7 Things to do with an EBT Discount

7 Things to do with an EBT Discount - EASY Wireless

Did you know that with your EBT Discount you can get even more benefits than just help buying food?

Times are tough as the old saying goes. Millions of people in the United States live below the poverty line and 38 million people in the United States receive food benefits to help cover the cost of food.

So it goes without saying that you might want to stretch your dollar just a little bit farther, right?

Known as either EBT, SNAP, or food stamps, whatever you may call it by, this benefit allows you to access hundreds of programs that let individuals and families have access to discounted or free admission tickets to museums, cultural centers, zoos, aquariums and MORE!

Want to be able to go out with the family or even on your own without having to break the bank? With your EBT card you can access hundreds of discounts in almost every state. Individuals and families can use these benefits to pay in full or in part for admission to several locations and to enjoy extra benefits.

So many offers that you can get either discounted or FREE, and all you have to do to know more about these amazing discounts is keep reading.

Where can I go with an EBT card?

EBT cardholders have access to hundreds of locations that allow you to purchase admission tickets for a discounted admission offer or even for free. This way low income families can still go out and have access to all these amazing cultural centers.

And who doesn’t love making memories for free?

Discounted Admission to Museums - EASY Wireless

Discounted Admission to Museums

Many museums want to further include low-income families in their events and special exhibits and encourage participation through programs that have discounted admission offers.

Best part is these offers can be found in almost every state.

Purchase Admission Tickets through Museums for All

“Museums for All” is a program that encourages people to regularly visit museums of all varieties. Through “Museums for All”, people who have food assistance (SNAP Benefits) can get discounted or free admission to museums throughout the United States.

All you have to do is find a museum near you, and bring your EBT card with you. Each EBT card allows you to bring up to four people and admission is just three dollars or less.  In some cases the museum may even offer free admission.

It’s that easy to qualify for up to four tickets using an EBT card!

There are over 900 participating locations that are a part of this program that let you get access to these discounted admission offers thanks to your SNAP benefits. Up to four people using this discount means that you could have an amazing day out with family exploring your local museums and cultural centers.

Discounted or Free Admission to Zoos for EBT card holders

When you purchase admission tickets to a zoo be sure to check their deals and discounted tickets. Many zoos offer discounted admission to EBT cardholders.

Some states and cities even have special passes built into your EBT card such as Denver’s Explorer Pass, which allows access to Denver area museums and zoos.

Income Based YMCA memberships

Many YMCA organizations offer discounted memberships to low income individuals and people on food stamps. If you are an EBT cardholder there is a high chance that you can qualify for a discounted membership.

Get in contact with your local YMCA to learn more and see if you are eligible for this discount.

Have a SNAP EBT Card?

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What other programs am I eligible for? - EASY Wireless

What other programs am I eligible for?

EBT cardholders not only have access to discounted or free tickets to several locations but there’s even more you can do with your food stamps.

Ride Around with discounted bike share programs

In some cities EBT cards allow you to do more than just get a ticket to local programs. An EBT card could also be the way you get around. All you have to do is participate in a bike share program that offers discounts!

One program like this is the Reduced Fare Bike Share program offered by LYFT. SNAP recipients can use their EBT card to participate in this program and ride a Citi Bike for just five dollars a month. Just imagine the money you’d save on gas.

Fast Food with Food Stamps

Did you know that with your food stamps in certain states you could even go out to eat at fast food restaurants like McDonalds and Burger King?

Most EBT cardholders aren’t eligible to use their EBT card to buy fast food BUT in certain states such as Arizona, California and Florida you can use food stamps at certain retailers. This is thanks to the Restaurant Meals Program (RMP). You can use the SNAP retail locator to find where your EBT card can be used and this includes local fast food restaurants if your state is one of those that is a part of the RMP.

Amazon Prime Discount

If you have food stamps you could also receive a discount on Amazon Prime.

All you have to do is select SNAP from their selection of programs and then upload a photo of your EBT card.

Using this discounted rate you can enjoy all the perks of Amazon Prime such as free two day shipping, free streaming access and millions of products online

Save More with EASY Wireless - EASY Wireless

Save More with EASY Wireless

Not only can your SNAP card save you big on special events and family outings but your SNAP card can also qualify you for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) through EASY Wireless.

SNAP recipients can receive discounted internet services and a fantastic offer which includes unlimited data and free talk and text. EASY Wireless customers get the best discounts available for internet service through America’s fastest and most reliable network.

Imagine how much money you could save when you do away with a pricey internet service! Take that money elsewhere like to museum or zoo gift shops and get a memento to remember a fun family outing. Or use that money to order groceries from the comfort of your home or find a nearby farmer’s market to get fruits and veggies from.

EBT recipients can quickly and easily sign up today and start saving. Learn how to sign up with EASY Wireless today.

Start Saving Today!


Start Saving Today!

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