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Did you know it is possible to get free home repairs for senior citizens?

According to National Council on Aging, more than 2,500 programs help people over 65.

Of course, we can’t list them all in one article. But if you want simple explanations of some of the best free grants for seniors, read on! 

Why Most Senior Citizens Need Free Home Repairs - EASY Wireless

Why Most Senior Citizens Need Free Home Repairs

Everybody needs repairs to keep their homes safe and secure. But as we age, we become more vulnerable as our health and strength decline. The need to live in safe and functional homes increases. Falls can be dangerous to seniors; eliminating such risk is very important.

A simple task such as changing a fuse can become dangerous, and an extra hand is often needed. Many older adults live in homes that may require extra work to be maintained or made to fit their needs. Most seniors have retired and no longer have a full working income to pay for home repairs.

 This is why access to free home repair programs for seniors is essential.

Where To Get Free Repairs for Seniors- EASY Wireless

Where To Get Free Repairs for Seniors

Being a senior citizen has its perks.

One of them is that there are plenty of free home repair grants for seniors if your house needs some TLC. The government and many private organizations offer these grants, which can help you cover the cost of repairs.

To find out if you're eligible, simply contact your local housing authority or search online for grant programs in your area. Once you've found a few potential options, it's time to get started on your application.

Be sure to include all relevant information about your house and the repairs that are needed. If you're approved, you'll be able to get your house repaired at no cost to you.

So take advantage of these programs and enjoy your newly-repaired home!

You can get home repair assistance from charities, private organizations, and government programs. The federal government plays a big role in providing home repair grants. Most of these you have to access through your state or local government.

We have provided links for you to easily find these resources.

Government Aid for Home Repairs

Many government institutions offer house repair help for senior citizens. You have worked hard all your life now, and you deserve to have a comfortable and safe house. These programs can help you fix leaks, improve your insulation, and make your home more accessible.

Taking advantage of these programs can help you stay in your home longer and enjoy your retirement. These assistance programs usually provide minor repairs and maintenance services for older people. Sometimes they just improve energy efficiency.

Below are some of the government programs that assist the elderly with free home repairs.

The HHS Department on Aging

The federal health and human services department have a special department on aging.

You can apply for money through this department to repair your home if you are over 65.

Reach out to your local department on aging to learn more about the grant programs. The requirements and benefits vary from state to state.

These programs will assist with home repairs, from roof repair to window replacement.

For more information about the help you can get in your area, click here.

Section 504 Home Repair Program- EASY Wireless

Section 504 Home Repair Program

This home repair program offers grants to low-income seniors. Section 504 helps homeowners to make their houses safer. The ability to obtain affordable credit can make life much better!

The program also provides loans to low-income homeowners. These loans are for home improvements.

To qualify, you must be the homeowner and live in the house. They will also ask that you could not get fair credit for house repairs elsewhere. Senior citizens who qualify for grants have to be above the age of 62 and must not have the ability to pay back loans.

You can apply for the program through your local RD office throughout the year. Approval depends on the availability of funds.

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) - EASY Wireless

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

LIHEP helps the most vulnerable, including older people, to save money on energy costs. They can also pay your utility bills or fuel costs. This help includes free home repair and fuel costs. The grants may consist of the repair of cooling equipment and heat pumps. The program does not target seniors, but those above 60 are first for funding.

To qualify, one must be:

  • A U.S citizen or a qualified alien.
  • Must need help to pay energy bills.
  • In case of cooling help, the household must have a senior needing cooling for medical reasons.
  • Meet income guidelines.

National LIHEAP Income Guidelines for 2022- 2023

Household Size - Annual Income

National LIHEAP Income Guidelines for  2022- 2023 - EASY Wireless

LIHEAP can help with heating and cooling costs by directly paying your utility bills. The income qualifications for the home repair program are even easier to meet, so check the program in your state.

Weatherization Assistance Program - EASY Wireless

Weatherization Assistance Program

The Weatherization Assistance Program is part of LIHEAP.

