Arkansas Disabled Veterans Benefits: What Are You Eligible For?

Arkansas Disabled Veterans Benefits

If you are a disabled veteran living in Arkansas, you may be entitled to certain state and federal benefits that can provide financial assistance and improve your quality of life. This guide will walk you through the main Arkansas disabled veterans benefits programs available, eligibility criteria, how to apply, and additional resources specifically for those living in the state.

Veterans Affairs Disability Compensation

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) pays monthly tax-free compensation to veterans with disabilities related to their military service. The amount varies based on your disability rating, which is determined by the severity of your condition and how it impacts your earning capacity.

To qualify for VA disability benefits as an Arkansas veteran, you must:

  • Have a physical or mental health condition incurred in or aggravated by active duty service
  • Have received any discharge other than dishonorable
  • Submit evidence from medical exams and records to support your claim

You can apply for VA disability online through eBenefits, by mail, or at your local VA regional office. If approved, compensation is retroactive to the date you filed the claim or up to one year earlier. The current average payment is around $1,600 per month.

Special Monthly Compensation

You may also qualify for additional monthly tax-free compensation depending on the severity of the disability.

Arkansas Department of Veterans Affairs

In Arkansas, the regional office is located in North Little Rock.

2200 Fort Roots DriveBuilding 111North Little Rock, AR 72114

Main number: 800-827-1000

Additional Disabled Veteran Benefits

Additional Disabled Veteran Benefits

In addition to monthly payments, VA disability compensation provides other benefits.

Automobile Allowance – Provides financial assistance to severely disabled veterans to purchase or adapt an automobile to accommodate their disability.

Clothing Allowance – Annual payment to disabled veterans who have unique clothing requirements due to a service-connected disability or injury.

Specially Adapted Housing/Special Home Adaptation Grants – Monetary benefits to adapt or obtain suitable housing for severely disabled or homeless veterans only.

Service-Disabled Veterans’ Insurance (S-DVI) – Life insurance coverage for veterans with a recent service-connected disability rating. Totally disabled veterans get free premiums.

Veterans’ Mortgage Life Insurance (VMLI) – Mortgage life insurance for disabled veterans approved for a Specially Adapted Housing Grant.

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) – Education, training, and employment assistance for veterans with service-connected disabilities.

Education Assistance – Financial benefits to help veterans obtain a degree or pursue eligible education/training.

Dependents’ Educational Assistance (DEA) – Financial assistance for education/training for qualified dependents, dependent children and survivors of disabled/deceased veterans.

Arkansas State Disability Benefits

The state of Arkansas offers additional benefits to disabled veterans, including tax exemptions, license discounts, and more. Some of the main state programs include:

Property Tax Exemption – Veterans rated 100% permanently and totally disabled by the VA can qualify for full exemption from state taxes on their primary residence and personal property. Surviving spouses and minor dependents may also be eligible. You must submit documentation from the VA annually to verify continued eligibility.

Lifetime Hunting & Fishing Licenses – Arkansas residents who are 100% disabled veterans can purchase discounted lifetime hunting, fishing, and combination licenses through the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. Proof of disability is required.

State Park Discounts – Veterans with a 100% permanent service-connected disability can receive a 50% discount on camping and other fees at most Arkansas State Parks.

Arkansas Veterans Disability Benefits

Arkansas Veterans Disability Benefits

Arkansas retired veterans also receive additional benefits.

Arkansas Veteran Financial Benefits

If you receive disability retirement pay from the military for a personal injury or sickness resulting from your active service, that income is tax-free at the state level in Arkansas.

These state taxes-exempt disability benefits include:

  • Disability pension payments paid to veterans or their families
  • Arkansas Homestead and Personal Property Tax Exemption
  • Grants to modify or get vehicles for disabled veterans
  • Benefits under a dependent-care assistance program

Arkansas Veterans Homes

The Arkansas Veterans Homes provide skilled nursing care to eligible veterans across the state.

There are veterans homes located in Fayetteville, North Little Rock, and Monticello.

To be admitted to an Arkansas veterans home, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Have an honorable military discharge
  • Be an Arkansas resident for at least 180 days
  • Require skilled nursing services

If space is available, admission may also be granted to qualified spouses and surviving spouses of veterans.

The Arkansas veterans homes offer 24/7 skilled nursing, physical rehabilitation, personal care assistance, recreational activities, and other services. The goal is to provide veterans with high-quality, compassionate care in a comfortable setting.

