If our enrollment platform is unable to complete your Combined Lifeline & ACP enrollment due to the ACP enrollment freeze, you will be given the option to proceed with a Lifeline-only enrollment that may reference a 1000-minute plan.

If you complete the included ACP Opt-In we will immediately switch you to Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text and 5GB of Data for FREE until the ACP enrollment freeze ends.


Based on your location, you may qualify for the following plan:

Lifeline & ACP Combined Plan​

This is our BEST Free Benefits Plan available​

ACP Free Wireless Plan​

Lifeline Only Plan​

Not sure which plan to choose?

When you qualify for Lifeline, you are automatically qualified for the Lifeline & ACP Combined Plan, which provides FREE Unlimited Talk, Text & Data.

We recommend applying for the Lifeline & ACP Combined Plan to receive the Maximum FREE Benefits.

Already have ACP-supported service, and just looking for Lifeline?

The Lifeline Only Plan allows you to sign up only for Lifeline without interrupting your ACP-supported service.

Don’t qualify for discounted service? Check out our retail plans.