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Getting by on minimum wage is tough in Pennsylvania. EASY Wireless is dedicated to helping you do more than just get by! We have 11 simple tricks you can use to save money today!

From saving the money you would otherwise spend on a cell phone bill each month to simple budgeting tips and help to pay for utilities. You can even start to save money for the future in PA!

Get Free Internet In Pennsylvania with EASY Wireless - EASY Wireless

Get Free Internet In Pennsylvania with EASY Wireless

Cellphone bills can take a big chunk of your budget. EASY Wireless provides free unlimited calls and text and free unlimited data when you qualify through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

All you have to do is register with EASY Wireless online to apply for the program. When you qualify, you will enjoy this premium data offer on the fastest and most reliable network in the U.S.!

EASY Wireless Free Unlimited Plan

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  • Free Sim Card and Activation

To see if you can be one of the many Americans who can qualify for the ACP enter your email and zip code below and get started saving today!

Get Energy Help: Apply to Pennsylvania LIHEAP - EASY Wireless

Get Energy Help: Apply to Pennsylvania LIHEAP

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps families meet their energy needs. They do so through cash grants and payments directly to your account.

The amount of money depends on your annual income and household size.

You can apply for LIHEAP in two ways, online or on paper. First, you can apply online through the COMPASS tool. You can also download an application and take it to the local county assistance office for approval.

Apply for Pennsylvania TANF Assistance - EASY Wireless

Apply for Pennsylvania TANF Assistance

Pennsylvania Temporary Assistance For the Needy Families (TANF) helps low-income families pay their bills. They also offer financial assistance to people who care for children and pregnant women across the state.

Apply for TANF in the comfort of your home by downloading their application form online. You can also visit the local county assistance office to apply.

Shop for Discounts in Pennsylvania - EASY Wireless

Shop for Discounts in Pennsylvania

Look for cheaper options when shopping and save each time you make purchases. For instance, shop for more affordable items such as clothes and utensils at thrift stores across the state.

Hunt for discounts in your local shops rather than spending huge sums on luxuries. In Pennsylvania, you can save money by buying handmade and bulk food items from the Amish. There are also many flea markets where you can find amazing savings while having a fun day out.

Reduce Your Housing Costs in Pennsylvania - WReduce Your Housing Costs in PennsylvaniaEReduce Your Housing Costs in Pennsylvania - EASY Wireless

Reduce Your Housing Costs in Pennsylvania

If you're single, you can look for a roommate to help pay rent and save on utility costs. You can also rent out extra rooms in your house to help pay your mortgage and save. In case you have a family, apply for the Homeowner Assistance fund to get help in paying for housing costs.

If you pay rent, Pennsylvania Rental Assistance can help, but you have to apply!

Reduce Pennsylvania Travelling Costs - EASY Wireless

Reduce Pennsylvania Travelling Costs

If you're living on a low wage, having a car is expensive. Why? Because of the high maintenance costs, insurance, parking, and gas costs. You could instead walk to work or use a carpool or bus.

Also, you can buy a bike to use in warm weather months, which will improve your health at the same time.

If you have a neighboring colleague, try to carpool. Carpools help save on transport costs, and you can beat traffic jams in the carpool lane.

Cook At Home: Avoid Buying Prepared Food in Pennsylvania - EASY Wireless

Cook At Home: Avoid Buying Prepared Food in Pennsylvania

You can run out of cash if you buy vending machine food daily or take lunch from restaurants.

Home-prepared meals are ideal for your health and wallet since they are cheap and healthy.

Pack a lunch before going to work or school to help save on food bills. Look for local co-ops and farmers to save money on groceries.

Make a Budget and Stick to it in Pennsylvania.- EASY Wireless

Make a Budget and Stick to it in Pennsylvania.

A budget is vital for surviving on minimum wage since it helps you allocate the money for all your spending. You can also trace how you spend every penny.

Determine your necessary monthly expenses and ensure you cover them in your plan. A budget also helps you to live within your means.

There are free apps that can help you track your spending and price comparison websites to ensure you don’t pay more than you need to.

Get Affordable Housing

Is paying your rent a challenge for you? We have good news if you’re a homeowner struggling to pay for your house or a tenant lacking rent. The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency aims to help you out by paying both your rent and other special house payments.

It has mortgage programs that help both moderate and low-income families. The agency also invests in multi-family housing developments.

Get Affordable Entertainment in Pennsylvania

The cost of having fun doesn't always have to be high. Fortunately, Pennsylvania has a ton of free activities you can take advantage of when you're looking for something to do but don't want to spend a lot of money.

We're talking about exciting, must-see destinations for you and your family. Here are a few interesting, fun, and cost-free places you can visit in Pennsylvania.

  1. Gettysburg National Military Park
  2.  Lancaster Central Market
  3.  Pine Creek Gorge
  4. Lehigh Gorge Trail
Get Childcare Assistance in Pennsylvania - EASY Wireless

Get Childcare Assistance in Pennsylvania

If you have a kid, finding childcare assistance is expensive. In addition, safety is always a concern, and it can be difficult to save money on this expense.

You can also apply for the Child Care Works program for childcare help in Pennsylvania. PA also has an easy one-stop shop for parents to find help with learning and childcare it is called Raise Your Star. and you can find resources near to you on their site.

EASY Wireless is Here to Help You Receive Free Internet and More in Pennsylvania! - EASY Wireless

EASY Wireless is Here to Help You Receive Free Internet and More in Pennsylvania!

EASY Wireless Free Unlimited Data Plan can give you the data you need to find and apply for many forms of aid in Pennsylvania.

You can also surf the net for the best deals and free entertainment near you without worrying about going over your data limit!

For over 20 years, EASY Wireless has helped Americans stay connected.

Join us today and enjoy unlimited internet across Pennsylvania for free even as you find ways to meet your needs.

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