Nurses, social workers, and other staff oversee day-to-day operation of the homes under the Arkansas Department of Veterans Affairs. Limited financial assistance is available for veterans unable to afford the full cost of care.

Veterans interested in applying to an Arkansas veterans home can contact the Arkansas Department of Veterans Affairs or their VA medical center social worker to learn about eligibility and the application process. These state homes fill an important need by providing long-term care options for veterans in the community. Arkansas Veteran Recreation Benefits

Arkansas resident veterans are also eligible to enjoy the following:

  • Military retirees who are Arkansas residents can purchase discounted lifetime hunting, fishing, or combination licenses in the state.
  • Veterans rated 100% permanently disabled by the VA also qualify for discounted lifetime hunting, fishing, and combination licenses in Arkansas.
  • Active duty military members stationed in Arkansas can get hunting and fishing licenses at the resident rate, even if they are not state residents.
  • Veterans with a 100% permanent disability rating from the VA can receive a 50% discount on camping, swimming, and other fees at most Arkansas State Parks.

Additional Benefits for Disabled Arkansas Veterans

Additional Benefits for Disabled Arkansas Veterans

Along with disability compensation, veterans with permanent disabilities may qualify for other needs-based assistance. These additional programs can supplement your income, cover healthcare costs, assist caregivers, or provide training for new careers.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

SSI provides cash assistance if you have limited income and assets. Eligibility and payment amounts are based on your financial situation. As a veteran, you can qualify for SSI in addition to VA disability pay.

Medicaid Health Coverage

In Arkansas, SSI recipients are automatically enrolled in Medicaid, which covers doctor visits, prescriptions, hospital care, and more. Even with VA healthcare, Medicaid can fill coverage gaps.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

If you worked and paid Social Security taxes before becoming disabled, SSDI provides income replacement based on your contributions. You can apply for SSDI and VA disability concurrently.

Vocational Rehabilitation

This VA program offers job training and other employment services to help disabled veterans obtain gainful work suited to their abilities.

VA Aid and Attendance

Veterans or surviving spouses who require daily assistance may qualify for up to $2,430 per month from the VA to pay for at-home care, assisted living, or nursing home fees.

Applying for these additional programs will require you to submit medical evidence, financial documents, and a full application with the administering agency, such as the VA, Social Security Administration, or your state Medicaid office.

Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program ACP

Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

Disabled veterans in Arkansas may qualify for free wireless service through EASY Wireless with the Lifeline Program and ACP.

Who is EASY Wireless?

EASY Wireless is a veteran-owned Lifeline and ACP authorized wireless provider serving the community for over 20 years. Our network runs on the same towers as the big national carriers ensuring quality high-speed and reliable service.

Qualifying for Lifeline and ACP Through Income

Those receiving VA disability compensation or pension benefits may be eligible for Lifeline and ACP discounts.

The Veterans Pension benefit is a tax-free monetary benefit payable to low-income wartime veterans who are permanently and totally disabled due to non-service-related causes.

VA disability compensation is also available to veterans with injuries or illnesses incurred or aggravated during active military service. These VA benefits can open access to free mobile connectivity.

You can also qualify through your normal income levels

2024 Combo LL ACP Federal Poverty Guidelines Wide

Qualifying Through Government Programs

To be eligible, you must participate in the Veterans Pension or Survivors Benefit program or other government assistance programs such as (SSI, SNAP, Medicaid, etc.)

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Support Resources for Arkansas Disabled Vets

As an Arkansas resident coping with service-connected disabilities, make sure to utilize the full range of resources available locally:

  • Work with accredited VA claims agents and disability attorneys to assist with benefits applications and appeals. They can maximize your eligibility at no upfront cost.
  • Connect with Arkansas veterans service organizations such as the VA, VFW, or DAV for help filing claims and accessing state and federal benefits.
  • Use programs and therapists at the Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System and other VA facilities.
  • Call the North Little Rock VA Regional Office at 1-800-827-1000 for information on disability benefits.
  • Contact the Arkansas Department of Veterans Affairs to learn about state programs and perks for disabled veterans.
  • Reach out to your County Veteran Service Officer for local assistance.
  • Use the Veterans Crisis Line at 988 or text 838255 for 24/7 confidential support.

The journey to obtaining the disability benefits you deserve can be complex and frustrating at times. But with a proactive approach and support network, Arkansas veterans can get approved for the financial help and services needed to thrive after developing a disability. Know your options, be persistent, and don’t hesitate to ask for assistance along the way.

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