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LIHEAP Oklahoma doesn't just make payments directly to your utility company for heating. You can get payments for cooling as well. We all know how our long hot summers can get expensive with the AC!

Help is also provided for some households about to have their power cut off. LIHEAP Oklahoma also prevents interruption of fuel delivery.

There are also various other programs that LIHEAP beneficiaries can tap into.

For example Oklahoma LIHEAP also assists with water charges. They can pay for the weatherization of your home. This can save you money for years to come on your home energy costs. 

What is LIHEAP Oklahoma - EASY Wireless

What is LIHEAP Oklahoma

The main purpose of  Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is to assist with home energy bills.

LIHEAP is a federally-funded program that provides financial assistance to approximately 182,000 Oklahoma low-income households each year to help them meet the cost of home energy.

There are 4 ways they can help:

  • Winter heating
  • Summer cooling
  • The Energy Crisis Assistance Program (ECAP)
  •  Life Threatening Medical Condition Assistance

You can apply in December for winter heating, and in June for summer cooling aid. You can apply for crisis help with the ECAP any time of year.

Enrolment for ECAP begins in March of every year and applications Life Threatening Medical Condition is accepted all year round.

You can apply and qualify for all of the programs online at

Who is Eligible for Oklahoma LIHEAP? - EASY Wireless

Who is Eligible for Oklahoma LIHEAP?

Eligibility is based on income and household size. Aid is also dependent on the funds the program has available.

You must be a resident of Oklahoma to qualify and you must need financial aid with home energy costs.

Only one payment per household is allowed per program. A household is defined as people in one dwelling, with one utility meter.

Everyone who uses the same utility should apply together.

If you or anyone residing in your house is indigenous to the US, you can apply for energy help through OKDHS. You can also apply with your tribe. You cannot receive aid from both during the same calendar year.

You are eligible if you take part in other benefit programs. These include SNAP, SSI, and TANF.

You can’t have more than $2,000 for one person and $3,000 for two persons in savings or investments.

You also have to meet income requirements for LIHEAP Oklahoma. To be eligible, you must have an annual household income (before taxes) that is below the following amounts:

To qualify for LIHEAP help, you must meet each of the following requirements:

Be responsible for payment of home energy. The household is not eligible if the utility bill is paid directly to the provider by someone who does lives in the home.

Be a US citizen or legally admitted for permanent residence.

Meet resource standards

Payment is made to your energy supplier but when this is not possible they will pay into your bank account directly.

ECAP Eligibility requirements

 You must be within the 72 hours of having your energy source shut off. You must have an active order in place that states your energy is going to be cut off. In addition you must have one of the following:

Written evidence from your energy suppler that says what it will cost to get your energy reinstated.

Written notification from the supplier that states they won’t deliver more fuel until you pay a specific amount.

Written proof that you have agreed to a payment plan and how much needs to be paid to honor the agreement for the next month.

If you have a life-threatening medical condition, you may be eligible for aid under ECAP.

How to Apply for LIHEAP in Oklahoma

You can complete the application online by creating an account with the Department of Human Services site.

Here are some of the documents you may need to supply in order to get help:


Recent utility bills

Proof of income

Social Security numbers everyone living in the home

You can also visit a local department office to complete the application if you cannot do it online.

Other programs you can benefit from- EASY Wireless

Other programs you can benefit from

1. Oklahoma Weatherization Assistance Program

The Weatherization Assistance Program is a huge federal program and is managed by the state government in each state.

The WAP has a goal of making homes in Oklahoma conserve energy through structural improvements and equipment upgrades.

People with disabilities, seniors and families with children are prioritized. High residential energy users and households with high energy burdens are also more likely to get this aid.

This program can provide insulation, weather stripping and the replacement of old heating and cooling equipment that cost so much to run!

2. Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP)

Oklahoma’s LIHWAP is managed and operated at the state level through the DHS Adult and Family Services division.

Oklahoma’s LIHWAP provides help for people who are about to have their water supplies or wastewater services cut off. LIHWAP also helps people who are struggling to pay for these services.

Save money with more than LIHEAP Oklahoma - EASY Wireless

Save money with more than LIHEAP Oklahoma

If you are struggling to pay for your energy bills in Oklahoma we have another way for you to save.

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You can apply the money you would have spent each month on your cell phone service or a new phone and use that for energy bills or whatever else you want.

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