Complete Guide to Stillwater OK Social Security Office

Complete Guide to Stillwater OK Social Security Office

So you’re probably reading this because you need to visit the Social Security office in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Whether you’re applying for benefits, reporting a change, or have some questions, navigating the Social Security Administration could feel overwhelming. But take a deep breath, you’ve got this.

This guide discusses everything you need to know before visiting the Stillwater Social Security office, from finding the location to what documents to bring. With some preparation and this helpful information, your visit will go smoothly. The friendly folks in Stillwater are there to assist, so you can feel confident walking in the doors. Let’s start!

Where is Stillwater's Social Security Office

The Social Security Administration (SSA) office in Stillwater is located at 406 E Hall of Fame Ave, Stillwater, OK 74075. It’s right in the center of Stillwater. Their office is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm, except on federal holidays. They do suggest arriving early, especially if you have an appointment, since the small waiting area could fill up quickly.

With most government agencies, there could likely be frustrating waits or confusing paperwork. But when you visit the Stillwater Social Security office, find helpful staff ready to answer your questions, explain your options and help you get the benefits you need. Their goal is your peace of mind and financial security, which is really what Social Security is all about.

Things You Could do at Stillwater Social Security Office

So what services does Stillwater’s Social Security office offer?

Apply for Social Security Benefits

Typically, the primary reason most people visit their local Social Security office is to apply for benefits like retirement, disability, or Medicare. The application process typically takes 1-2 hours for an appointment. Make sure to bring documents to verify your age, income and marital status. The office staff will review your paperwork, verify your information and may schedule follow-up appointments if needed.

Update Your Social Security Record

Have you recently changed your name or marital status? Moved to a new address? Now is the time to update your Social Security records to ensure you receive important correspondence and benefits. Updating your information only takes a few minutes and can be done online, by phone or in person at your local Social Security office.

Replace Your Social Security Car

Did you lose your Social Security card or need to update information on it like a name change? You will need to apply for a replacement card in person at your local Social Security office. Bring government-issued photo ID and documents to verify your age, identity and U.S. citizenship or immigration status. The office will review your documents, take your photo and signature, and mail you a replacement Social Security card in about 2 weeks.

Talk to a Social Security Representative

Have complicated questions about your benefits or need help navigating the Social Security system? Meeting with a representative in person can be very helpful. Wait times to meet with someone vary, so arrive early and be prepared for potentially long waits, especially during peak hours. Come prepared with any questions you may have about retirement planning, disability benefits, Medicare enrollment and more. The representatives are there to provide information and help guide you on the Social Security process.

Apply For a Social Security number if You're Foreign​

Apply For a Social Security number if You're Foreign

If you weren’t born in North America and weren’t given a Social Security Number (SSN) at birth, apply for yours at your local office.

Immigration Documents

To apply for a Social Security number (SSN) as a non-citizen, provide documents proving your identity and your immigration status. Required documents:

  • Passport – Must be valid and show your name, date of birth, and photo.

  • Visa – Must show your name, birth date , and allow you to work in the U.S.

  • I-94 Arrival/Departure Record – Must show your name, birth date, and authorized stay in the U.S. Find your I-94 number at

  • Employment Authorization Document (EAD) – Required if you need work permission but don’t have a visa that allows employment. Shows your name, date of birth, and the dates when you are allowed to work.

Applying In-Person

The best way to apply for an SSN as a foreigner is to apply in person at your local Social Security office. Here are the steps:

  • Gather your required documents. Make photocopies in case the originals are needed for other purposes.

  • Find your local Social Security office and its hours of operation at Most offices require an appointment for non-citizens.

  • Complete Form SS-5 “Application for a Social Security Card.” You can fill it out ahead of time or when you arrive for your appointment.

  • Provide proof of your age, identity, and immigration status. Your documents will be reviewed to verify your eligibility.

  • Your information will be entered into the Social Security database. Your SSN should arrive within 2 weeks by mail at the address you provide.

  • Once you receive your SSN, be sure to keep the card in a safe place and only share the number when absolutely necessary. Your SSN can be used for identity theft if in the wrong hands.

The process may take some time but following the necessary steps carefully will ensure you receive your Social Security number properly. Let the Social Security office know if you have any other questions!

Apply For Social Security benefits

To apply for Social Security benefits in Stillwater, visit your local Social Security office. When you go into the office for your appointment, be sure to bring the following documents with you:


Documents like a birth certificate, passport, or military discharge papers that show your date of birth. Social Security needs to verify how old you are to determine if you’re eligible for benefits.


Pay stubs, self-employment tax returns, or W-2/1099 forms from most recent calendar year. Social Security reviews your income to calculate your benefit amount.

Marriage/Divorce Papers (if applicable)

If you’re married or divorced, bring your marriage certificate, divorce decree, or spouse’s death certificate. Your marital status affects the type of benefits you may receive.

Bank Statements (optional)

Consider bringing bank statements showing your account and routing numbers so Social Security sets up direct deposit for you. This ensures you receive your first benefit payment as soon as possible.

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