What Benefits Do Veterans Get in Oklahoma in 2024?

What Benefits Do Veterans Get in Oklahoma in 2023?

Oklahoma values the important contributions of over 300,000 military veterans who call the Sooner State home. As a veteran living in Oklahoma, you have access to a wide variety of exclusive benefits and resources as a token of appreciation for your service and sacrifice.

But what exactly are these advantages and how does one tap into them? This comprehensive guide will simplify everything veterans need to know about getting their financial dues, securing employment help, qualifying for education assistance, leveraging healthcare options, scoring recreation discounts, and more Oklahoma state benefits for veterans. Read on to unlock what’s rightfully yours!

What Type of Tax Breaks Are Available Only for Veterans in Oklahoma?

Let’s start with how Oklahoma aims to make veterans’ lives easier financially. Military members and veterans have exclusive access to these statewide savings:

Income Tax Exclusions for Military Pay and Pensions – Active duty personnel pay no state tax on military wages. Retirees can deduct 75% or $10K.

Property Tax Exemption at 100% Disability – Permanently disabled veterans rated at 100% disability by the VA pay no property taxes on their primary home.

Sales Tax Exemption Cards – Veterans rated 100% disabled by the VA can shop tax-free for personal goods up to $25K per year.

Excise and Vehicle Registration Discounts – Disabled veterans save on car ownership costs through reduced registration fees and some vehicle tax waivers.

How Can Veterans and Their Families Reduce College Costs in Oklahoma?

How Can Veterans and Their Families Reduce College Costs in Oklahoma?

Taking advantage of higher education benefits is made more affordable for military-connected students through Oklahoma veteran benefits like:

In-State Tuition Rates for Veterans Using GI Bill – Active duty personnel and GI Bill users can access lower tuition pricing at public OK colleges and universities regardless of residency status.

National Guard Tuition Waiver – Guard members can have 100% of college tuition waived when pursuing their first undergraduate degree at in-state public institutions.

Academic Credits for Military Training – Prior military course completion and occupational experience can equate to transferable college credits.

Heroes Promise Scholarships – This program funds bachelor’s degrees for children of veterans who passed away in the line of duty after January 1, 2000.

What Employment Programs Exist For Transitioning Oklahoma Veterans?

Finding your career footing in civilian life is challenging for veterans. Oklahoma aims to make it easier through friendly workforce policies like:

Priority Job Placement for Veterans – State-funded employment initiatives give preference to veteran applicants during candidate referrals.

Civil Service Hiring Boosts – Honorably discharged veterans get preference points added to state hiring exams and rankings.

Licensing Accommodations – Veterans can transfer active state occupational licenses to Oklahoma now with expedited credentialing.

How Does Veterans Healthcare Work in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma features dedicated veterans’ medical centers and facilities so former military members can get world-class care. Options include:

VA Health Centers and Clinics – Multiple VA facilities provide primary care, behavioral health, rehab, and specialized treatments.

State Veterans Homes – Skilled nursing care facilities reserved for former service members exist across Oklahoma.

VA Life Insurance – Policies specifically for war veterans and covering the unique risks veterans face are issued through approved VA carriers.

Where Can Qualifying Oklahoma Veterans Live or Get Housing Help?

Finding affordable and comfortable long-term veteran housing is made possible through these Oklahoma veteran benefits:

State Veterans Homes – In addition to nursing care some state veterans homes have independent or residential facilities.

Mortgage Loans – VA home financing options feature 100% financing and zero down payment requirements for eligible veterans.

Property Tax Savings – Severely disabled veterans can buy homes in Oklahoma without owing recurring annual property tax bills.

What Recreation Discounts Are Offered to Oklahoma Veterans?

Beyond medical and finances, Oklahoma also crafts exclusive everyday perks to honor veterans during their golden years including:

Free Lifetime Hunting + Fishing License – Available to resident veterans boasting at least a 60% VA disability rating.

State Park Entry Waivers – Honorably discharged Oklahoma veterans enter all state parks and museums at no cost.

Specialty Plates – Decorative veteran license plates spotlight pride in specific service branches and top commendations.

Benefits for Disabled Veterans in Oklahoma

Benefits for Disabled Veterans in Oklahoma

Oklahoma provides robust resources, financial help, and lifestyle assistance programs aimed at disabled veterans to help make life a bit easier for those injured during military service.

Some of the retirement benefits for a disabled veteran in Oklahoma include:

Tax Breaks for Disabled Veterans

  • 100% exemption from paying property taxes on primary residence
  • Up to $25,000 annual state sales tax exemption card and $1000 for surviving spouses
  • Excise tax waivers on 1 vehicle every 3 years
  • Reduced license plate registration fees

Medical Care from VA Healthcare

  • Priority healthcare enrollment at Oklahoma VA medical centers
  • Long-term skilled nursing care at State Veterans Homes
  • VA disability compensation for injuries stemming from service

Education Accommodations

  • College tuition waivers for certain disabled war veterans
  • Improved student housing and parking access at public universities

Employment Placement Help

  • Absolute preference status for disabled veterans on state job applications
  • Vocational rehab counseling and training opportunities

Recreation Discounts

  • Free lifetime hunting and fishing licenses
  • Free admission to handicap-accessible trails and facilities at state parks

Can Veterans Get FREE Cell Phone Service in Oklahoma?

Yes! Veterans who receive VA pension benefits, participate in other government assistance programs, or through their income can qualify for FREE cell phone service and a new smartphone through the federal Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Programs.

EASY Wireless – A Veteran Owned Wireless Provider

Providers like EASY Wireless offer this benefit to eligible veterans in Oklahoma.

To enroll, veterans can apply online by submitting their ZIP code and email address to get started.

Start Saving Today!


Start Saving Today!

Visit a Retail Store

Alternatively, they can visit an EASY Wireless retail store in Oklahoma and speak to a representative about qualifying documentation and benefits.

Once approved, veterans get FREE Unlimited Talk, Text, High-speed Data, a new Smartphone, activation, and more!

Find a store near you.

Contacting the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs for More Information

The Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs (ODVA) serves as the main state-level resource for veterans services and oversees many of the benefit programs available to Oklahoma resident veterans.

Some of the main responsibilities and functions of the ODVA include:

  • Administering state and federal veterans benefit programs for OK residents
  • Operating 7 long-term care veterans centers across Oklahoma
  • Providing claims assistance and advocacy to help veterans secure federal VA benefits
  • Connecting veterans to healthcare resources like VA clinics and medical centers
  • Assisting veterans with education benefits such as GI Bill and tuition waivers
  • Promoting veteran entrepreneurship and small business ownership
  • Helping veterans in securing civilian employment

To learn more about your eligibility and apply for Oklahoma state veterans benefits, contact:

Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs

2132 NE 36th Street Oklahoma City, OK 73111

Phone: (405) 523-4000

Website: https://oklahoma.gov/veterans.html

Oklahoma Goes Above and Beyond for Veterans

Oklahoma Goes Above and Beyond for Veterans

This guide is only designed to highlight some of the main state-specific veterans benefits in Oklahoma. But countless additional advantages and resources exist for former military members and families!

Reach out to the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs today to discover everything accessible to you and take full advantage of what your service affords in the Sooner State. With over 300K vets calling the state of Oklahoma their home, benefits are only getting better and better!

Join the Tens of Thousands that have already signed up for FREE Lifeline and ACP Benefits.

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