Hearing Aid Compatibility

According to the FCC, there are two measures used to determine hearing aid compatibility.  First, all digital handsets have a rating for their ability to reduce interference with hearing aids operating in acoustic mode – from M1 to M4, with M4 being the best.  Handsets are also rated – from T1 to T4 – for their ability to operate with hearing aids that contain a telecoil (a tightly wrapped piece of wire that converts sounds into electromagnetic signals) and operate in inductive coupling mode.  The FCC considers mobile handsets to be hearing aid compatible if they are rated at least M3 for acoustic coupling and at least T3 for inductive coupling.

For more information on hearing aid compatibility visit the Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative’s website at http://gari.info/

For informaiton about wireless Hearing Aid Compatibility rules, visit the Federal Communication Commission’s website at https://www.fcc.gov/hearing-aid-compatibility-wireless-telephones

Feature phones are easy-to-use and provide the ability to make and receive phone calls and text messages, as well as some web browsing, usually with a smaller screen and physical buttons for dialing.

Smart Phones run on an advanced mobile operating system, such as Android, and give the user a modern online experience with web browsing, email and downloadable apps, in addition to the ability to make and receive calls and text messages. Smart Phones generally have large touch screens.

All handsets offered by Easy Wireless are hearing aid compatible. Please refer to the following list of currently-available and recently-available handsets for more details.

