Veterans Benefits Guide Arkansas – Get all the Benefits You Deserve

Veterans Benefits Guide Arkansas - Get all the Benefits You Deserve.- EASY Wireless.

In Arkansas, we appreciate the sacrifices and service our veterans have given us. Many different government and community programs are available for veterans and their families.

This article will explain the services available to you and how to access these services.

You have served your country; now ensure you get all the benefits you deserve.

These include tax breaks, free health insurance, free education, and much more. You also qualify for a free cell phone service and internet with EASY Wireless when you receive veteran’s benefits.

In this article, we will show you how to receive all your owed to you, thanks to your service!

Help in a Crisis for Arkansas Veterans

Help in a Crisis for Arkansas Veterans

First, if you are in any sort of crisis, contact the 24/7 crisis line for veterans and their families or caregivers in Arkansas.

You don’t have to be enrolled in VA benefits or healthcare to use the crisis line. It is 100% confidential. You can also dial 988 and then press 1 from any handset.

If you are homeless or being threatened with homelessness, contact the VA National Homeless Hotline at 1 (877) 424-3838.

The first port of call to access any benefits and get help if you are not in a crisis is with the Arkansas Department of Veteran Affairs. They can guide you in getting help.

Home Buying Assistance for Veterans in Arkansas:

One of the best benefits you can get as a veteran is a VA Housing Loan which means you don’t need to put a down payment down to buy a home.

That is not the only assistance you can receive to help with housing costs. In addition, there is property-tax relief, reduced interest rates, and discounted homeowners insurance. Local governments and charities manage these programs.

You can access help in Arkansas from the Arkansas Freedom Fund or your local veteran’s office.

Taxes Benefits for Arkansas Veterans

Every working US citizen has to pay taxes, but as a veteran, you can enjoy tax exemptions/ reduced taxes on various things. For example, when buying or selling your property.

You will also not pay any tax for your military pay. In addition, if a loved one dies in the line of duty, the surviving family members receive tax-free compensation.

Education Benefits for Arkansas Veterans

Many benefits come with furthering your education. For veterans, the government wants to make it easier and cheaper. The best part is that there are various programs to choose from, so you can find one suitable for your situation.

The Arkansas National Guard Tuition Waiver Program pays up to 120 credit hours or until completion of a bachelor’s degree. There is also the Arkansas Military Dependents Scholarship Program, which offers support for eligible servicepersons’ family members. In addition, there are other Education benefits that you can get as a veteran so you can further your education and improve your life.

Employment Benefits For Veterans in Arkansas

Employment Benefits For Veterans in Arkansas

As a veteran in the state of Arkansas, there are various benefits you will enjoy. When you are recalled for service, you don’t have to worry about being fired because you are given paid and unpaid leave days. A business is not allowed to fire you for this time you take off to serve your country.

You will also enjoy various free services to help sharpen your skills or match you to a job that suits you. Don’t forget that you also qualify for unemployment benefits if you lose your job for no fault. There are more employment benefits you will enjoy, so do not hesitate to apply for them.

Health Insurance Benefits For Veterans

Whether you were injured during your service years or fell sick after being discharged from the military, you need medical support. However, you don’t have to worry about expensive medical bills or health insurance because, as a veteran, you qualify for Veterans Affairs life insurance.

Apart from covering you as a former serviceperson, VA life insurance has various programs that protect your loved ones. Here are a few programs that are available for you under VA life insurance:

  • Service member’s group life insurance
  • Veterans group life insurance
  • Family service members group insurance
  • Service-disabled veteran’s life insurance

Parks and Recreation Benefits

Do you love camping and enjoying alone time in nature? As an Arkansans veteran, you can enjoy camping at discounted fees in various Arkansas parks. Additionally, you can get a lifetime fishing license if that is what you love to do in your free time.

However, these offers are for veterans 60 years and older who are Arkansas residents. You can apply for your license by mail or visit the Arkansas fish and game regional office and enjoy the lowest rates.

Miscellaneous Benefits For Veterans in Arkansas

After you have been discharged from active duty and retired, you may need support and extra care. That is why there are two Arkansas state Veteran’s homes. You can get hospice care, nursing care, and physical, occupational, and speech therapy, among other services.

  • So who qualifies to stay at Arkansas State Veterans’ homes?
  • Veterans who were discharged honorably
  • Veterans who need nursing home placement
  • Spouse or gold star parents of an eligible veteran

Another benefit you or eligible family members can enjoy in Arkansas is a burial plot at any of the two veteran cemeteries in Arkansas. You can check the national cemetery eligibility webpage to know whether you qualify.

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