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Oklahoma Medicaid – Get Free Medical and a Free Smartphone!

Oklahoma Medicaid - Get Free Medical and a Free Smartphone! - EASY Wireless

Oklahoma Medicaid- What New Benefits are Available?

Oklahoma Medicaid has recently changed and is more widely available. What does this mean for you? What other help can you get when you are getting Medicaid or Soonercare? What other help can you get in Oklahoma?

They have changed the name of Medicaid in Oklahoma to SoonerCare. The great news is that since July of 2022, many more people in Oklahoma can now qualify for free medical care.

In addition, having access to a telephone and the internet are now essential for wellbeing. To be able to get medical care and even to call an ambulance in an emergency you need to be connected.

For this reason, the government developed the new Affordable Connectivity Program which has made qualifying for help with internet bills much easier.

In fact, almost half of all Americans can now get help staying connected. EASY Wireless is offering Free smartphones and Free data to people in Oklahoma who qualify for the ACP.

Residents of Oklahoma who are getting Medicaid or SoonerCare can qualify for both the Lifeline Program and the ACP and this means they can get the Ultimate Plan through EASY Wireless.

The EASY Wireless Unlimited Plan in Oklahoma includes both a free smartphone and unlimited data with a 4 and 5G Ready universal Sim.

This article will explain to you how to qualify for Medicaid or SoonerCare and what other supports you can get for your health and safety in Oklahoma.

Medicaid and SoonerCare in Oklahoma - EASY Wireless

Medicaid and SoonerCare in Oklahoma

Proper healthcare can mean life or death. That is why the Oklahoma health care authority wants to ensure that the people that live in the Sooner State can get the medical help they need.

Medicaid is a state/federal government program that targets needy people to offer them the support they need to regain their health.

Apart from the guidelines of the United States government on Medicaid, Oklahoma State has expanded it to ensure more people benefit from it. They now call this SoonerCare.

How You Can Benefit From the Changes in Sooner Care - EASY Wireless

How You Can Benefit From the Changes in Sooner Care

In the past, the Oklahoma Medicaid program only benefited children, pregnant women, people with disabilities, and the elderly. That meant that adults who were struggling to afford to pay for health care were left out. However, due to the rising need for low-income health programs, Oklahoma lawmakers gave the green light for Oklahoma Medicaid expansion.

Through this expansion, many adults between 19-64 years can now qualify for Soonercare. Additionally, Soonercare is now faster and more efficient to ensure that you receive the support you need faster than before.

How To Qualify for Medicaid or SoonerCare in Oklahoma - EASY Wireless

How To Qualify for Medicaid or SoonerCare in Oklahoma

For your Medicaid enrollment to succeed, you must satisfy the following requirements:

  • You must be a US citizen or a legal alien
  • You must be a resident of Oklahoma
  • You must meet the income guidelines
How to Apply for SoonerCare Medicaid in Oklahoma - EASY Wireless

How to Apply for SoonerCare Medicaid in Oklahoma

You can apply online for SoonerCare benefits by visiting and filling in all the required information. Make sure you fill in the correct information, and if you satisfy the eligibility guideline, you will qualify to receive the support you seek.

The second way of applying is by calling the SoonerCare helpline at 800-987-7767. They request your information and see if you qualify. You can also fill out the application and mail it to SoonerCare.

Remember that this is the age of online fraud, so do not give out your sensitive information to anyone claiming to be from SoonerCare. Cons may convince you that they are helping you with the application process to acquire your information.

Get Help with Medicine and Free Medical Clinics even without Medicaid. - EASY Wireless

Get Help with Medicine and Free Medical Clinics even without Medicaid.

It may take some time for your Medicaid application to go through. That does not mean you have to stay in pain or go without important prescriptions. Even if you are refused there is still help available.

You can apply for help with prescription costs through Rx For Oklahoma. You can ask for help with the cost of medicine if you don’t have insurance or are having money troubles.

Get free medical care for anyone living in Oklahoma at a Free Clinic. You can search this list of free clinics by county.

Getting Free Help for Dental Care in Oklahoma

Your dental care is also very important for your health. It can cost even more for a dentist than it does for medical care and big dental bills can bankrupt any family.

The good news is that there are also free dental clinics in Oklahoma that offer services to needy patients.

Do not hesitate to seek medical support when you need it. Everybody needs help from time to time. You may suffer serious consequences, which could have been avoided if you had gone to the hospital on time.

Make sure that you have a cellphone and internet access so you and your family can stay in touch and have access to medical help when you need it.

Get Your Free Cellphone and Free Data with EASY Wireless

Get Your Free Cellphone and Free Data with EASY Wireless

All Medicaid enrollees can visit any of our Easy Wireless stores and get amazing free offers. As a Medicaid participant, you qualify for both ACP and Lifeline Programs and will get a free smartphone and free unlimited data from our stores or online.

The Ultimate offer when you qualify for Lifeline and ACP

Apart from enjoying the Medicaid plan, you will also have access to reliable connectivity; thus, you can stay in contact with your loved ones. Although qualifying for both ACP and Lifeline gets you the best deals, qualifying for ACP only has good benefits as well.

The EASY Wireless Offers when you qualify for the ACP in Oklahoma:

1. Free Smartphone Plan

  • FREE Monthly Talk & Text
  • FREE Monthly 5 GB Data

2. Free Unlimited Data Promo

  • Keep Your Own Phone & Number
  • FREE Unlimited Talk & Text
  • FREE Sim Card

Are There Other Ways to Qualify for a Free Phone and Data in Oklahoma?

You can qualify for both the Lifeline and ACP Programs by taking part in other government benefit programs as well as by income level.

See if you qualify today by entering your zip code and email address in the form below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the monthly income limit for Medicaid in Oklahoma?

You can get Medicaid benefits in Oklahoma for the aged, children, and people with disabilities if you earn below $1063 if you are single and $1,437 if you are married.

Is SoonerCare the same as Medicaid?

SoonerCare is the state’s name given to Oklahoma Medicaid; thus, if you fit Medicaid eligibility criteria, you should apply for SoonerCare in OK. Additionally, thanks to the Oklahoma Medicaid expansion, many more people can qualify, so check out if you do and get the health care support you need for free!

What does Oklahoma Medicaid pay for?

The Oklahoma Medicaid program targets low-income individuals who do not have significant health insurance coverage. With Medicaid, you will receive treatment for basic health and long-term medical services.

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