It helps households lower their homes' lower energy costs. The Weatherization Assistance Program is federally funded. But you apply through the state you live in.

Some of the home improvements offered include electrical repairs and heating filter replacements.

The program aims to reduce energy use with free home repair grants. Assistance programs like this can save you money in years to come, so you will never need a loan program again! You can also get help with fuel leak repairs, replacement of fire alarms, and air sealing.

While income is the primary factor, senior homeowners are some of the first to get help. You can find more details on your state website to apply.

The websites provide a list of the local providers that offer weatherization services. 

Medicare Assistance - EASY Wireless

Medicare Assistance

Medicare might not assist seniors in paying for their home repairs. But, those in need of 'prescribed' changes can get payments. For example, some seniors might need hanging bars to assist them in getting out of bed. Some might need toilet safety frames or units to help them navigate the bathroom. These are some minor home adjustments you can enjoy through Medicare.

You can apply for Medicare at any social security office.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)- EASY Wireless

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

FEMA helps those whose homes were damaged by a disaster. The agency provides financial aid to homeowners to repair their primary home. You can qualify if the damage is not covered by insurance. This is especially important for seniors as the repairs will make the home safer and fit to occupy. Help can include funds for risk reduction, including roof and electrical renovations. It can also help reduce the amount of damage to the home in future disasters.

To apply for FEMA help, click here.

Tax Grants - EASY Wireless

Tax Grants

The US Internal Revenue Service has four possible free home repair programs. You can qualify at every income level. These grants are not to fix broken things. Instead, they are to increase the value of your home. You can deduct four types of expenses and these include:

  1. Renewable energy upgrades include heat pumps, wind turbines, and solar energy systems.
  2. Installations such as lifts, ramps, alterations, and changes to ease home use
  3. Projects that increase the resale value of property count toward the cost basis. This reduces the capital gains taxes owed.
  4. Home office improvements count when you run your business from a dedicated room.
Urban Grants - EASY Wireless

Urban Grants

The Department of Housing and Development provides free home repair assistance for seniors. These support low-income families living in their service areas.

We have listed a few of those organizations below:

The California Earthquake Authority

This grant only applies to persons who own a home built in California before 1980. The majority of these houses were not built to survive earthquakes. Homeowners can receive $3,000 to help earthquake-proof their homes. Please note that the program is not only for seniors but rather for older houses. It can provide a lot of help to people who need it.

Handy worker Program (Los Angeles)

The Los Angeles Housing Department provides funding for home repairs. This grant is to improve homeowners' safety, security, and comfort. Some improvements include handrails, ground fault outlets, and smoke detectors.

City of Houston Housing and Community Development (Houston)

The program aids in repairing and rebuilding homes in Houston. They help low and moderate-income households. They give first consideration to seniors above 62.

Basic Systems Repair Program (Philadelphia)

The program gives free electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and roofing repairs. These free home repair grants are for eligible owner-occupied Philadelphia homes.

Neighborhood & Housing Services (San Antonio)

Home rehab programs help rehabilitate low-income- to moderate-income homeowners within San Antonio. These home repair fixes range from structural to electrical.

Charities Assisting Seniors with Free Home Repairs - Running Into Someone On The Street - EASY Wireless

Charities Assisting Seniors with Free Home Repairs

Many charity initiatives assist seniors in need of home repairs. Some of these charities are huge and have a national reach, while others only cater to select areas. Below are some of the charities assisting seniors with home repairs.

Rebuilding Together

The national charity assists with home repairs focusing on community renewal. Various partners come together to give eligible homeowners repair, and modification services. Their Safe at Home program assists with home repairs for seniors. This home repair program aims to increase the independence of the elderly. Rebuild Together completes around 10,000 renovation projects. To know more, find your nearest branch on their site.

Habitat for Humanity International

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization. It helps those in need build, repair, and renovate their houses. This house repairs assistance helps make buildings more energy efficient. It also provides water and sanitary solutions. Through its Aging in Place program, they help senior citizens age at home. This allows seniors to stay in the community they choose. Local branches collaborate with human services organizations to investigate individual needs. They then recommend home repairs and modifications to suit each homeowner’s lifestyle.

