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How to Choose the Best Adult Day Care Center – A Comprehensive Guide

How to Choose the Best Adult Day Care Center – A Comprehensive Guide

When adult children are faced with the responsibility of taking care of elderly parents, they may feel overwhelmed. Using an adult day care center provides a solution to this challenge.

These centers offer a variety of services that can help keep elderly adults healthy and safe while providing relief for caregivers. In this guide, we will discuss what adult day care centers are, the benefits they offer, how to choose the best one for your needs, and the costs involved.

What is an Adult Day Care Center and Why is it Important?

What is an Adult Day Care Center and Why is it Important?

An adult day care center is a facility that provides supportive services, social activities and health-related services to seniors, as well as adults living with disabilities. Services vary depending on the center but often include assistance with daily activities such as nutritious meals, bathing, personal grooming and medication reminders. Adult day care centers also provide a safe space for supervised and engaging activities such as exercise programs, crafts and social games.

These centers are important because they allow seniors or those living with disabilities to remain independent and engage socially while providing their caregivers with a much needed break from their caregiving duties.

What Health Related Services are Offered?

Adult day care centers provide a range of health related services to seniors and those living with disabilities. These services are tailored to meet the individual needs of the participants and include assistance with daily activities such as bathing, grooming, medications, meals and more.

In addition to these basic services, they also offer medical oversight for those in need of medication or health monitoring. Licensed nurses are available on-site who can provide basic medical services such as wound dressing and injection administration.

Participants also receive valuable support for chronic illnesses including diabetes, high blood pressure and COPD management. In addition to medical care, these senior centers also provide supervised adult day programs such as exercise programs, crafts and social games that allow participants to engage in meaningful activities in a safe environment.

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing an Adult Day Center?

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing an Adult Day Center?

When choosing an adult day care center, it is important to consider the overall quality of the facility and its services. Make sure the staff is experienced and knowledgeable in providing care to seniors and those with disabilities.

Location of the Center

Consider how far away the adult day care is from your home or place of work. If you have to drive a long distance to get there, it may not be a viable option for you. Also consider if public transportation or taxi services are available in the area so that participants can easily access the adult day care center.

Lastly, does the center offer pick up or drop off services?

Hours of Operation

Find out what the center’s regular business hours are, as well as any after hours or weekend services they offer.

Costs of Service

As 2021 the average daily rate for adult day care was $78 a day or $2340 a month. Making it a more affordable option when compared to assisted living and nursing facilities. –

What are the Safety and Quality of Care at the Center?

Some key questions to ask when choosing an adult day program center are:

  • What is the overall hygiene of the adult day care center?
  • Are they taking proper steps to ensure a safe and healthy environment for participants?
  • What safety protocols are in place to protect both staff and participants from COVID-19?
  • If your family member requires special diets or medical treatments, can they be accommodated in the adult day care center?
  • Do they provide supervision and assistance with daily activities such as meals, bathing, and medication reminders?

Are You Allowed to Interview Staff Members?

Are You Allowed to Interview Staff Members?

Setting up interviews with staff members to get a better feel for the facility and determine its suitability for your loved one’s needs. Is the staff trained to provide emotional support for an older adult that may suffer from memory loss or have other cognitive impairments?

Finally, ask for references or reviews from current adult day care participants or their families. This can provide valuable insight into the quality of care offered at a particular adult day care center.

How to Locate Adult Day Care Centers Near Me?

Start your search online and look up adult day care centers in your area. Be sure to read reviews, visit the center in person, and talk to other families who use these services before making a decision.

Contact Your Local Agency on Aging

An area agency on aging (AAA) is a designated public or private nonprofit organization tasked with addressing the needs and concerns of elderly persons in regional and local areas. Although AAAs are colloquially grouped as county, city, regional planning councils/councils of governments, private, or nonprofits – names may vary from place to place. Primarily responsible for specific geographic regions known as ‘planning and service areas’ (PSA), these can cover cities individually or multiple counties combined.

