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The big news is that Missouri LIHEAP is now available year-round, and they have doubled the amount of cash you can receive when you qualify.

Missouri is known for its long cold winters and hot summers, so this is excellent news for those struggling with our energy bills.

We will explain how you can get help from LIHEAP Missouri and a few other ideas about saving money to pay those bills!

What is Missouri LIHEAP - EASY Wireless

What is Missouri LIHEAP

LIHEAP is a federal assistance program that is managed by each state. The program in Missouri is called Energy Assistance (EA), The Energy Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP), and

The Missouri Low Income Weatherization Assistance Program (LIWAP).

The Energy Assistance Program (EA)

The EA program in Missouri has just been made available year-round, and the amount of assistance has doubled.

The EA is a one-time payment that you can qualify for each year for your heating or cooling bills. The amount you are given depends on the size of your household, your household income, and the fuel you use.

Once you supply the documents that prove you qualify for aid, your application will be reviewed within 30 days, so get it in before you need it. The payment will be made to the utility company or fuel provider.

What is Missouri LIHEAP - EASY Wireless

What is Missouri LIHEAP – EASY Wireless

The ECIP in Missouri is made to help you in an emergency. For example, if you have a sudden financial hardship. You can apply if you have received a disconnection notice from your energy supplier.

You can also apply if you have a dire need for heating or cooling for medical reasons and you don’t have the money to pay for it.

The money depends on how much is needed to pay off your energy bill. The ECIP can also supply emergency help such as blankets, air conditioners or even wood stoves to get you through the winter.

You can apply for this program at the same places you apply for the EA or LIHEAP.

Can you Qualify for LIHEAP Missouri - EASY Wireless

Can you Qualify for LIHEAP Missouri

To qualify you have to be the one paying the utility bill in your household and be a resident of Missouri as well as a US citizen or permanent resident.

You must also have less than $3000 in cash or investments. Then you have to meet the income guidelines.

You can find out more information by contacting the LIHEAP contracted agency near you.

How To Apply for Missouri LIHEAP

You can apply for LIHEAP Missouri online on the My DSS Missouri state government site  or call the Missouri LIHEAP offices and aske them to mail you an application at (855) 373-4636.

What are Warming and Cooling Centers in Missouri and how can they help?

Warming and cooling centers are places set up by the government where you can get relief from extreme temperatures. Some of these facilities offer shelters where you can sleep if you don’t have access to enough heating or cooling in your home.

What is offered and where varies throughout the state so check this interactive map to find the center nearest you.

What is the Low-Income Weatherization Assistance Program (LIWAP) - EASY Wireless

What is the Low-Income Weatherization Assistance Program (LIWAP)

LIWAP is a program that provides help with making a home more energy efficient. It can include services such as foundation insulation, sidewall insulation, heating and cooling systems repair.

LIWAP can even replace old equipment that is no longer energy efficient. This can save you money on the equipment and on future energy bills. Getting help with weatherization saves Missourians like you on average $370 per household every year.

The Weatherization scheme is also funded through LIHEAP and is managed by the Missouri Department of Natural Services.

Who can Qualify for LIWAP in Missouri

LIWAP in Missouri is for low income households, especially homes with children, or the elderly. The program tries to help those most vulnerable to extreme weather first.

You can apply even if you rent as long as your landlord approves. To find the LIWAP near you in Missouri click on your county in this interactive map.

Other Programs to Help With Energy Costs in Missouri

If you don’t qualify for any of the LIHEAP benefits or want to see where you can get help elsewhere then we have even more ideas for you.

Operation Round Up: This is run by the local utility companies and can provide help to those in need. Contact them directly and ask about the Operation Round Up Program.

White River Valley Electric Cooperative

Laclede Electric Cooperative

Osage Valley Electric Cooperative

Heat Share: This program run by the Salvation Army provides help with both heating and cooling bills in Missouri. When they have enough money they will also help with emergency repairs. Contact your nearest Salvation Army branch and ask about the Heat share program near you.

More Government Programs that can Help you Pay Your Energy Costs

At EASY Wireless we have a few other ways for you to get money to pay your energy bills.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

If you have children in your home that you are responsible for or you are pregnant you can apply for TANF in Missouri.

They can give you a cash grant that you can use to pay your energy bills.

You can learn more about the program on the Missouri Department of Social Services website.

Lifeline and The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

Another way to pay your energy bills is by qualifying for Lifeline and ACP with EASY Wireless. You can use the money you have been spending on cell phone bills and put the money toward your energy bills.

The ACP  is a recent program taking over for the Emergency Broadband Benefit. EBB was made to help struggling Americans pay for their internet bills. Lifeline has been around even longer helping Americans pay for their phone services.

When you qualify for the ACP with EASY Wireless, we provide free talk and text and unlimited data. If you qualify for both Lifeline and the ACP benefit you will receive a smartphone as well.

Missouri LIHEAP and the ACP can Save you Money Today. - How to Enjoy Free Data Today! - EASY Wireless

Missouri LIHEAP and the ACP can Save you Money Today.

These programs are available as long as the funding from the federal government continues. Apply now and start saving money today.

You should also mention Lifeline as this is a combo state for us and we also provide a free phone.


Start Saving Today!

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