Are Alison Courses Worth it?

Are Alison Courses Worth it?

You’re ready to take the next step in your career and looking to boost your skills, but you’re on a budget. Online courses seem like a perfect solution – learn at your own pace without breaking the bank. But with so many options out there, how do you choose? Alison has become a popular choice with its massive course library and always free pricing. But are Alison classes really worth your time and effort?

In this blog post, we’re exploring what Alison offers, the pros and cons of their self-paced courses, and whether they are a smart move for reaching your career goals without emptying your wallet. We’re looking at real student reviews, course comparisons, and strategies to get the most out of Alison. Read on to find out if “free” classes are too good to be true or the real deal for career-driven learners.

Pros of Taking Alison Classes

Alison offers a bunch of benefits for people looking to learn skills or advance their careers. Some of the reasons why Alison classes are worth your time:

  • They’re free. You can’t beat the price. Alison offers over 2,600 courses at no cost. This means you can explore different subjects and learn new skills without spending a dime.
  • The courses are self-paced. You can work through the materials at your own speed and on your own schedule. Whether you have time to dedicate a few hours each week or can only spare 30 minutes here and there, you can make progress and learn at your own pace.
  • The content is high-grade. Alison partners with top subject matter experts and instructional designers to create their courses. The content is well-researched and effective for free learning.
  • You earn certificates of completion. Once you finish an Alison free certificate course, you receive an official Alison certificate of completion to add to your resume and LinkedIn profile. This is a great way to show skills and motivation to potential employers or clients.
  • You join a community of learners. Alison has over 15 million registered learners worldwide. When you sign up for an Alison course, you join a community of like-minded individuals. You can connect and network with others, ask questions, share ideas, and support each other.

In summary, Alison classes provide many benefits for continuous learning. With very good content, an online certification of completion, and a global community of learners—Alison is an incredible resource.

The Cons of Taking Alison Classes

While Alison classes are free and convenient, there are some cons to consider before diving in.

  • Limited selection. Alison currently offers over 2,600 courses, but their catalog is still fairly limited compared to other MOOC providers. The courses tend to focus on introductory and intermediate topics. If you’re looking for an in-depth, specialized class, Alison may not have what you need.
  • No credentials. Alison’s free certificate courses are meant for self-paced learning or personal enrichment. The free course certifications are not recognized by employers.
  • Basic materials. Alison classes are very accessible but the tradeoff is that the course content is fairly rudimentary. Lessons typically consist of short text passages, images, and embedded videos. There are no interactive elements or advanced multimedia. The content is enough to learn the basics but lacks depth.
  • No support. Alison classes have no teachers or teaching assistants. There is no one to ask questions or get personalized guidance from. You’re learning entirely through the provided course materials. If you struggle with a topic or concept, you’re on your own to figure it out.
  • Promotions. Since Alison is a free resource, the platform contains advertising and promotions for various products and services. The ads can be distracting and interrupt the learning experience.

While Alison has its drawbacks, for casual learners trying to explore topics, the pros likely outweigh the cons. Their free certificate courses are open and accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

Are Alison Certificates Worth It?

Are Alison Certificates Worth It?

Alison offers 2,600 free online courses with free certificates of completion. But are these certificates actually valuable or recognized? Well it depends on your goals.

For Professional Development or a New skill

For professional development or a new skill, Alison certificates can be very useful. They demonstrate you’ve learned concepts and completed coursework. Some employers may consider them when hiring or promoting, especially for entry-level roles.

If you’re trying to advance your career or education, Alison certificates are a great starting point. You could try various courses risk-free to discover your interests before investing in a degree program. The knowledge and skills you gain will still benefit you professionally, even without official accreditation. Over time, as you complete more advanced courses, the certificates could demonstrate your committed dedication to online learning.

Career Change

For a career change, Alison certificates alone likely won’t qualify you. Most careers require accredited degrees, licenses, or actual industry certifications. Alison courses can supplement your learning, but should not replace accredited education. The certificates may indicate your interest and motivation to potential employers, but you’re still going to need to earn recognized credentials to launch a career.

The value of your Alison certificates depends on how you choose to apply the knowledge. While the certificates themselves may not carry much weight, the skills and experience you gain from Alison’s courses could likely still be worthwhile and help you achieve your career goals. Keep learning, keep practicing, and find where your skills could lead!

Other Online Learning Platforms Available

Other Online Learning Platforms Available

Of course — Alison isn’t the only free online course provider out there. Several other reputable sites offer high-quality courses at no cost. Here are some of the best alternatives to consider:


Coursera partners with over 200 leading universities and companies to offer courses in a wide range of topics. They provide video lectures, assignments, and discussion forums. Upon completion of some courses, you can earn a Course Certificate for a small fee.


edX is a nonprofit site founded by Harvard and MIT that offers interactive online courses in STEM fields as well as humanities and social sciences. They work with over 150 schools and nonprofits to provide courses ranging from introductory to advanced levels. Many courses offer the option to pursue a verified certificate for a fee.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a popular nonprofit site providing short video lessons and interactive exercises. They offer math, science, economics, project management, and more for all ages. The site is entirely free to use and all resources are available anytime. Kids can follow suggested lesson plans while adults can choose their own learning paths.


Open Culture aggregates free audiobooks, online courses, movies, language lessons, and more. They provide links to courses offered on sites like Coursera, edX, Yale Open Courses, and others. There are over 1,000 courses listed spanning personal development, music, philosophy, and beyond. The curated collection makes it easy to discover new learning opportunities from many providers in one place.

While Alison does provide a wealth of free courses, other reputable sites could offer topics or levels of instruction that Alison does not. Exploring alternative course providers opens you up to other areas of learning at no cost. The variety available from these online course sites allows you to keep gaining very useful knowledge and skills for personal or professional development.

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