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LIHEAP Nevada has provided financial assistance for energy costs since 1981. However, did you know that it is not just a subsidy for utility bills?

You can use LIHEAP Nevada for emergency payments, utility deposits, weatherization grants, energy arrears, and water assistance.

LIHEAP is a federal assistance program managed by each state. Nevada LIHEAP has more ways than many other states to help you.

For example, if you make more than the amounts allowed for the usual LIHEAP Nevada benefit, you may qualify for a crisis payment if you are ill or have an accident.

LIHEAP Nevada offers both heating and cooling assistance and can help with utility deposits. There is even a payment available for your water charges.

We will show you how to apply and how to qualify, and all the ways you can save money on your energy bills in Nevada with LIHEAP.

What is LIHEAP - EASY Wireless

What is LIHEAP

LIHEAP stands for Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program?

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) assists millions of families with energy costs.

LIHEAP assists in reducing costs associated with home energy bills, weatherization, and energy-related repairs.

Those households in Nevada that might have been struggling to cope with the excessive heat will significantly benefit from this program, as LIHEAP Nevada is designed to ensure that you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

1. The EAP in Nevada

LIHEAP is also called the Energy Assistance Program (EAP) in Nevada.

The EAP program has some extra funding because they utilize two sources. One is the LIHEAP, and the other is state funding generated by the Nevada Universal Energy Charge.

You can apply for EAP by visiting the Nevada Supportive Services website and filling out an online application.

The regular EAP benefit is paid directly to your utility company once a year. The amount varies by your household size and energy usage. Usually, the more of your income you pay towards energy costs the more help you will get from LIHEAP Nevada.

The EAP program year begins July 1st and applications are accepted through June 30th. Applications are evaluated year-round or until funding is exhausted.

You need to apply each year but once you get help from LIHEAP/EAP Nevada, they will notify you when it is time to apply again.

Emergency Payments from EAP Nevada - EASY Wireless

Emergency Payments from EAP Nevada

LIHEAP Nevada has additional programs that aid people who need help in times of crisis.

2. Fast Track Payments

This payment is for households who are about to be cut off from their energy source. You have to meet the usual criteria for LIHEAP and in addition, you have to show that you had a reduction in income in the last 2-5 months of at least %15.

For example, if your hours were reduced or someone stopped working a second job you could qualify for a fast-track payment with LIHEAP Nevada.

3. The Crisis Intervention Program

This payment is for people who make more money but because of medical expenses, their available income has been reduced to %150 of the poverty level or below.

For example, if you make $37,000 a year with a household of 2 you make too much to qualify for the usual payment. However, if you or someone in your household gets ill and you have to spend $1000 a month on medical bills then you would qualify for the Crisis Intervention Program.

If you experience sudden illness or a medical emergency such as a car accident and are struggling with bills contact the Nevada EAP office.

4. The Arrearage Payment from LIHEAP Nevada

This EAP payment is for qualified households to pay arrears on heating or cooling bills. You can get your past-due charges paid off once every 5 years. You have to first qualify for the usual EAP payment and then you can ask for your arrears to be paid off.

5. Utility Deposits payments from EAP Nevada

Eligible households can get their utility deposit paid. Many people can afford their monthly bills but don't have the savings to cover a deposit to begin service with a utility company.

You can apply with LIHEAP to have your deposit paid.

6. The Weatherization Assistance Program

One of the best services that LIHEAP Nevada supplies for eligible low income households is a Weatherization service.

This service is made to help with energy conservation repairs and upgrades in Nevada homes. This includes apartments and mobile homes. This program can also address health and safety problems.

They come out and do an energy assessment on your home and find ways you can save on home energy bills.

Then they give you the grant to have the work carried out or to buy new equipment. This can save you money year in and year out, besides making you more comfortable in your home.

These energy conservation measures can be as small as replacing your shower head or large projects like installing solar panels.

Installing insulation, replacing outdated air conditioners, and weather stripping are just some of the ways they can help.

Also, if you qualify for EAP in Nevada, you also qualify for water and sewer assistance.

7. Water and Sewage

The EAP in Nevada is not just a low income home energy aid, it pays for more than just electric bills! There is currently funding for eligible homes that provides assistance for water and sewage charges.

The Water and Sewer Assistance Program (WSAP) gives a one-time payment to help you with the cost of water and wastewater.

If you qualify for LIHEAP Nevada, you automatically qualify for WSAP.

However, once the funding is exhausted, they will stop giving the benefit, so apply to LIHEAP immediately to get this benefit.

Energy Assistance Program Application Process - EASY Wireless

Energy Assistance Program Application Process

Your application with the EAP in Nevada will require the following documentation to show you qualify:

  • Proof of all income for everyone in the household for at least the last 30 days
  • Provide a copy of your rental agreement/lease (listing all persons in your household) or a copy of your mortgage statement
  • Proof of identity for the head of the house
  • Proof of citizenship or legal status if born outside of the US
  • Copies of your most recent heating or cooling bills

If the utility bill is not in the applicant’s name, proof of identity for the person listed on the utility bill will be required along with written authorization for the applicant to apply;

If the household expenses exceed the household income, proof of how the household meets its needs.

Requirements - EASY Wireless


To be eligible for the Energy Assistance Program in Nevada your household must meet the minimum requirements below:

  • US citizenship or legal alien status
  • You must reside in Nevada

The household must be partly responsible for home heating or cooling costs by paying a utility company, fuel supplier, or landlord directly;

The household’s total monthly gross income may not exceed the low-income amounts as stated on the LIHEAP website.

What defines a household for the purposes of Nevada EAP?

 A household is defined as one or more persons, related or not, who live together and share a primary heating or electric source.

Save Money to Pay for Energy Bills with EASY Wireless - EASY Wireless

Save Money to Pay for Energy Bills with EASY Wireless

If you qualify for LIHEAP in Nevada, great, you can also qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Plan through EASY Wireless.

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a federally funded program that helps low-income households to afford internet services.

Even if you make too much to qualify for LIHEAP in Nevada, you may still qualify for the ACP.. It is easier to qualify for the ACP because the income guidelines allow you to make more.

When you qualify, EASY Wireless will deliver a Universal sim directly to your home in Nevada. The FREE Unlimited Data Plan comes with the following:

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You can take the money you were spending on your cell phone bills each month and apply it instead to your energy bills.  

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