MakeModelFCC IDM-RatingT-RatingFunctionalityFirst OfferedLast Offered
Alcatel1018B (Cinch)RAD556M3T4Feature Phone2020-012020-09
Alcatel2017B (Fling)RAD506M4T4Feature Phone2020-062020-10
Alcatel5017B (OneTouch Elevate)2ACCJB011M4T44G Android Smart Phone2020-012020-09
Alcatel7046T (Conquest)2ACCJN003M4T44G Android Smart Phone2020-012020-12
AppleiPhone 4BCG-E2422AM3T33G iOS Smart Phone2020-062020-12
AppleiPhone 6BCG-E2816AM3T44G iOS Smart Phone2020-012020-04
AppleiPhone 6s 32Gb (A-Stock)BCG-E2946AM3T44G iOS Smart Phone2020-062020-12
AppleiPhone7BCG-E3091AM3T44G iOS Smart Phone2020-122020-12
BluC5LYHLBLUC5LM3T4Dual SIM 4G Android Smart Phone2020-042020-12
BluC6LYHLBLUC6LM3T4Dual SIM 4G Android Smart Phone2020-032020-12
Coolpad3310 (Cool Pad 3310)R38YL3310AM4T34G Android Smart Phone2020-032020-11
Coolpad3312A (Snap)R38YL3312AM3T44G Android Smart Phone2020-052020-12
HTC0PCV1 (Desire 510)NM80PCV100M4T34G Android Smart Phone2020-022020-11
HTC0PM92 (Desire 626)NM80PM9300M4T44G Android Smart Phone2020-022020-06
HTCA9292 (EVO 4G)NM8PJ75100M3T33G Android Smart Phone2020-032020-07
HuaweiY538 (Union)QISY538M3T34G Android Smart Phone2020-012020-10
KyoceraC5171 (Hydro PLUS)V65C5171M4T43G Android Smart Phone2020-022020-04
KyoceraC6725 (Hydro Vibe)V65C6725M4T34G Android Smart Phone2020-012020-12
KyoceraC6743 (Reach)V65C6743M4T44G Android Smart Phone2020-012020-12
KyoceraE4210 (DuraCore)V65E4210M4T4Feature Phone2020-022020-09
KyoceraE4233 (DuraPlus)V65E4233M4T4Feature Phone2020-012020-05
KyoceraE4255 (DuraMax)V65E4255M4T4Feature Phone2020-012020-12
KyoceraE4277 (DuraXT)V65E4255M4T4Feature Phone2020-012020-12
KyoceraE4281 (DuraXTP)V65E4281M4T4Feature Phone2020-012020-01
LG265 (Rumor2)BEJAX265M3T4Feature Phone2020-012020-12
LGK30 (Tribute Royal)ZNFX320PMM3T34G Android Smart Phone2020-072020-12
LGLN272 (Rumor Reflex)ZNFAN272M4T4Feature Phone2020-012020-09
LGLN272S (Rumor Reflex S)ZNFLN272M4T4Feature Phone2020-012020-08
LGLS450 (K3)ZNFLS450M3T34G Android Smart Phone2020-052020-10
LGLS620 (Realm)ZNFLS620M4T34G Android Smart Phone2020-032020-08
LGLS660 (Tribute)ZNFLS660M4T44G Android Smart Phone2020-092020-09
LGLS670 (Optimus S)BEJLS670M4T43G Android Smart Phone2020-032020-03
LGLS675 (Tribute 5)ZNFLS675M3T34G Android Smart Phone2020-012020-10
LGLS676 (Tribute HD)ZNFLS676M3T34G Android Smart Phone2020-012020-11
LGLS751 (Volt 2)ZNFLS751M4T44G Android Smart Phone2020-012020-10
LGLS755 (X Power)ZNFLS755M3T44G Android Smart Phone2020-012020-12
LGLS770 (Stylo)ZNFH631M3T34G Android Smart Phone2020-062020-12
LGLS775 (Stylo 2)ZNFLS775M3T34G Android Smart Phone2020-012020-02
LGLS777 (Stylo 3)ZNFTP450M3T44G Android Smart Phone2020-012020-12
LGLS840 (Viper)ZNFLS840M4T44G Android Smart Phone2020-092020-09
LGLS991 (G4)ZNFUS991M3T34G Android Smart Phone2020-012020-11
LGLS993 (G6)ZNFH871M3T34G Android Smart Phone2020-042020-11
LGLS995 (G Flex)ZNFLS995M3T34G Android Smart Phone2020-022020-08
LGQ710 (Stylo 4)ZNFQ710CSM4T34G Android Smart Phone2020-012020-12
LGSP200 (Tribute Dynasty)ZNFX210ULMM4T34G Android Smart Phone2020-012020-12
LGSP320 (X Charge)ZNFM320HM3T34G Android Smart Phone2020-022020-12
LGX220 (Tribute Empire)ZNFX220PMM4T34G Android Smart Phone2020-012020-12
LGX320 (Royal)ZNFX320PMM3T34G Android Smart Phone2020-052020-12
Motorola19213 (Moto E5 Play)IHDT56XF2M4T34G Android Smart Phone2020-012020-12
Motorola19248 (E 5 Plus)IHDT56XA2M4T34G Android Smart Phone2020-022020-03
MotorolaK1M (KRZR)IHDT56GH1M4T4Feature Phone2020-042020-04
MotorolaXT 1789 (Moto Z2)IHDT56WB4M3T44G Android Smart Phone2020-032020-12
MotorolaXT 1922 (G6 Play)IHDT56XB6M3T34G Android Smart Phone2020-052020-12
MotorolaXT1031 (Moto G)IHDT56PF3M3T43G Android Smart Phone2020-012020-02
MotorolaXT1548 (Moto G (3rd Gen))IHDT56QG6M3T34G Android Smart Phone2020-022020-07
MotorolaXT1765/XT1766 (Moto E4)IHDT56WC1M3T34G Android Smart Phone2020-012020-12
MotorolaXT2005 (E6)IHDT56YA3M3T34G Android Smart Phone2020-052020-12
SamsungA10 (Galaxy A10)A3LSMA105MM3T34G Android Smart Phone2020-112020-12
SamsungG360 (Galaxy Core Prime)A3LSMG360PM3T34G Android Smart Phone2020-012020-08
SamsungG530 (Galaxy Grand Prime)A3LSMG530R4M4T44G Android Smart Phone2020-122020-12
SamsungJ2A3LSMJ260MM3T34G Android Smart Phone2020-092020-12
SamsungJ7A3LSMJ737AM3T34G Android Smart Phone2020-092020-12
SamsungM370A3LSPHM370M4T4Feature Phone2020-012020-01
SamsungM390 (Array)A3LSPHM390M3T4Feature Phone2020-022020-11
SamsungM400A3LSPHM400M4T4Feature Phone2020-032020-07
SamsungSM-J320 (Galaxy J3)A3LSMJ327PM3T34G Android Smart Phone2020-052020-11
SamsungSPH-L710 (Galaxy S III)A3LSPHL710M4T44G Android Smart Phone2020-012020-10
SanyoPRO-700AEZSCP-PRO700M4T4Feature Phone2020-022020-09
SanyoSCP-2700 (Juno)V65SCP-27HM4T4Feature Phone2020-072020-11
SanyoSCP-3800AEZSCP-3800M4T4Feature Phone2020-072020-09
SanyoSCP-3820 (Vero)V65SCP-3820M4T4Feature Phone2020-022020-08
SanyoSCP-8600 (Zio)V65SCP-8600M4T33G Android Smart Phone2020-012020-01
SanyoSCP-E4100 (Taho)V65E4100M4T4Feature Phone2020-022020-07
Sharp306SH (Aquos Crystal)APYHRO00204M4T44G Android Smart Phone2020-022020-11
Sky55LPGD172AIMEX565M3T44G Android Smart Phone2020-112020-12
Sky55LPSL172AIMEX565M3T44G Android Smart Phone2020-112020-12
SkyElite C52ABOSSKYELITEB5M3T44G Android Smart Phone2020-082020-12
UnimaxMXC-550U46-M560M3T3Feature Phone2020-012020-11
ZTE9131 (Tempo)SRQ-ZTEN9131M3T44G Android Smart Phone2020-012020-08
ZTE9137 (Tempo X)SRQ-N9137M4T34G Android Smart Phone2020-012020-12
ZTE9517 (Blade Force)SRQ-N9517M4T34G Android Smart Phone2020-012020-12
ZTEN7851 (Prelude)Q78-Z992M3T44G Android Smart Phone2020-022020-12
ZTEN9132 (Prestige)SRQ-ZTEN9132M3T34G Android Smart Phone2020-022020-06
ZTEN9136 (Prestige 2)SRQ-N9136M4T34G Android Smart Phone2020-012020-12
ZTEN9518 (Warp Elite)SRQ-ZTEN9518M4T44G Android Smart Phone2020-012020-12
ZTEN9519 (Warp 7)SRQ-ZTEN9519M4T44G Android Smart Phone2020-012020-11
ZTEN9521 (Max+)SRQ-ZTEN9521M4T34G Android Smart Phone2020-022020-09
ZTEN9560 (Max XL)SRQ-ZTEN9560M4T34G Android Smart Phone2020-012020-12

Last Updated 01-06-2021