EASY Ways to Make Money for Christmas 2023

EASY Ways to Make Money for Christmas 2023

Christmas is coming, and that means it’s time to start thinking about how to make some extra money! If you’re looking for ways to bring in a little extra cash this holiday season, you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog post, we will share 20 easy ways for you to make money for Christmas now. Each one focuses on making some quick cash right now with some side hustles.



Even with the price of gas rising, this is still an option to make money. Uber and Uber Eats combine into one system to give you even more choices on how to earn. You can drive a few hours a week or full-time. You set your own hours. You are paid weekly or can cash out instantly for a small fee.

You’ll need a car, insurance, and to pass a background check.

Learn more at: https://www.uber.com/us/en/drive/



Lyft is another rideshare company where you can make money. They work similarly to Uber in that you drive when you want and are paid weekly. They may also offer delivery opportunities in certain markets.

You can start the signup process at: https://www.lyft.com/drive-with-lyf



You don’t want to be waiting around for someone to call in an order. That is why companies like DoorDash are great. You choose when you work and which deliveries to take.

All you need is a car, motorcycle, or in some cases just a bike and a smartphone to deliver food.

Become a Dasher at: https://dasher.doordash.com/en-us



GrubHub is a food delivery service. You’ll need a vehicle, insurance, and a smartphone. You can get paid instantly and as often as you want for a small transaction fee.

You can set your own schedule.

With the busy holiday season approaching many people are using food delivery services more and more, giving you the chance to make good money.

Sign up at https://driver.grubhub.com/

Earn Extra Cash as an InstaCart Shopper

Earn Extra Cash as an InstaCart Shopper

Earn cash when you shop for and deliver groceries. You earn a commission on the total amount and keep any tips you earn. Be aware of the extra work involved as you need to do the shopping portion and the delivery.

Instacart Shopper is the largest grocery delivery app and is available in over 6,000 cities nationwide.

You’ll need a car, insurance and a smartphone to connect to their app.

Sign up at: https://shoppers.instacart.com/role/full-service

Amazon Delivery Driver During the Holiday Season

Amazon Delivery Driver During the Holiday Season

Amazon is one of the largest seasonal employers for delivery drivers. They now offer a Flex Driver program. You’ll need to use your own vehicle and block time with them on the app and then you start earning.

These days so many people shop online that you are sure to be able to block as many hours as you want during the holiday shopping season.

Learn more at: https://hiring.amazon.com/job-opportunities/flex-driver-jobs#/



Why not add a little extra to your delivery earnings by getting cash back every time you fill up? Upside is an app that pays you for every gallon of gas you pump at participating locations and there are a lot of locations.

As soon as you need gas just open the easy-to-use app and it will tell you the nearest station and how much per gallon you get back.

They have also added restaurant partners so there are even more ways to earn.

When you want to cash out just use the app to send your money to your designated bank account or Paypal.

You can link a credit card or just pay cash and upload a receipt from your smartphone. The whole process takes less than a minute each time you fill up.

Get the Upside App at: https://www.upside.com/for-people/app

Paid Surveys

Paid Surveys

You can fill out surveys to make money from anywhere with an internet connection. Here are some the best online survey sites that you can use to make extra cash this Christmas:

Sign up for both survey companies to get the most opportunities to complete online surveys and start earning your Christmas spending money.

Earn Free Gift Cards Reviewing Software at G2.com

Earn Free Gift Cards Reviewing Software at G2.com

Sites like G2.com will pay you to review software. You will need to sign up. The site will ask for screenshots of the software while you are logged in to prove you actually use it. They offer different rates depending on the software and you can get on their weekly email for review requests.

They offer a variety of E-gift cards for you to choose; from grocery shopping to online retailers, restaurants and more. Learn more at: https://www.g2.com/

Play Games Online to Earn Cash

Playing games online can provide entertainment and a way to earn a little extra money. Many of these apps will have you watching videos or completing challenges to earn money.

Most of these online games have you earn points which you then turn in for money for gift cards that you can use for online purchases.

Avoid apps that have you deposit money or require you to pay to play in tournaments. You are trying to make money for Christmas gifts, not lose it gambling.

This article from Den of Geeks lists a large number of free apps that have online games.


The same online survey site we mentioned above has online games you can play to earn points or “Swagbucks”, as well as watching videos and earning money when shopping online. You can do everything from their free app after you sign up.

Cash out your Swagbucks for real cash, free gift cards, and even do discounted online shopping right from their site.

Sign up at Swagbucks.com

Earn Extra Money Testing New Products

Earn some holiday shopping cash by testing products at UserTesting.com. You’ll need to answer some screening questions so they can determine what is the best fit for your background.

Donating Plasma

Donating Plasma

You can make upwards of $400 a month by donating plasma (or even more your first month). You are actually selling your extra plasma to companies that make medical treatments such as treatments for hemophilia. The process is similar to giving blood, but takes longer as they extract the plasma from your blood and return your platelets back to you.

Check with different donation centers in your area as they all have different payments. And many have the first month bonuses that can be up to $100 per visit.

You will need to take a physical and blood test beforehand. Call to set up an appointment for your first visit and be sure to be hydrated before donating.

The amount of time it takes to do the donation will vary.

If you do decide to donate, make sure your smartphone is fully charged so you can fill out surveys or play apps during your donation.

Do not try to sign up at multiple clinics to try to donate more times per week. All clinics share a database to prevent this in order to protect your health.

A Few Other Ways to Earn Some Extra Christmas Money During the Holidays

With everyone running around buying gifts many of them need a little extra help. Keep an eye out for requests in your Local Facebook Marketplace or the community site for requests like:

  • Baby Sitter
  • Help Walking Dogs
  • Pet Sit
  • Use a Reward Credit Card (many offer monthly payments or credit to your account)
  • Be an online independent contractor on sites like Fiverr.com or Upwork.com
  • Odd jobs around your town

Save Money to Make Money for Christmas

Save Money to Make Money for Christmas

There are so many great ways to make money for Christmas in 2022. All of the methods above can be combined so you can do more than one at a time. You can make more money with the same effort.

We want everyone to have debt-free Christmas this holiday season. But there are things that all of these ways to make money for Christmas need. And they are

… a good Smartphone and reliable connectivity.

We have one bonus way you can supercharge your holiday season with huge savings.

Get Free Cell Phone Service

Get Free Cell Phone Service

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Almost half of U.S. households qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) from the U.S. government.

It takes only a couple of minutes to see if you are eligible for free service and say goodbye to expensive monthly cell phone bills.

Why not save an extra $100 a month or more and put it into your holiday budget?

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