How to Lower Your Cell Phone Bill: 12 Easy Tips

how to lower your cell phone bill

Are you tired of paying expensive cell phone bills every month? The average cell phone bill costs $73 per month, totaling $876 per year. But cutting your cell phone costs and expenses can be tricky with so many carriers and plan options to choose from.

This article will provide 12 EASY-to-implement tips to lower your cell phone bill and put hundreds of dollars back in your pocket every year. With a few simple changes, you can achieve significant savings on your wireless service.

Review Your Data Usage and Plan Needs

The first step to lowering your cell phone bill is to examine your current cell phone plans and usage and evaluate if your plan actually matches your needs. Look at previous monthly bills to determine:

  • How many minutes, texts, and data do you typically use?
  • Which plan features you don’t really need?
  • Areas where you are overpaying for unused services.

This usage review will reveal opportunities to downgrade or switch to cheaper plans that align with your actual requirements. Don’t pay for unlimited services if you only use a fraction of them.

Use Wi-Fi Whenever Possible

When you connect to Wi-Fi, your phone uses Wi-Fi networks to make calls, send texts, and access the internet instead of relying on your cellular plan’s minutes and data.

Enable the Wi-Fi calling feature on your phone to route calls and texts over Wi-Fi automatically when available. Turn off cellular data when connected to Wi-Fi so your phone doesn’t use it unnecessarily. Using Wi-Fi prevents racking up costly mobile data overage fees too.

family plans

Explore Family or Group Plans

Many carriers offer discounted rates when you add more lines to your account. The more lines on your plan, the lower the per-line monthly charge. Check if you can join a family member or friend’s existing group plan to benefit from the multiline pricing.

You can also create a new family plan to take advantage of these savings. Adding just one more person can make a significant dent in your monthly bill. Four lines is typically the sweet spot for maximum discounts.

Drop Cell Phone Insurance

Phone insurance costs a monthly fee but you may rarely need it. If you have a robust protective case, are generally careful with your phone, and have proper backups, then self-insuring can make more financial sense.

Evaluate if you really need to pay for phone insurance every month. Those fees add up. Instead, put aside the money you would spend on premiums so you can self-fund any repairs or replacements if needed.

Enroll in Autopay and Paperless Billing

Most carriers offer discounts for signing up for autopay, where your monthly phone bill is automatically paid via credit card or bank account withdrawal. This saves you time while lowering your monthly cell phone bill a bit.

You can also reduce your bill by a few dollars each month by opting for paperless billing.

Check for Additional Discounts

Don’t leave savings opportunities on the table. Ask your carrier for any special discounts you may qualify for:

  • Student, teacher or corporate discounts
  • Senior citizen or veteran discounts
  • Bundles including internet or cable services
  • Loyalty programs for long-term customers

Every dollar of discount helps lower your overall cell phone bill.

avoid financing

Avoid Financing New Phones

Phone installment plans allow spreading out the cost of new devices over 12, 24 or even 36 months. However, this sticks you with higher monthly service bills long after you’ve paid off the actual value of your new phone.

Avoid financing options and their extra fees. Either buy phones outright or opt for cheaper, gently used devices. You’ll save significantly over time by not carrying a phone loan baked into your plan.

Downgrade Your Plan

If you are overpaying for unlimited data plans you don’t fully utilize, downgrading to a cheaper plan can potentially chop your cell phone bill in half. Most people can get by just fine with a few GB of data versus unlimited data they never use up.

Crunch the numbers to determine an appropriate data allowance based on your actual monthly usage. Downgrading to a more affordable limited plan can help you save money every month.

Use Prepaid Plans

Beyond cheaper limited data plans, prepaid options offer another path to lower bills compared to pricier postpaid plans. Prepaid plans:

  • Have lower monthly rates in general.
  • Don’t require long-term contracts.
  • Allow greater control over costs by paying upfront.

Many major carriers have prepaid plans available, either directly from cell phone company or through a subsidiary brand. While prepaid plans have some limitations compared to postpaid, the cost savings often outweigh the drawbacks for most people.

Switch Carriers

Don’t hesitate to shop around outside your current wireless carrier. Lesser-known low-cost carriers piggyback on the major networks and offer significant savings.

Just double check they have solid coverage in your area first. Switching carriers can often slim your cell phone bill down by $20-40 per month.

free government phone service

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Start Reducing Your Monthly Bill Today

Lowering your cell phone bill provides instant savings every month you can allocate towards other financial goals. Put these easy wireless cost-cutting tips into action to achieve major savings.

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