You can find your nearest Habitat for Humanity for more information.

The Home Depot Foundation

The foundation improves the homes of U.S. veterans. Since 2011, they have invested more than $400M in veteran causes. They have also improved more than 50,000 veteran homes and facilities. The Home Depot Foundation works with nonprofit organizations across the country to help low income families.

Neighbor Works

The non-profit housing program assists homeowners in financing home improvements. The program aims to improve the community’s housing stock quality. It does this by making homes more energy-efficient and safe. They work with homeowners, volunteers, and qualified contractors. This ensures their work is of the highest standards.

Some of their programs include:

Aging in Place

Aging in Place assists homeowners over the age of 60 with home repairs and modifications. It can include wheelchair ramps, bathroom modifications, porch repairs, and yard work.


Repair-a-thon brings neighbors together. It supports homeowners living on lower incomes with free home repairs. For example, the work can include the installation of a driveway or the building of a ramp.

Regional Charities- EASY Wireless

Regional Charities

Besides national charities, many other free home repair assistance programs are region specific. Below are some of the programs you can find in your area.


Community Home Repair Projects of Arizona

Community Home Repair is a non-profit organization that assists Tucson and Pima County. They concentrate on low-income homeowners. Community Home repair provides emergency home repairs and safety modifications for disabled people.

Foundation for Senior Living (FSL)

FSL aims to improve the quality of life for senior citizens and their caregivers. They provide a trusted servicer who can identify a problem you might be facing in your home and fix it. Contractors can work to offer solutions to home layouts and other major systems.


Shelby County Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Program helps with minor home repairs for seniors. It also aids those living with disability and low-income individuals in Shelby County.


Home Repair Services of Kent County

The Home Repair Service provides home repairs that affect health and safety. Examples include plumbing, electrical, roofing, and heating, to name a few. The Home Access Ramps and Modifications program aids with accessibility modifications. These improvements can include the installation of wheelchair ramps and bathroom modifications

New York

Snowbelt Housing Company - New York

Snow Belt assists their community with critical home repairs. Their Owner Occupied Rehabilitation service improves home safety and energy efficiency. Snow Belt receives funding from the NYS Division of Housing and Community Renewal. The organization also applies for grant funds from federal and state sources.

The funds provide low-income residents with grants and home repair and support loans. It has provided over $10.5 million worth of help to 661 households.


Home Repair Resource Center

The Home Repair Resource helps homeowners above the age of 62 to get help with repair needs. Besides home repairs, they also tell homeowners how to plan for aging-in-place. Seniors get help with applying for financial aid for repairs. It can also help with reviewing estimates and inspecting work.

Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation

The Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation has several free repair services. These services include roof replacement and emergency home repairs for eligible residents.


Texas Ramp Project

As their name says, the Texas Ramp Project builds wheelchair ramps for older adults. They also help those with mobility issues that cannot afford other help. 


Homage Minor Home Repair

The Homage program assists low-income senior and disabled homeowners. This aid is for health and safety-related repairs.


Revitalize Milwaukee

The organization offers many services to help the low-income. This can include seniors, veterans, and those living with disabilities. Their services include critical repairs and accessibility modifications. They can help identify and repair health and safety hazards.

Revitalize Milwaukee aims to make people comfortable in their homes.

Churches offering free home repair assistance programs for Seniors - EASY Wireless

Churches offering free home repair assistance programs for Seniors

There are many churches offering home repairs for senior citizens. Below are some of those churches and ministries.

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities' affordable housing programs provide help to vulnerable people. It has a network of offices around the country, some of which support home repairs. With the help of volunteer labor, they repair homes damaged by natural disasters.

The organization provides needed repairs for low-income families. It also includes seniors and the disabled in several states.

Samaritan’s Purse

Samaritan’s Purse is a Christian organization providing aid to people in need.

They do a lot of work in the USA. For example, they rebuild and repair homes destroyed by hurricanes.

