money With Cleo

When your next paycheck is deposited, Cleo automatically deducts the amount you borrowed plus any fees. This allows you to borrow money without having to fill out loan applications or wait days for approval and funds disbursement. Cleo charges a flat fee for each advance instead of interest charges, so there are no hidden fees or penalties if you repay the advance on time.

A couple other useful features in Cleo:

  • Create budgets and sync your income and expenses. Cleo can analyze your spending patterns and suggest ways to reduce costs.
  • Set up bill reminders so you never miss a payment again.
  • Transfer money between your linked accounts instantly with no transaction fees.
  • 24/7 support via chat if you have any questions about your account or need help managing your money.
  • Cleo can provide an advance to cover any overdrafts in your accounts to avoid penalty fees.

With an easy-to-use interface and helpful tools for managing your cash flow, Cleo is an ideal option if you need to get paid before payday or want an affordable way to borrow small amounts of money on demand. Give Cleo a try and take control of your finances.

Brigit - Get Cash Advances to Avoid Overdrafts

Brigit – Get Cash Advances to Avoid Overdrafts

Brigit is a app that offers a cash advance feature of up to $250. Once you connect your bank account, Brigit analyzes your income and spending habits to determine how much to lend without going into overdraft.

When your balance is running low, Brigit notifies you to offer an advance. If you accept it, your money gets deposited directly into your savings or checking account, usually within 1 business day. You then pay back the advance with your next paycheck automatically. There are no interest charges, just a flat $9.99 fee for each advance.

Using Brigit

Using Brigit is simple. Just download the app and turn on alerts to get notified when your balance drops below a certain threshold. Brigit does the rest of the work behind the scenes, monitoring your transactions and payroll to provide timely cash infusions right when you need them most.

Brigit does report your cash advances and repayment info to many major credit bureaus, so using their service responsibly could turn it into more of a credit builder loan. However, if you frequently take advances and fail to pay them back as agreed, it could negatively impact your credit utilization ratio and score. As with any line of credit, it’s best used only as needed and paid back promptly.

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