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How do I qualify for Easy Wireless Lifeline?

You may qualify if you participate in one of the following programs:

  • Food Stamps/Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Federal Public Housing (Section 8)
  • Veteran’s Administration Pension, or Veteran’s Survivor’s Benefits
  • Tribal Lifeline Program


 Or, you may qualify for Tribal Lifeline if you participate in any of these Tribal Programs:

  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • Food Distribution on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)
  • Tribally Administered TANF
  • Head Start (for income qualifying Tribal Lands residents only)


You may also qualify for Lifeline assistance if your total household income is at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

It is important to note that the person applying to the program (not just a member of the household) must qualify for participation. Only one Lifeline benefit is allowed per household. Federal law prohibits more than one person in each household from subscribing to separate Lifeline service providers.

Easy Wireless is FREE to most eligible customers. There are no bills, long-term contracts or activation fee.

Pricing is for domestic calls and messaging &/or data. All domestic text prices are to send and receive.

    • Arkansas & Missouri Lifeline customers receive a FREE phone plus 350 minutes, unlimited texts and 4.5GB of data, FREE each month.
    • Kentucky Lifeline Customers receive a FREE phone plus 1,000 minutes of talk, unlimited text, and 25 MB data FREE each month.
    • Oklahoma Tribal Lifeline customers receive a FREE phone plus Unlimited Talk, Unlimited text and 4.5 GB of data FREE each month.
    • Oklahoma Lifeline customers receive a FREE phone plus 1,000 minutes of talk, unlimited text, and 25 MB data FREE each month.

An invoice will be sent via text directly to their handset each month for customers with a monthly paying plan. This bill is required to be paid each month by the due date.

Please see our Terms of Use for more information.

Yes, there are a few restrictions.

Easy Wireless’ Lifeline service is a federal benefit program only available to individuals who participate in a qualifying government program or who are income eligible based on household income eligibility standards.

  • Only one wireless or landline Lifeline account is allowed per household.
  • Households are not permitted to receive benefits from multiple providers.
  • Violation of the one per household requirement will result in de-enrollment from the Lifeline program.
  • The address provided for your phone service must be the customer’s current place of residence.
  • The address provided for phone service must be issued in the name of the qualified customer and is non-transferable.
  • A good practice is to use your phone at least once per thirty (30) days. If your Lifeline service goes unused for thirty (30) days, it may be suspended.
  • Customers must notify Easy Wireless within thirty (30) days if they no longer qualify for Lifeline service. Easy Wireless participation is subject to the Easy Wireless Terms and Conditions found at

To complete the Easy Wireless Lifeline application online, you’ll need to have a working email account.

If you do not currently have an email address, you can create one for free in just minutes. We suggest you create one with Google, known as Gmail, using these steps:

  1. Go to and click sign up
  2. Complete the sign up steps and then click create account.
  3. View your Inbox folder.
  4. Once the email account is created, visit and sign up for your free service using your new email address.


You will never be asked to sign a contract or pay any hidden fees.


There are NO credit checks.

Yes, you may close your browser and come back at any time and pick up where you left off. Just go to our homepage at, and enter your same email address and zip code to log back in.

Please remember that your application is not complete until you have submitted the required proof documents to prove your eligibility for the Lifeline program at the National Verifier.

You are getting this error message because you previously completed and application for Lifeline service through Easy Wireless. To find your order please enter the same zip code and email address to find your previously submitted application.

Due to requirements of the Federal Lifeline program, we do not allow you to modify personal data that was already submitted to the National Verifier.

If you would like to edit your information, such as your email address, residential address, phone number, please contact us at 877-476-3451 for instruction.

Please make sure that your confirmation email is not in your SPAM or JUNK folder.

If it is, make sure that you move the email to your INBOX and add Easy Wireless to your address book. This is an important step that will ensure you see and read all of our emails that contain order updates.

Gmail Users

Or, if you’re a Gmail subscriber, you may see your confirmation email in your “Promotions” folder instead of “Primary’”. Please note that Gmail has updated the organization of your accounts’ inbox folder.

Instead of having one inbox folder, Gmail now has three: Primary, Social, and Promotions (with the option of adding Updates and Forums).

To ensure you read all of Easy Wireless’ emails, we ask you to please mark Easy Wireless as a primary sender. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Click on the email, but do not let go of the mouse.
  • Drag the email from the Promotions or Updates folder to the Primary folder’s tab until the email and the Primary folder tab turns light yellow and says “Move 1 conversation”. Release the mouse.
  • Upon asking if you wish to mark future Easy Wireless emails as Primary, click “Yes”.

Your Easy Wireless phone comes with a 48-hour warranty from the Company. If you experience an equipment malfunction, call us at 611 or 1-877-476-3451 and we will send you to the closest store for a replacement handset or arrange for a replacement mobile phone to be mailed to your address on file.

After 48 hours, Easy Wireless offers a $20 discount on replacement phones. Phone prices vary with models beginning at $20 and go up from there.

Please see terms of use for our replacement policy.

You will need to update your address within 30 days of moving. Updating the address is a two-step process.

First step is to update your address with the National Verifier at


Second step is to then contact Easy Wireless, either calling 611, or 1-877-476-3451 to speak with a customer service representative to update your address in our system.