Oklahoma Veteran College Benefits

Oklahoma Veteran College Benefits

So you’ve served your country with pride and you want to further your education. But where do you even start? With all these decisions to make about colleges, majors, and financing your degree, it could be overwhelming trying to figure it all out yourself. Don’t worry, we understand. There are resources and support systems in place specifically for Oklahoma veterans like you who want to make the most out of the GI Bill and succeed in higher ed.

In this blog post, you’re going to get the inside scoop on how to choose the right school, academic program, and financial assistance options so you can rock college as smoothly as possible. From former active duty service members to Oklahoma National Guard members, there’s benefits for every type of veteran as well as their families. With guidance, you’re bound to be well on your way to an awesome education and bright future.

Using Your GI Bill and Other Benefits in Oklahoma

Oklahoma offers some great opportunities for veterans looking to use their education benefits. The GI Bill covers the cost of tuition at public colleges and universities in the state, as well as provide a monthly housing allowance. Many schools also participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program, which provides additional funding.

Find an Oklahoma School That’s Right for You

With over 20 two and four-year public schools to choose from, you have options. Do you want a small liberal arts college or a bigger university such as Oklahoma State? An urban campus or small-town vibe? Explore your options and visit schools that interest you.

Apply and get Admitted

Meet your admissions requirements, then apply for admission and submit proof of your veteran status to be considered as an in-state student for tuition purposes. Schools discuss using your educational benefits from Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), but be prepared to provide information like how long you served and your DD214 discharge papers.

Register for Classes and Start School

Work with your school’s certifying official to register for classes and activate your benefits. Your monthly housing allowance and any tuition/fees will be paid directly to the school. Make the most of your benefits—take a full course load and maintain good grades.

Oklahoma has a lot to offer student veterans, from top schools to a low cost of living. Do your research, choose a school that fits your needs, and start working towards your degree. Your service has earned you this opportunity, so make the most of it! With work, that college diploma could be yours.

Connecting With Other Student Veterans on Campus

As a veteran transitioning to college, connecting with other student veterans on campus can help ease the adjustment. Student veteran organizations provide a built-in support network and opportunities to socialize with peers who understand your experiences.

  • Many colleges have dedicated veteran resource centers or student organizations for veterans. Check if your school has a chapter of Student Veterans of America, which has over 1,500 chapters on campuses nationwide. They host social and networking events, provide mentorship programs, and advocate for veteran-friendly policies at the school. Even if your school doesn’t have an official student veteran group, you may find informal meetups or be able to start your own.

  • Connecting with other student veterans has many benefits. Share advice on navigating the admissions and financial aid process. Trade tips on managing stress or transition challenges. Find study buddies in your classes or major. Make new friends with similar life experiences who understand military culture. Some schools even have dedicated veteran housing or “vet dorms” where student veterans live together.

Don’t underestimate the value of connecting with your peers. Adjusting to college life after the military can be an isolating experience. But by tapping into resources for student veterans on campus, you’re going to find camaraderie, mentorship, and a built-in support system to help you succeed. Contact at student veteran organization meetings and events.

Finding Veteran Support Programs and Services​

Finding Veteran Support Programs and Services

Oklahoma offers many resources to help veterans succeed in college. As a veteran, take advantage of these programs and services to help fund your education and support your transition to student life.

Tuition Waivers and Scholarships

Oklahoma public colleges and universities offer tuition waivers for veterans, covering a portion or all of your tuition costs. The Oklahoma Tuition Waivers for Veterans program covers full tuition for eligible veterans at state schools. You may also be eligible for federal GI Bill benefits like the Post-9/11 GI Bill. Many schools also offer scholarships for veterans. Do some research on your school’s website to find programs you may qualify for.

Join Student Veteran Organizations

Connect with other student veterans by joining your school’s student veteran organization. These groups provide camaraderie and support for veterans in college. They can help you navigate applying your benefits, find resources on campus, and connect with other veterans. Search online or ask at your school’s veteran services office to find your local chapter.

Academic Advising

Most colleges provide advising and support services tailored to veterans and active military students. Meet with a veteran academic advisor as soon as possible to review your benefits, create an education plan, and determine if you need any additional resources to support you. They can also advise you on your major and career options based on your military experience.

Health and Wellness Services

The transition to college can be challenging for veterans. Be sure to take advantage of health and wellness resources offered by your school, including:

  • Mental health counseling and therapy. Speaking with a professional counselor can help you work through challenges like PTSD, depression, or anxiety and connect you with additional resources.

  • Disability services. If you have a service-connected disability, register with your school’s disability services office to request accommodations. They can help ensure your disability does not become a barrier to your education.

  • Recreation and fitness facilities. Exercise is vital for both physical and mental health. Check out recreational opportunities at your school like gym facilities, sports teams, yoga or meditation classes, etc. Staying active will boost your wellbeing and success in the classroom.

With the right help and support, you can thrive in college. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – you deserve it! Connecting with other veterans and specialized services will help you transition successfully to student life. Best of luck in your studies!

Veterans Tax Exemptions in Oklahoma

As an Oklahoma veteran, you qualify for certain state tax exemptions and benefits. These help to save money that could be used to cover college.

Property Tax

If you own a home in Oklahoma, you may qualify for a property tax exemption of the full fair value of your home. This could save you hundreds of dollars per year in property taxes. To claim this exemption, you must file an application with your county assessor’s office along with proof of your honorable discharge.

Sales Tax

Oklahoma veterans are have a sales tax exemption on vehicles and motor fuel. When purchasing a new or used vehicle, simply provide the dealer with proof of your veteran status to avoid paying the sales tax, which can amount to thousands of dollars in savings. At gas stations and convenience stores, let the attendant know you are a veteran to avoid paying fuel tax at the pump.

Income Tax

If you incurred a service-related disability, you may deduct 100% of your military retirement income for Oklahoma income tax purposes. You must provide documentation from the VA certifying your disability.

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