Senior Citizens Electric Bill Discount

Having enough income to cover basic needs is already a challenge for many older Americans. Now with inflation driving up the cost of everything, utility bills are becoming even more of a strain. Finding ways to reduce your electric costs can provide much-needed relief.

This guide covers various discounts, government programs, and practical tips to help seniors save on high energy bills. Every bit of savings adds up when budgets are tight.

Check If You Qualify for Liheap

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (Liheap) provides grants to help lower-income households pay heating and cooling bills.

You may automatically qualify for Liheap if you or someone in your household already participates in certain government assistance programs like:

  • SNAP (Food Stamps)
  • TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Or you can qualify based on your household income. Income limits factor in the number of people living in your home.

For example, a 1-person household can earn up to $18,735 per year and a 2-person household up to $25,365 per year. But limits vary by state - check with your local Liheap office for what range of the Federal Poverty Guidelines it follows to grant LiHeap benefits

Note: Income is based on the total household income of all individuals.

Per the IRS:

The taxpayer(s) and any individuals who are claimed as dependents on one federal income tax return. A tax household may include a spouse and/or dependents.

Seniors age 60 and over get priority application status. Contact your local Liheap office to learn about current income eligibility guidelines in your state and apply for assistance

Other Government Assistance Programs

Other Government Assistance Programs

Beyond Liheap, other government resources include:

  • Weatherization Assistance Program – Provides free home upgrades like insulation and HVAC tune-ups to reduce energy use. Income eligible seniors get priority access.
  • State and Local Aid – Many areas offer utility grants, discounted rates, and emergency bill funding. Search “[Your City] utility assistance” to find help.

Every little bit of assistance counts when you’re on a limited income. Take advantage of the savings available.

Negotiate Discounts or Payment Plans

If you don’t qualify for government aid, call your electric company directly and explain your situation. Many will work with seniors who are struggling to pay their bills.

You may be able to get on a discounted senior rate, payment installment plan, or receive a credit on your account from their charitable assistance fund.

Ways to Save on Your Own

Along with seeking discounts and aid, there are steps you can take to spend less on energy:

  • Lower your thermostat to around 68°F in winter and raise it to 78°F in summer. Turn it up/down even more when away.
  • Ensure your home is properly insulated without drafts. This makes heating and cooling more efficient.
  • Upgrade to energy efficient appliances and lighting when possible. Look for the ENERGY STAR label.
  • Install a programmable thermostat to automatically adjust temperature settings.
  • Consider adding solar panels to generate your own clean electricity and lower electric bills.

Being mindful of your energy use and making upgrades can lead to hundreds in annual savings.

Additional Financial Assistance from the Federal Government for Seniors

Additional Financial Assistance from the Federal Government for Seniors

Get FREE Wireless Cell Phone Service with Liheap Qualifications

If you participate in SNAP, TANF, SSI or other government assistance programs that offer Liheap eligibility, you likely also qualify for the Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Programs (ACP).

These federal programs provide monthly discounts on phone and internet service:

  • Lifeline offers up to $9.25 off phone bills
  • ACP gives up to $30/month off internet service

With EASY Wireless, if you qualify for Lifeline and ACP you can enroll to get FREE Unlimited Talk, Text and Data.

We'll even send you a free smartphone*.

* based on additional eligibility criteria

As a Lifeline ACP provider, we want to ensure qualified seniors can stay connected. Check your eligibility and give us a call today!

Start Saving Today!

Extra Help from Your Medicare Advantage Benefits

Some Medicare Advantage plans provide extra benefits that members can use towards utility bills, dental care, transportation, and more.

The benefits usually come in the form of a debit card that is refilled monthly.

Contact your Medicare Advantage plan provider to see if you have these benefits available to help offset your bills.

Low-Income Households - Find More Help From Community Groups

If you’ve taken all the above steps and still struggle with utility bills, local aid organizations may be able to help.

Churches, United Way, Salvation Army, and others provide emergency bill payment assistance. Search “[Your City] Utility bill help” to find support.

You may also find organizations in your area at

Use All Options to Reduce Your Energy Bills

Between government programs, company discounts, and DIY savings tactics, seniors have many potential ways to spend less on energy. Apply for any assistance you qualify for. Adjusting your use and upgrading appliances also goes a long way.

Don’t let electric bills break your budget. Take advantage of the discounts and relief programs out there for older Americans. The savings can make a real difference!