Lifeline Phone Service Oklahoma

Lifeline Phone Service Oklahoma How to Claim Your Free Government Phone

You may have heard of the Lifeline Program, but how does it relate to your everyday life? Well, for starter, if you’re looking for more affordable alternatives to your current communications package or struggling to reduce your overall living costs, Lifeline could be a solution.

As one of the federal government assistance programs available to residents of Oklahoma, Lifeline ensures qualifying low-income individuals and families can have access to essential communications services. Imagine being able to stay connected to your family, friends, educational resources, and community services at a much lower monthly fee. And that is not it. If you meet certain requirement, you may even qualify for a FREE cell phone through the program!

Feeling excited? Without further delay, let’s us walk you through the benefits of Lifeline and how you can qualify and apply for the program in Oklahoma.

What is the Lifeline Program?

Lifeline is a federal government program that provides eligible customers with discounted phone services, broadband internet service and broadband-voice bundles across the country. The program applies to either a wire-line or wireless phone service provided by a participating carrier

If you are eligible for certain public assistance programs, you may receive a basic phone service discount up to $9.25 each month through Lifeline (up to $34.25 for eligible tribal residents). 

Lifeline Program Qualifications in Oklahoma

Lifeline Program Qualifications in Oklahoma

Qualification for Lifeline is based on income or program participation. You may be eligible for the benefit if you have a household income at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty guidelines, or participate in certain government programs like Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, or Food Stamps) and veterans pension.

If you’re living on tribal lands, qualifying programs include Tribally-administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance and Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations.

You can also qualify based on your child’s or dependent’ participation in any of the above programs. Eligible low-income families are not allowed to receive more than one Lifeline discount per household. If you are receiving more than one Lifeline service, you must select a single Lifeline provider and de-enroll from other programs. Your eligibility will be reviewed each year. 

Application Process in Oklahoma

For Oklahomans, the application process for Lifeline is quite simply and straightforward. The first step is to use Lifeline Eligibility Pre-Screening Tool to determine your eligibility. Then, you need to prepare documents that can prove your eligibility, such as pay stubs, benefit statements, or tax returns. Lastly, submit your application along with supporting documents and wait for approval.

Extra Perks When You Qualify for Lifeline...

If you are eligible for Lifeline, there are even more exciting benefits awaiting you! First and foremost, you can take advantage of the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) benefits.

The ACP, formerly known as Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB), is a federal communications commission (FCC) benefit program that provides monthly service discount to low income households for affordable internet services. 

With cheaper yet high-quality internet services, you can easily stay in touch with family and friends, keep up with the latest news hassle-free.

ACP Program Rules

Eligible individuals may receive a monthly discount on broadband service of up to $30 (up to $75 for qualifying tribal residents). The benefit will be paid directly to participating service provider.

The program also provides a one-time discount of up to $100 for the purchase of internet connected devices, such as a tablet or computer, when you make a co-payment of more than $10 but less than $50. Each ACP household can receive only one monthly service discount and one device discount.

Eligibility criteria

As mentioned earlier, if you qualify for Lifeline, you will be automatically eligible for ACP benefits.

Otherwise, you may apply for the benefit if your household income is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty guidelines, or one of your family members receives a Federal Pell Grant or participates in other government benefit programs. For example, SNAP is a qualifying program for both Lifeline and ACP benefits.

Every year, the Universal Service Administration Company (USAC) or your internet service provider will check to confirm your qualification for the ACP benefit. Make sure to respond to a recertification notice in a timely manner to avoid your ACP service offers being terminated.

Apply for ACP and Lifeline Through EASY WIRELESS

Apply for ACP and Lifeline Through EASY WIRELESS

Now you know that you can receive both the ACP and Lifeline benefits, or combine these benefits with other state and local benefits where available, here’s something that you may not know: by applying through qualifying service providers like EASY Wireless, your benefits can be further amplified!

Applying for the ACP and Lifeline through EASY Wireless is also one of the simplest and hassle-free ways to sign up for the benefits. Our customer service agents will walk you through the application process, and ready to answer all your questions regarding the application.

If you choose to apply through EASY Wireless, you will receive your free phone by mail once your application is approved. Simply activate it by calling the provider or following the instructions in the package, then the Lifeline discount will be applied automatically to your monthly bills. Activate it by calling the provider or following the instructions in the package. 

On top of the ACP and Lifeline benefits, qualifying customers can receive additional perks from EASY Wireless. If you are eligible for Lifeline benefits, you will score the EASY Wireless Base Plan, which includes $25 smartphone, FREE text, 1000 talk minutes and 25 MB of data. An ACP eligible applicant can pick the EASY Wireless Plus Plan, which includes a FREE smartphone, unlimited texting, unlimited talk and 5 GB of data.

For those who qualify for BOTH programs, EASY Wireless offers an ultra Unlimited Plan that includes FREE smartphone, FREE unlimited data, FREE unlimited talk, FREE unlimited text, FREE SIM card kit and activation, and the flexibility of keeping your own number or getting a new one.

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