How to Make Money with Your Truck

how to make money with your truck unlocking your vehicles earning potential

Owning a pickup truck is not just about having a convenient mode of transportation; it’s an opportunity to unlock a treasure trove of income possibilities. In today’s gig economy there are more than just a few ideas for making making money with a pickup.

The demand for delivery services, junk hauling, and towing services is skyrocketing, making your truck a great opportunity to earn extra cash.

Here are 8 ways to make money with a pickup.

1. Start a Junk Hauling Service for Extra Money

Launching a junk hauling service is a straightforward way to start making money with your pickup truck. As communities constantly seek ways to dispose of unwanted items, your service can be the solution, catering to residential and commercial needs alike.

By attaching a trailer, you significantly increase your hauling capacity, allowing you to take on everything from small jobs, averaging around \$65 per job, to larger projects that can clear out basements or estates.

Start up a junk hauling business as a side hustle until you have enough regular customers you can go full time.

2. Offer Moving Services in Your City

The demand for reliable moving services is huge, offering another avenue for truck owners to earn money. With your truck (and preferably a trailer), you can assist individuals and businesses in relocating, transforming a typically stressful process into a smooth transition.

For smaller moves, you might earn an average of $30-$40 per hour, while larger, more complex moves can significantly increase your earnings.

The key to success in this domain is careful handling of belongings and efficient transportation, ensuring customer satisfaction and repeat business.

3 trucks are great for landscaping services

3. Trucks are Great for Landscaping Services

Using your pickup truck for a landscaping or yard care service not only helps you tap into the seasonal demand for outdoor beautification but also enables a steady stream of income year-round. With the ability to transport lawnmowers, tree limb clippers, and other essential landscaping tools, your truck is perfect for making extra money through labor-intensive, yet rewarding work.

Landscaping services can vary widely in earnings, but on average, you can expect to make between $20 to $50 per hour depending on the complexity and size of the job. Transitioning into snow plowing services during the winter can keep the cash flow steady, ensuring you’re making money with your truck throughout the year.

4. Pickup Truck Owners - Offer Short Haul Delivery Service

The explosion of online shopping has significantly increased the demand for delivery services, creating a lucrative opportunity for pickup truck owners. By offering your truck for deliveries, you can work with local businesses or independent contractors to deliver larger items that typical delivery services can’t handle, such as furniture, large appliances, or bulk supplies.

Earnings for delivery services can range widely, but on average, you can expect to make $15 to $25 per hour.

Adding a trailer can further increase your delivery capacity and earnings potential. Working for companies like Amazon Flex as an independent contractor or offering your services on platforms such as Facebook Marketplace can open up more opportunities to earn money with your truck.

5. Launching a Towing Service

For truck owners with the right setup, starting a towing service offers a path to generating additional income by assisting with vehicle, boat, or trailer transport. This option requires a bit more in terms of initial setup, including securing a proper towing setup and possibly additional licensing or insurance.

However, the effort can be well worth it, with average earnings for towing services ranging between $50 to $100 per hour, depending on the complexity and distance of the tow. Offering your services to local businesses or through roadside assistance programs can significantly boost your visibility and workload.

6 renting out your pickup truck

6. Renting Out Your Pickup Truck

Pickup truck owners can earn money even on days they’re not using it by being rented out to those in need of a vehicle for moving, hauling, or other tasks. Platforms like Turo and Getaround make it easy to connect with potential renters, providing a way to generate passive income.

Truck owners can expect to earn anywhere from $50 to $150 per day, depending on the make, model, and demand in their area. This approach requires minimal effort on your part but does necessitate comprehensive insurance coverage to protect against any potential damages.

7. Capitalizing on App-Based Opportunities

Dive into the gig economy by leveraging app-based platforms that connect truck owners with individuals and businesses needing various hauling and delivery services. Apps like LoadUp offer junk removal jobs, while others such as Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash cater to ridesharing and food delivery.

Truck owners have the advantage of accepting larger, more lucrative jobs that regular vehicles can’t handle. Earnings can vary greatly depending on the app and type of service provided, but drivers can often make between $15 to $30 per hour. By choosing jobs that fit your schedule, you can maximize your earning potential and truly become your own boss.

8. Specializing in Niche Services

Explore unique market demands by offering specialized services such as mobile billboard advertising, landscaping supplies delivery, or even participating in local event logistics. These niche services can set you apart from standard delivery and hauling jobs, allowing for potentially higher earnings.

For example, mobile billboard advertising can fetch around $100 to $300 per month for a single campaign, while delivering landscaping supplies might earn you $50 to $100 per delivery. Identifying and targeting these specific needs within your community can lead to a more consistent and profitable business model for your truck.

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Turning Your Truck into a Money Making Machine

Using your pickup truck as a tool for generating income offers a world of opportunities, from hauling and towing to food delivery services and renting out your vehicle.

By embracing app-based gigs, exploring niche markets, and minimizing expenses through programs like Lifeline and ACP through EASY Wireless, you’re well-equipped to transform your truck into a reliable source of income.

Remember, the key to success lies in selecting opportunities that align with your interests, schedule, and financial goals, turning the dream of making money with your truck into a rewarding reality.

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