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EASY Wireless recently expanded its services to Nebraska. From the corn fields to Chimney Rock, you can now get free cell phone service with unlimited data when receiving food stamps.

For this reason, many people call it food stamp or government internet. You don’t actually receive free unlimited data with food stamps or from the government. Instead, your household can receive free internet service through a new government program called the Affordable Connectivity Program, or (ACP). People on SNAP/food stamps qualify for help with their internet bills.

EASY Wireless is dedicated to helping everyone who qualifies receive access to free cell phone services like free talk and text and unlimited data.

What Are the Free Services EASY Wireless Offers? - EASY Wireless

What Are the Free Services EASY Wireless Offers?

EASY Wireless works with the ACP to give people who qualify the following free cell phone services:

EASY Wireless Free Unlimited Plan

  • FREE Unlimited Talk
  • FREE Unlimited Text
  • Keep the Phone You Love
  • Choose to Keep Your Number or Get a New One
  • FREE SIM Card & Activation
What is the Affordable Connectivity Program? - EASY Wireless

What is the Affordable Connectivity Program?

The ACP is a recent program funded by the federal government and run by the FCC. It aims to improve broadband speeds and availability across the U.S. It also seeks to help the many American households who either can’t afford internet access or are struggling to pay for it.

SNAP is one of the many qualifiers of the program, so you can get your free unlimited data plan through EASY Wireless as long as you are qualified for the ACP.

How Can I Qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program? - EASY Wireless

How Can I Qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program?

It is not only people on SNAP/food stamps who can receive this fantastic deal in Nebraska. If anyone in your household receives one of the following benefits, you can quickly qualify with EASY Wireless online!

How do you apply for free data in Nebraska and stop paying a monthly cellphone bill? What can you do with free unlimited data? Where can you get SNAP in Nebraska? Well, we will answer all these questions and more.

TQualifying for ACP Nebraska by Income Level - EASY Wireless

Qualifying for ACP Nebraska by Income Level

The government has set the ACP up to promote internet access among low-income citizens. So, it's not surprising that you can also qualify by income.

2023 ACP Federal Poverty Guidelines

When you wish to qualify for the ACP by income level, you must confirm your income or your participation in one of the government aid programs mentioned.

Some of the documents that can show that you qualify by income level are as follows:

  • Pay stubs from the last three months
  • A letter from your employer that states your yearly income
  • A copy of your state or federal tax form from last year
  • A legal document that mentions your income, such as custody agreements

For a complete list, you can check the ACP website.

Getting Help from EASY Wireless - EASY Wireless

Getting Help from EASY Wireless

If you have any questions about whether you can qualify or not, we have webchat and operators on hand to help you. We are known for our customer service and love to help our customers receive the benefits they need.

There are no hidden charges, and our help desk will ensure applying for our free unlimited data plan is as simple and quick as possible.

This support will still be open after you’ve applied, and we will help you in every way we can. Once you get your EASY Wireless Universal sim card in the mail, you can put it in your phone and contact our friendly customer care right from your device!

How to Qualify for SNAP/Food Stamps in Nebraska? - EASY Wireless

How to Qualify for SNAP/Food Stamps in Nebraska?

If you live in Nebraska and are going through money troubles, consider applying for the Nebraska Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. People also call this program food stamps.

Upon qualifying, you'll get an Electronic Benefits Transfer card that you can use to get free food from authorized stores.

The SNAP Program is made to help struggling households buy nutritional food. There are income requirements to qualify. There are three different tests to determine if you qualify.  If you want help to see if you can qualify or not, you can use the Nebraska SNAP Prescreener Tool.

Enroll for Food Stamp Unlimited Data in Nebraska Today! - EASY Wireless

Enroll for Food Stamp Unlimited Data in Nebraska Today!

Having free unlimited data can help you stay connected with your loved ones. It also allows you to stream your favorite shows or find a better job, all without worrying about going over your data limit!

So, isn't it wonderful that you can get free unlimited internet when qualifying for ACP through EASY Wireless?

Qualifying is super simple. All you need to do is click on the form and fill in your zip code and email. Once  you enroll, you will get free unlimited internet with America’s fastest and most reliable network.

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