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Find the Best Outdoor Side Hustles for Summer

Find the Best Outdoor Side Hustles for Summer

Are you ready to turn your love for the great outdoors into a source of extra cash? Outdoor side hustles are a fantastic way to earn extra money, enjoy fresh air, and stay active. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast looking to capitalize on your green thumb or simply want to spend more time outside, there’s an outdoor side hustle perfect for you.

From mowing lawns to walking dogs, the opportunities are endless. Let’s explore the best outdoor side hustles that can help you make money while having fun in the sun.

Top Outdoor Side Hustles

1. Lawn Care Services

Starting a lawn care business is one of the best outdoor side hustles you can dive into. Mowing lawns, edging, and general garden maintenance are always in high demand, especially during the warmer months. This hustle is perfect for those who love spending time outdoors and have a knack for beautifying outdoor spaces.


  • Flexible schedule

  • Steady demand

  • Great exercise

How to start:

  • Invest in basic lawn care tools like a lawnmower and edger

  • Advertise your services locally through flyers, social media, and community boards

2. Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

If you love animals, offering dog walking services and pet sitting is a great way to make extra money. Many pet owners are busy and need someone reliable to take care of their furry friends. This side hustle allows you to spend time outdoors and enjoy the company of pets.


  • Flexible hours

  • Regular exercise

  • Build a bond with pets

How to start:

  • Use platforms like Rover to find clients

  • Network with friends, family, and neighbors who have pets

3. Mobile Car Wash

A mobile car wash service is an excellent outdoor side hustle for those who enjoy working with cars and have an eye for detail. You travel to clients’ locations to wash their vehicles, offering convenience and personalized service.


  • Low initial investment

  • High demand

  • Flexible schedule

How to start:

  • Purchase cleaning supplies like soap, sponges, and a portable water supply

  • Advertise your services on social media and through word-of-mouth

4. Landscaping Design

If you have a creative eye and a passion for outdoor spaces, offering landscaping design services can be a lucrative outdoor side hustle. This involves planning and designing gardens and landscapes for clients, blending art, gardening skills, and environmental science.


  • Creative and rewarding

  • Potential for high earnings

  • Flexibility in projects

How to start:

  • Use design software and sketchpads to create plans

  • Promote your services online and in local communities

5. Outdoor Fitness Trainer

For fitness enthusiasts, becoming an outdoor fitness trainer is a fantastic side hustle. Conduct group workouts or personal training sessions in parks or other outdoor spaces. This hustle keeps you fit while helping others achieve their fitness goals.


  • Stay fit and healthy

  • Help others

  • Flexible scheduling

How to start:

  • Gain fitness certification if needed

  • Market your fitness sessions locally and on social media

6. Pool Cleaning Service

Operating a pool cleaning service is a practical side hustle for those who enjoy working outdoors and don’t mind getting a bit wet. This service involves cleaning and maintaining swimming pools, which is in high demand during the summer.


  • High demand in summer

  • Regular clients

  • Work independently

How to start:

  • Invest in pool cleaning equipment like skimmers, brushes, and vacuums

  • Advertise in neighborhoods with many pools

7. Pressure Washing Services

Pressure washing services are a high-demand outdoor side hustle. You can clean driveways, sidewalks, and even houses. This job requires a pressure washer and some basic cleaning supplies.


  • Steady demand

  • Good pay

  • Great workout

How to start:

  • Invest in a reliable pressure washer

  • Advertise your services locally and online

8. Farmers Market Seller

Selling goods at farmers markets is an enjoyable side hustle for those who love gardening or crafting. You can sell homegrown produce, handmade crafts, or other unique items. This hustle lets you engage with your community and make extra cash.


  • Engage with community

  • Flexible schedule

  • Sell unique items

How to start:

  • Secure a booth at a local market

  • Create appealing displays to attract customers

Tips for Starting Your Outdoor Side Hustle​

Tips for Starting Your Outdoor Side Hustle

Assess Your Interests and Skills

The first step in starting an outdoor side hustle is to choose something that you enjoy and are good at. Think about what you love doing outdoors. Do you have a green thumb? Are you great with animals? Maybe you have a talent for organizing events. Choosing a hustle that aligns with your interests and skills will make the work more enjoyable and sustainable.

Start Small

You don’t need to invest a lot of money upfront. Start with the basics and build up as you gain more experience and clients. For example, if you’re starting a lawn care business, begin with a simple lawnmower and basic gardening tools. As you earn extra money, you can reinvest in more advanced equipment. This way, you can grow your business without taking on too much risk.

Advertise Effectively

Getting the word out about your new side hustle is crucial. Use social media platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Instagram to advertise your services. Create eye-catching posts and engage with your local community groups. Don’t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth – ask your friends and family to spread the word. Flyers in local coffee shops, libraries, and community centers can also help attract clients.

Stay Organized

Keeping track of your earnings, clients, and schedule is essential for running a successful side hustle. Use apps and tools to manage your time and finances. A simple spreadsheet can help you monitor your income and expenses. Setting clear goals and keeping a to-do list will help you stay focused and productive. Staying organized ensures you can handle your side hustle efficiently, even if you have other commitments.

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Get Started on Your New Outdoor Side Hustle Today

Outdoor side hustles offer a fantastic way to earn extra cash, enjoy the fresh air, and develop valuable skills. Whether you choose to start a lawn care business, offer dog walking services, or become an outdoor fitness trainer, the possibilities are endless.

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