Free Government Phone Florida – Get yours today!

Free Government Phone Florida – Get yours today!

Free government phone in Florida. It has been in the news, and your friends probably already have theirs. If you want to get your free phone today, keep reading.

A free government phone does not come directly from the government, but they make it possible. The federal government has recently funded a new benefits program called the Affordable Connectivity Program.

Through this funding, EASY Wireless can offer Florida residents who qualify a free phone and even more!

How to Get a Free Phone with FREE Data & Hotspot - EASY Wireless

The Affordable Connectivity Program in Florida

The ACP is a new program for people like you who need to stay connected to the internet for work, school, and play. The government wants to ensure that the internet is available for every American.

The EASY Wireless team worked hard to take the credit made available by the government into incredible offers that will give everybody who qualifies free data.

What are the EASY Wireless Offers?

What are the EASY Wireless Offers?

1. Free Smartphone Plan

  • FREE Monthly Talk & Text
  • FREE Monthly 5 GB Data

2. Free Unlimited Data Promo

  • Keep Your Own Phone & Number
  • FREE Unlimited Talk & Text
  • FREE Sim Card

How to qualify for the ACP and get your free government in Florida?

How to qualify for the ACP and get your free government in Florida?

Almost half of the households in Florida can qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program and get the incredible offers EASY Wireless has available.

The great part is that this program is open to all Florida citizens who meet the eligibility requirements.

This includes families that are a part of the WIC, National School Lunch Program,  or students receiving Pell Grants. You may also qualify through one of the following programs:

You can also be one of the many households in Florida that can qualify for the ACP by income amount. Check out the chart below:

2024 Combo LL ACP Federal Poverty Guidelines Wide

Free Government Phone Florida – How to get yours today!

We have operators on hand ready to help you get qualified today. There are many ways to reach us at EASY Wireless. Call our customer service team at (877) 476-3451 or Email:

Don’t wait any longer! Apply right away to take advantage of free phone service and stay in touch with your loved ones.

We want as many people as possible to join us on America’s fastest and most reliable network for free! Our customer care team is available by phone or through web chat. EASY Wireless has been helping people stay connected for over twenty years.

Start Saving Today!


Start Saving Today!

FAQs Regarding Free Phones in Florida

What type of coverage will I have?

EASY Wireless has joined America’s most awarded 5G network. This means you will get the fastest network possible. We have national coverage and the most reliable network available.

What if I refer my Friends and Family to EASY Wireless? Can I get a discount on upgraded devices?

If you sign up for a free phone in Florida and refer your family and friends to Easy Wireless, you get $25 credited to your account for everyone who signs up! We call this our EASY Rewards Program.

There are no limits to how many referrals you can make; you can use that money to buy upgraded devices anytime.

Ask your friends to give your account number or phone number when they place their order with Easy Wireless, and we’ll credit your account.

What if I want to keep my phone?

If you have a phone that you would like to use on the ACP program and it is a GSM-compatible device, we can activate it and provide you with exceptional FREE cell phone service. In addition, we will deliver a universal sim right to your door that you can just pop into your phone.

At EASY Wireless, our bring-your-own phone service allows customers the freedom to choose.

What Documents Do I need to Qualify?

Many people receiving any of the governments mentioned above can quickly qualify through the national verifier by just confirming their identity with EASY Wireless. If you are not in the database, we will ask you to upload documentation such as last year’s tax return to confirm income. You can also upload a letter confirming you are getting a qualifying benefit.

Do I need an Email Address to get a Free Government Phone Florida?

Yes, we will need an email to communicate with you before you receive your free phone or universal sim card, and you can sign up for a free email through various providers such as Gmail.

Join the Tens of Thousands that have already signed up for FREE Lifeline and ACP Benefits.

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