Through a variety of services including home-delivered meals and homemaker assistance, and other daily living tasks, AAAs enable older adults to remain in their own homes if that is what they prefer. By providing access to comprehensive in home care, these agencies make it possible for seniors to choose the living arrangements and services that best fit their needs.

Find your nearest agency with the Eldercare Locator below.

Eldercare Locator

The Eldercare Locator, offered by the U.S. Administration on Aging, can help you connect with beneficial services for seniors and their families – simply call 1-800-677-1116 or visit the website to have any of your questions answered.

Whether it’s specialized care or support you’re after, this site provides an array of options such as:

  • Therapeutic services
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Adult Day Care Programs
  • Assisted Living
  • Caregiver Support
  • Transportation Assistance

and more…

National Adult Day Services Association

Adult Day Services centers are integral in offering long-term care services throughout the United States. Through a series of activities, health monitoring, social services and help with daily tasks such as dressing or bathing, these ADS facilities allow individuals to live at home while receiving quality care within their own community.

Not only do they provide necessary aid for those requiring assistance but also offer much needed benefits to family caregivers by freeing them up so that they can work or get some time away from it all – plus additional direct services like educational programs and support groups too!

Locate a NASDA center near you.

FindHelp.Org is a great resource to find local adult day care centers. They list care centers in your area and provide you with important contact information for each center so you can easily get in touch with them.

Search the site with using the term “senior care” for a list of specialized services in your area.

How to Afford Adult Day Care Services

Adult day care is an affordable alternative to other types of long-term care services, with a national median cost of $1,560 per month. Many programs offer sliding fee scales for very low income families, and you can often pay by the hour if full-day care isn’t necessary.

Free drop-in programs offered at churches may be available as well, but they typically don’t provide the same level of service. Other financial assistance options include long-term care insurance and various programs for those who qualify.

Veterans’ Benefits

If your beloved is a veteran and eligible for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical benefits, they could be able to receive free services at VA-operated adult day care centers. Additionally, lower-income veterans or spouses of deceased veterans may qualify for cash compensation monthly which can cover any type of long term care including adult daycare facilities.

Medicaid and PACE

If your loved one meets the low-income and limited resources criteria, they may qualify for adult day services under your state’s Medicaid program. Additionally, some states have partnered with Medicare to provide PACE – or Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly. This comprehensive service includes home care as well as community support through adult daycare programs – all available to those eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid.


If your family member is on Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage) instead of traditional Medicare Parts A and B, they could be eligible for limited adult day care coverage as part of their home care services. Coverage terms will differ between plans so it’s best to contact the plan directly in order to find out if this service is provided and what those provisions may look like.

For over 65 seniors or disabled persons that qualify for Full Medicaid, Medicare Advantage D-SNP plans may offer benefits that can provide health services at an adult care center. Please check with your insurance agent and your physician for what options are available to you.

Staying Connected with Friends and Family

Staying Connected with Friends and Family

For family members who are searching for adult day centers, they want to ensure that their elderly or disabled relative will have access to social and emotional support from family is only a simple phone call away.

Senior citizens and over 40% of U.S. households now qualify for the Federal government’s Affordable Connectivity Program through EASY Wireless. This program offers FREE monthly cell phone and data services to those that qualify.

Many of the same programs (i.e. Medicaid, Veteran & Survivors Benefits) that may subsidize adult day care services can be used to qualify for this program.

Eliminate those monthly cell phone bills and have more money available for providing for your loved ones.

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Making a Decision

Choosing the right adult day care center for your loved one is an important decision, as it can affect their health and well-being. It’s important to research the available options carefully and select a location with certified staff, who offer the services your loved one needs in a safe and stimulating environment. Speak to other families who use the centers for personal testimonials, and be sure to visit potential centers yourself to get a feel for the atmosphere and ensure it’s a good fit for your family.

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