Why EASY Wireless Has Your Go-To Cell Phone Stores Tulsa OK

why easy wireless has your go to cell phone stores tulsa ok

Hey there! Are you on the hunt for unbeatable cell phone deals in Tulsa? Look no further! EASY Wireless is here to hook you up with not just a phone but a complete mobile experience that won’t break the bank. We’re all about offering quality service, great deals, and a selection of devices and plans that fit exactly what you’re looking for.

At EASY Wireless, we understand that everyone’s looking for value, whether it’s through discounted phones, flexible plans, or the essential accessories that make your mobile life a breeze. Ready to find out why we’re the talk of the town? Let’s dive in.

Discover EASY Wireless Locations in Tulsa

Finding a reliable cell phone store in Tulsa, OK, that truly understands your needs just got easier. EASY Wireless proudly serves the Tulsa community from three convenient locations:

  • Tulsa Admiral: Nestled at 6912 East Admiral Place, our Admiral store is a haven for mobile shoppers seeking the latest deals. Contact us at (918) 835-4575.

  • Tulsa E 36th St: Visit us at 736-D E 36th St N for personalized service and expert advice on the best mobile solutions for you. Ring us at (918) 430-0220.

  • Tulsa S Peoria: Our S Peoria location, at 6207 S Peoria Ave Ste C, offers a wide range of mobile phones and plans tailored to meet your every need. Give us a call at (539) 525-0785.

No matter which location you choose to visit, you’ll find a team ready to assist you, ensuring you leave with exactly what you need. Whether you’re in the market for a new phone, looking to switch plans, or simply need some advice, EASY Wireless is your go-to destination in Tulsa.

Affordable Name-Brand Phones for Every Budget

In the hunt for a new phone but worried about the price? EASY Wireless in Tulsa has you covered with discounts on name-brand cell phones that fit any budget. No need to settle for less! Our stores boast a vast selection of devices, including customer favorites like the Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone, all at prices that will leave you smiling.

Our secret? We believe in making technology accessible to everyone in Tulsa. Whether you’re eyeing the latest model or seeking a budget-friendly option for your family, our inventory is constantly updated to ensure you find the perfect match. And if you’re looking to stretch your dollar even further, ask us about our trade-in options and special offers for existing customers.

comprehensive mobile plans for everyone

Comprehensive Mobile Plans for Everyone

At EASY Wireless, we get it—everyone’s needs are different. That’s why we offer a range of mobile plans, from Lifeline and ACP benefits for those who qualify to prepaid plans that give you total control over your spending. And for existing EASY Wireless customers in Tulsa, our Add-A-Line plans are the icing on the cake, allowing you to enjoy even more savings.

  • Lifeline and ACP Plans: Qualify for these programs and say hello to FREE Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data plus a New Smartphone. It’s our way of ensuring that staying connected isn’t a luxury, but a given for every resident in Tulsa.

  • Prepaid Plans: Love the freedom of paying for just what you need? Our prepaid options let you choose your data cap, so you’re never paying for unused extras. Plus, with no long-term contracts, you can adjust your plan as your needs change.

  • Add-A-Line Plans: Bringing the whole family onto one plan? EASY. Our Add-A-Line deals provide the same fantastic features as our prepaid plans but at a discounted rate for EASY customers. It’s the smart way to keep everyone connected without overspending.

No matter which plan you choose, EASY Wireless is committed to providing transparent pricing, no hidden fees, and the kind of customer service that makes managing your mobile plan a breeze. Swing by our Tulsa locations to find the plan that’s just right for you.

Exclusive Benefits of Choosing EASY Wireless

Choosing EASY Wireless in Tulsa isn’t just about getting a new phone or a plan; it’s about joining a community where you’re valued. Our exclusive benefits start the moment you walk through our doors or get in touch with us online. For starters, qualifying for Lifeline and ACP programs means you could be walking out with a free phone and data plan—imagine all the selfies, streaming, and surfing you can do without worrying about your bill!

Plus all Lifeline & ACP combo customers are automatically enrolled in our EASY Rewards Program.

Enhance Your Phone Experience with Accessories

A phone on its own is good, but with the right accessories? It becomes great. At EASY Wireless, we stock up on everything you need to make the most out of your device. From durable phone cases that keep your device safe to screen protectors that fend off scratches and dings, we’ve got your phone covered—literally.

And it’s not just about protection. Enhance your listening experience with our range of earbuds, or go hands-free with Bluetooth speakers perfect for those Tulsa Hills adventures. Need extra storage? Pick up a memory card right in our store. With our selection, your phone will be more than ready to tackle anything from busy school days to relaxing at home on Olympia Ave.

Everything you need is right here in Tulsa, under one roof, at EASY Wireless. Stop by and let us help you elevate your mobile experience with accessories that match your lifestyle.

Getting Started with EASY Wireless

Ready to jump into the world of free data and top-notch mobile plans? Here’s how to get rolling with EASY Wireless in Tulsa.

First up, make sure you bring along a valid ID and any documents that show you qualify for our Lifeline and ACP programs—like proof of benefits or residence. This little bit of prep work means we can quickly hook you up with a free phone and plan, letting you dive into all the texting, calling, and browsing you want, without the extra cost.

And if you’re eyeing one of our prepaid or Add-A-line plans, we’re here to walk you through your options, making sure you find the perfect fit. Whether it’s your first time with us or you’re looking to upgrade, our Tulsa team is all about making the process as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

why tulsa chooses easy wireless

Why Tulsa Chooses EASY Wireless

By now, you’re probably getting why EASY Wireless is the go-to choice for cell phone stores in Tulsa, OK. It’s not just our unbeatable deals on phones and plans or the wide selection of accessories that set us apart. It’s our commitment to serving you, the Tulsa community, with the respect, care, and attention you deserve.

Our customers love the freedom of not worrying about their next phone bill, the joy of snagging the latest tech without draining their wallets, and the convenience of local stores right in Tulsa that are always ready to help. Whether you’re near Memorial Dr., Tulsa Hills, or anywhere in between, there’s an EASY Wireless store nearby waiting to welcome you.

Stop in Today

So, why wait any longer? It’s time to experience the EASY Wireless difference. Swing by any of our Tulsa locations today to see firsthand how we can enhance your mobile experience, save you money, and keep you connected to what matters most. Give us a call, visit us online, or just drop in—we can’t wait to meet you and show you why Tulsa chooses EASY Wireless.

Join the Tens of Thousands that have already signed up for FREE Lifeline and ACP Benefits.

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