How to Get Unlimited Data For Free on Medicaid in NY

How to Get Unlimited Data For Free on Medicaid in NY - EASY Wireless

If you are among the 7.3 million New York residents currently receiving Medicaid, the good news is that you can now get free data and enjoy the internet.                      

Access to the internet is crucial in the modern world since it helps you keep in touch with your loved ones.

Also, with Medicaid, you’ll be able to receive free medical services from many healthcare providers across the state.

Although you can be charged small co-payments, Medicaid is accessible in New York if your annual income meets certain criteria.

How about getting medical services and unlimited data and calls without paying anything for hospital and cellphone bills in New York?

Keep reading to learn how to qualify for the benefits and enjoy life.

Am I Eligible for New York Medicaid?

To be eligible for Medicaidin New York, you must comply with the Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) Rules. So, according to the rules, the following groups of people are eligible for Medicaid in New York.

  • Children up to 19 years old
  • Pregnant ladies
  • Infants under 1-year-old
  • Other non-MAGI groups eligible for Medicaid in New York include.
  • Seniors (over 65 years old)
  • Disabled residents

Also, if you’re eligible or are benefiting from the following programs, you can qualify for New York Medicaid.

  • Medicare Savings Program (MSP)
  • Medicaid Cancer Treatment Program
  • AIDS Health Insurance Program (AHIP)
  • If you’re screened for Presumptive Eligibility (PE)
  • Medicaid Buy-in Program for disabled people
  • Foster care and former foster care youth

How to Apply for New York Medicaid

Once you confirm eligibility, you need to contact your local department of the social service office.

In New York, the main office for applying for Medicaid is the Human Resources Administration. Contact them today at (718) 557-1399 to apply.

Also, if you’re in facilities run by the New York Office of Mental Health, call the patients’ resource office to apply quickly.

Once qualified for Medicaid, you’re just a step away from getting the free government medical services in New York.

Get Free Internet and Medicaid Benefits in New York

The costs of goods and services are rising swiftly, and phone bills haven’t been left behind. When you add in the price of expensive data plans, it can be overwhelming!

Moreover, internet access is crucial since it is the key to communication and makes keeping in touch with family and friends possible.

It also helps you manage your business. With the world moving from in-office to remote, you can conduct meetings and monitor your business through your mobile phone, tablet, or computer via free internet.

The internet also helps you apply for most government and social services in New York. For instance, you can apply for Medicaid online with the free internet.

Furthermore, getting your children an education and other vital services requires connectivity to unlimited data.

So, getting all these services while paying ZERO on your cell phone bill is a lifesaver!

What is the Affordable Connectivity Program

The federal government realized the importance of the internet in the modern world. Therefore, it established the Affordable Connectivity Program to ensure that all households are able to keep in touch with their loved ones. The ACP also aims to help all low-income citizens keep connected to the internet.

The program works with EASY Wireless which has been helping their customers remain connected to vital communication services for over twenty years.

How to Apply For Free Internet on Medicaid in New York State

If you already benefit from Medicaid, qualifying for the ACP with EASY Wireless is simple!

To apply for free internet in New York, visit the EASY Wireless website and submit your application and confirm that you are currently receiving Medicaid to get free unlimited data more quickly!

Other than Medicaid, How Else Do I Qualify for the Unlimited Data?

If you don’t qualify for New York Medicaid, you can still qualify for the free internet through the ACP.

There are two ways to do so. The first way involves your annual income. Thus, check out the chart below to see if your payments qualify you for free internet.

2024 Combo LL ACP Federal Poverty Guidelines Wide

The second way to qualify for the ACP in New York through EASY Wireless is if you qualify for other federal government assistance programs such as:

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA)
  • Pell Grant Awards
  • National School Lunch Program (NSLP)
  • Medicaid
  • Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

The Unlimited Data Offer With EASY Wireless

Once qualified for the free internet with EASY Wireless, you can access our fantastic data offer free of charge. Here is the offer:

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