what to do if you have no money

So you’re experiencing financial difficulties. Not just a little light in the wallet, but very cash-strapped with no savings whatsoever. Don’t panic. There are ways to live well even with very little money. The important thing is getting creative and learning how to do more with less.

It may not always be easy, but having little or no money doesn’t mean life has to stop. You can still take care of yourself or your family, spend time with loved ones, learn things, and find moments of joy. With some simple budgeting tricks, smart shopping, and a positive mindset, you could be thriving in no time. This blog post will explore tips and hacks to help you live fully while spending next to nothing. Get ready to make the most of what you've got!

Assess Your Current Financial Situation

First step to getting your finances back on track, is knowing exactly where you stand. Start by assessing how much money you have coming in versus going out each month.


List all sources of income each month like your salary, freelance work, etc. Don't forget any money from side hustles or selling unwanted items. Build an accurate total of your monthly income.


Then calculate all your spending habits. Bigger ones like rent, utilities, loan payments, insurance, etc. Then the smaller but still important ones like food, gasoline, entertainment, and subscriptions. Track everything you've spent money on, no matter how small.

If your expenses exceed your income, you'll need to reduce spending. Even saving $10-$15 here and there helps. If your income and expenses are about the same, look for ways to earn additional income to provide some financial cushion. Knowing the truth about your money situation is the first step to improving it.

stick to your budget

Make a Budget and Stick to It

Once you've calculated your income vs expenses, it's time to make a budget. Making a budget and sticking to it is important when you don't have much cash to spare. Every dollar counts when funds are dwindling.

Start ridding yourself of unnecessary spending: Purchase bulk items when possible and take advantage of coupons or loyalty programs to save on staples; If possible, pay off any high-interest debts and cash advances like credit card debt to avoid interest rates and free up more of your income.

Reduce or Cut Unnecessary Expenses

Reducing or ridding unnecessary expenses is one of the best ways to live well on a budget. So which expenses you can do without? Here're a couple ideas:

Eating out

Eating at restaurants or getting takeout adds up over time. Cook more meals at home using ingredients you have. Look for budget-friendly recipes online or in cookbooks. If you do want to eat out occasionally, choose more affordable options.

Subscription services

Scour your monthly bills, decide what you don’t use regularly, and finally cancel them. Small charges start adding up quickly. Find lower-cost or free alternatives, or limit yourself to just one or two essential services.

Impulse purchases

It’s easy to make small impulse buys that you later regret. Make a list before shopping and avoid browsing aisles. Purchase store brand items instead of name brands. Leave credit cards at home and only spend what you can afford from your bank account balance.


If you have a car, only drive when necessary to save gas and keep your vehicle well-maintained. Use public transportation whenever possible. Inquire about reduced-fare passes, gas vouchers, and free bus services.

increase income

Look for Ways to Increase Income

When money is lower, sometimes the best thing, apart from spending less money, is making some more money. Here are some ways to put more cash in your pocket:

Develop a Side Hustle

A side hustle is essentially part-time work or a hobby that generates extra money outside your primary income source. Things like driving for a ride-sharing service, doing freelance work online, having a garage sale, or offering dog walking services are all easy ways to earn more money in your spare time.

Request a Raise at Work

If you’ve been at your job for at least a year and have exceeded expectations, you’re probably ready for a raise. Determine the typical salary range for your position, schedule a meeting with your boss to discuss your performance and request a raise. Come prepared with examples of your major contributions and accomplishments over the past year to build a strong case.

Develop Some Marketable Skills

Take online courses or watch videos to learn skills to use to generate some extra income. Things such as coding, web design, online tutoring, and freelance writing are always in demand. Then, explore ways to put them to use with your side hustle or primary work.

Take Advantage of Community Resources

Take advantage of additional resources in your local community that can help. Many offer assistance at little or no cost.

Food Assistance

Food banks, soup kitchens, non-profits, and food pantries provide groceries and hot meals for those in need. Check with places of worship and social services in your area. Some offer delivery for certain individuals. Apply for government programs like SNAP food stamps and WIC for women and children to start visiti.


Look into free or low-cost clinic options for medical and dental care. Hospitals often have programs for uninsured patients. Medicaid provides coverage for those with limited income.

Housing and Utilities

Seek assistance from local charities, shelters, and government housing agencies. Some help with rent, heating bills, and home repairs. Apply for subsidized or public housing and energy assistance programs.

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