Regional Churches 

Many churches do not have a national reach. The following offer free home repair services for senior citizens in certain areas.

Below are some of the church organizations offering these services.


Ecumenical Ministries – Baldwin County

The Repair Baldwin Project works with non-profit organizations and churches. This is to extend the life of houses owned by low-income families in Baldwin County.

Catholic Social Services - Mobile

The initiative helps elderly and disabled people live in their homes safely. They offer free home repairs such as replacing windows, painting, and wheelchair ramps. The person must be the homeowner. They must also give written permission for them to work in their home.

The Fix-It program also aids with minor repairs for seniors.


Heart Felt Ministries – Jacksonville

The ministry offers minor home repairs for seniors living on a fixed income. Heart Felt works to repair things like locks and electrical panels. They can also install safety handles or grab bars.


Home Repair Ministries – Norcross

The Ministry provides critical home repairs. They help low income families. It also provides modifications for seniors and disabled people.


Hand in Hand Ministries – Floyd, Johnson, Magoffin, and Martin counties

Hand in Hand Ministries offers home repairs for bathrooms, floors, and ceilings. They often help low income families as well as seniors. Hand in Hand also builds wheelchair ramps for seniors and individuals with mobility issues.


Solid Rock Ministries – Holland & Zeeland

Solid Rock Ministries has volunteers with experience in building trades. The Ministry provides affordable home repair services. They do this by allowing seniors to only pay for the materials needed while labor is free.


Voice of Calvary Ministries – Jackson

The Voice of Calvary concentrates on home repairs for very low income homeowners. This home repair program partners with the Bank of Dallas and Bank Plus. They assist older and disabled homeowners in Madison County as well as low income families.

North Carolina

Wilmington Area Rebuilding Ministry (WARM)

WARM rebuilds and repairs homes for senior citizens, those with disabilities, and veterans. Their work lowers the risk of falls, fires, and other hazards. They do this by repairing neglected properties.


Good Neighbors, Inc. – Kennett Square

Good Neighbors has helped needy homeowners with free home repairs for the past 30 years. Those with little or no resources can have their leaking roofs or broken windows fixed at no cost.

South Carolina

Sumter United Ministries – Sumter County

Sumter United Ministries is a non-profit organization providing relief to struggling families. Programs include home repair, emergency shelter, medical care, and education.


Appalachian Outreach – East Tennessee

The Home Repair Ministry is an important part of the Appalachian Outreach program. The program focuses on homes that need handicap ramps, decking, painting, and roofing.

Mountain TOP – Coalmont

Mountain Top's Adults in Ministry offers structural repairs and renovations of local homes.  Repairs include roofing, siding, and termite damage fixes, to name a few.


Northwest Assistance Ministries – Houston

Northwest Assistance Ministries is a community-based agency. This ministry assists with food, shelter, and health. It also helps with education, safety, and financial education.

Benefits of Free Home Repairs For Senior Citizens - EASY Wireless

Benefits of Free Home Repairs For Senior Citizens

There are a number of benefits that come with free home repairs for senior citizens. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it helps seniors to live in a safe environment. It is important because a safe environment can help to prevent falls and other accidents.

In addition, free home repairs can help to improve the overall appearance of a senior's home. This can be important for seniors who want to maintain their independence and live in their own homes for as long as possible.

Free home repairs can also help to reduce the stress that seniors often feel about their homes. As a result, free home repairs can positively impact senior citizens' mental and emotional well-being.

Other Programs besides Free Home Repair for Seniors - EASY Wireless

Other Programs besides Free Home Repair for Seniors

 Seniors qualify for many programs that can add to their monthly income. This can help them save money on food, phones, legal services, and transportation. Also, most people over 65 in the United States qualify for Medicaid or other programs.

When you are already getting these other aid programs, they allow you to qualify for free cell phone service easily and quickly. EASY Wireless has been helping people for over 20 years, and our customer care team is here to answer questions.

We have many ways for you to contact us, and we always respond quickly. EASY Wireless is dedicated to helping you get all the benefits you deserve.

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