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What is the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)?

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a new program from the Federal government designed to provide additional support to make broadband more affordable for households.

How Do POAH Communities Qualify for ACP?

You may qualify for ACP if participating in federal assistance programs such as:

  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA) or Section 8
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps or SNAP)
  • Medicaid
  • Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit
  • National School Lunch Program (NSLP)
  • Pell Grant
  • WIC

Or Qualify by Income

2022 ACP Federal Poverty Guidelines-for website

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  • Family, Friends, School, Work & Health Services
  • Fast, reliable internet service
  • Streaming Entertainment & Gaming

No fees, activation or setup charges, credit checks, or equipment needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What comes with the iServ Home Internet Package?

  • Completely FREE Unlimited WiFi home internet service
  • Fast upload and download speeds.
  • Connect all your existing devices to your high speed WiFi

I have “government” cell phone service. Will signing up for iServ Home Internet interrupt my cell service?

  1. There are two government programs: Lifeline and the Affordable Connectivity Program
    1. Lifeline provides a $9.25 discount and subscribers usually receive unlimited talk,
      unlimited text and up to 4.5GB of data.
    2. ACP provides a $30 discount and subscribers usually receive unlimited talk,
      unlimited text, and 6-10 Gigabytes of data.
    3. Lifeline and ACP combined provides both discounts on one service for a
      $39.25 discount where subscribers usually receive unlimited talk, unlimited text,
      and unlimited data.
  2. Which of these sounds like your cell phone plan?
    1. If Lifeline, then you are fine. Signing up for iServ Home Internet with iServ will
      not affect your cell service.
    2. If ACP, then signing up with iServ Home Internet will disconnect your cell phone
      service. However, you may be able to reapply with your cell phone provider for
      Lifeline phone.
    3. If you have the Lifeline and ACP combined on your service plan, you will
      experience a change in cell service. By signing up for iServ Home Internet, you
      will drop to a Lifeline only plan, and the ACP discount will move to your iServ
      Home Internet service. In this case you will have Lifeline on your cell phone
      service and ACP on your iServ Home Internet service.
  3. If you are not sure what government discount plan you are on, and you are worried
    about having the cell disconnected, please contact your cell phone service provider to
    find out before enrolling with iServ Home Internet.

I already have home internet with Cox. What is the benefit of signing up for home internet service with iServ?

The ACP discount will give you a $30 discount on your home internet bill, but with Cox, this doesn’t always result in truly free internet service. You most likely still have a monthly bill from Cox, just a lowered amount due to the ACP discount. If you are still paying an internet bill to Cox, then iServ may be the better choice! iServ Home Internet is completely FREE after the Affordable Connectivity Discount is applied.

I have a bundled cable tv/home internet service already through Cox. Can I get the ACP discount on my Cox service?

Yes you can. You will need to reach out to your cable provider to add it if you have not already done so.

If I have the bundled cable tv package, should I still sign up for service with iServ?

Signing up for iServ Home Internet will give you completely free home internet! This will cancel the discount on your Cox Cable internet service. Once iServ is connected, you will need to call Cox to deactivate your service through them to avoid any future bills from occurring.


What is the difference between Cox and iServ?

Cox provides both cable tv and home internet, and there is a monthly invoice you are required to pay.

iServ Home Internet provides only the internet WiFi connect and it is completely FREE after the Affordable Connectivity Discount is applied. iServ provides a WiFi connection to your apartment and comes with high speed data. You can hotspot all of your phones, tablets, and laptop computers to you iServ Home Internet service.


Do I need equipment installed?

No. Your home will have a password protected wireless hotspot for your devices to connect.  There is no need for equipment to be installed in your home to enjoy this service.

How is “household” defined when applying for the Affordable Connectivity Program?

Households are any persons or groups of people who live together at the same address and share expenses and income is considered a household.

What if I already receive an Affordable Connectivity Program benefit for wireless service?

Each household can only receive the monthly Affordable Connectivity Program benefit on one service at a time, so if you already receive the ACP benefit on your wireless service, you would not be eligible for the ACP benefit on your internet service at the same time.

You may transfer your ACP benefit from your wireless service provider to your home internet service.

What speeds can I expect from my home internet connection?

Most home Internet customers see average download speeds between XX-XXX Mbps, suitable for online gaming, surfing the web, working from home and streaming video. Speeds can vary, based on location, signal strength and availability.