I Need Money for my rent: What do I do?

i need money for my rent what do i do

So you wake up and realize your rent is due in a couple days. But when you check your bank account, you realize — there’s barely enough to cover groceries this week, let alone make rent. Panic starts to set in as you try to figure out what to do. You need money fast or you’re going to to be facing eviction.

It’s a stressful situation, but take a deep breath. With some quick thinking and resourcefulness, you could come up with a solution. In this blog post, we’re explore practical ways to get the cash you need for rent when you’re in a situation. From side-hustle work to borrowing from friends, you’re going to find several options to avoid getting kicked out of your place.

Assessing Your Financial Situation

So rent is due and you’re short on cash. Step 1 is taking a good look at your financial situation. Check your bank statements and bills to know exactly how much you owe and how much you can actually pay. If there’s a legitimate reason you can’t cover rent, like medical bills or job loss, talk to your landlord and try to set up a payment plan. They may be willing to work with you if you communicate openly and honestly.


If it’s due to overspending or poor budgeting, now is the time to make a realistic budget. Track your income and expenses to find areas where you can reduce costs. Do you really need streaming services, cable, and a gym membership? Look for ways to earn extra money on the side like driving for a rideshare service in your spare time or selling unwanted items online.

reducing expenses to free up cash

Reducing Expenses to Free Up Cash

When money is tight, look for ways to cut costs so you have more to put toward the rent. Check your bank statements to know where you can trim the fat.

Quit Cable

Do you really need hundreds of channels? Cut the cord and switch to a streaming service. You’re still going to have plenty to watch and can save $50-$100 a month.

Cook More, Dine Less

Making meals at home is so much cheaper than dining out. Try cooking bigger batches on the weekends so you have leftovers for the week days. Stock up on basics such as rice, beans, and some frozen veggies.

Turn Off Lights And Electronics

Leaving lights, TVs, and electronics on standby mode wastes energy. Make it a habit to turn them off when you leave a room. It adds up to big savings over time.

Negotiate bills

Call your service providers and ask if they offer any discounts or can lower your rates. They may be willing to work with you, especially if you’ve been a loyal customer. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Making a couple changes to reduce your regular expenses can free up a decent amount of cash each month to put toward important bills like rent.

Making More Money With Side Hustles

When money is tight, finding ways to earn extra income on the side can help relieve financial stress. Side hustles, or part-time jobs, are a great way to make more money in your spare time. Think about your skills, interests, and hobbies—there are likely ways you can monetize them. For example:

Drive for a ridesharing service.

If you own a reliable car, sign up to drive for services like Uber or Lyft in your spare time. You get to set your own hours and can make decent money, especially on weekends or evenings. All you need is a smartphone, a clean driving record, and a willingness to engage with passengers.

Do Market Research Studies.

Companies often hire people to test products, taste samples, take surveys, and more. Sign up on websites like Respondent, User Interviews, and Dedicated Research to participate in studies. Studies typically pay between $30 to $500 and most are done remotely on your own time.

Sell unwanted items online.

Go around your closet, garage, and attic and look for valuable items you no longer need. Snap some photos, write good descriptions, and list them on websites like eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. Price items competitively and you can earn solid money from the comfort of your home. Meet buyers in public places if selling locally.

Walk Dogs or do Pet Sitting.

If you’re an animal lover, consider walking people’s dogs, pet sitting, or pet boarding in your neighborhood. Create an account on Rover or Wagwalking.com and set your availability and rates. Promote your services on community Facebook groups, pet stores, and vets. Build up good reviews and you’re going to establish a loyal customer base in no time.

With searching, you can find a side hustle that fits your needs and skills. Put in some time on evenings or weekends and that extra money can add up quickly to help cover your rent or other expenses.

start borrowing money responsibly

Start Borrowing Money Responsibly

Borrowing money to use for paying rent or other expenses isn’t ideal, but sometimes unavoidable. The important thing is to do it responsibly. First, exhaust other options such as reducing spending, earning extra income, or asking friends/family to help. However — if borrowing is your only choice, here are some responsible ways to get the cash you need.

Credit Cards

Use a credit card only if you’re confident you can pay it off quickly. Compare cards and choose one with no annual fee and a long 0% APR intro period, so you have time to pay without interest charges. Make a plan to pay the balance before interest kicks in. Only spend what you can afford to pay off.

Personal Loans

Personal loans typically have lower interest rates than credit cards. Check your credit score and shop around at banks and credit unions for the best offer. Look for a loan with a fixed rate and affordable monthly payment. Pay it off as quickly as possible to avoid expensive interest charges.

Payday Alternatives

Some credit unions offer short-term “payday alternatives” with interest rates capped at 28%. These loans, usually $200 to $1,000, must be paid off within 1 to 6 months. They’re more affordable than payday loans but still expensive, so only borrow what you need and pay off promptly.

Getting Financial Assistance For Rent

If paying your rent is becoming difficult, don’t panic. There are resources that can help. Many nonprofit organizations offer an emergency rent assistance program to help people facing a financial crisis.

Check with local charities and churches

Local charities, churches, and food banks may offer emergency rental assistance programs. They can help pay rent in full for a month or two or cover part. To apply, you’re likely going to need to provide proof of your financial hardship and the details of how many rent payments you’re needing help with. These organizations work to prevent homelessness and eviction, so they try to provide rental assistance funds pretty quickly.

Government Assistance

The government provides many programs as well as emergency assistance grants to help pay for housing costs. 2 options are the Housing Choice Voucher program, commonly called Section 8, and the Emergency Solutions Grant program. Section 8 provides vouchers to pay your rent. The ESG program gives grants to local organizations to help people in danger of becoming homeless. To qualify for these government programs, you must meet income requirements and other eligibility criteria. The application process can take some time, so apply as soon as possible.

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