31 Festive Tips on Budgeting and Saving Money

31 Festive Tips for Tips on Budgeting and Saving Money

The holiday season often derails budgets with extra spending and expenses. However, some intentional planning and savvy saving put you ahead instead of behind when January rolls around. Follow this calendar of daily money tips from December 1st through New Year’s Eve to maintain financial control.

Tip #1: Create Your Holiday Spending Plan

Map out expected gifts, travel, grocery shopping for any parties, and other holiday costs in a detailed budget so they don’t ambush you. Identify areas to cut back as needed.

Tip #2: Set Up Automatic Savings Transfers

Have a portion of your income direct deposited into savings accounts monthly to force yourself to save rather than spend it. Putting this money into your local bank or credit union high-yield savings account can help you build an emergency fund and enjoy high interest rates helping you to grow your money.

Tip #3: Negotiate Better Rates for Monthly Bills

Call providers to request reduced rates on cell phone bills, cable/internet, insurance etc. to free up holiday cash.

Tip #4: Take Online Surveys for Extra Income

In your downtime, earn cash by sharing your opinion through SurveyJunkie or Swagbucks. Surveys add up!

Tip #5: Rent Out a Spare Room

Tip #5: Rent Out a Spare Room

If you have an extra bedroom, renting it out to a roommate provides rental income to cover seasonal splurges.

Tip #6: Cut Unnecessary Expenses

Analyze bills to trim fat like unused streaming services, club memberships, and other charges you won’t miss. Cancelling unused subscriptions is one of the fastest ways to lower monthly credit card debt.

Tip #7: Sell Unwanted Items Online

Gather up old electronics, clothing, and furniture and list them to sell on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

Tip #8: Switch to Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

LED bulbs cost more upfront but use wayyy less electricity and last years longer, saving significantly over time.

Tip #9: Review Credit Card Rewards Programs

Maximize points, airline miles, and cashback offers by using optimal cards for purchases you’ll make anyway.

Tip #10: Contact Utility Companies for Bill Assistance

See if you qualify for winter electric bill financial assistance or budget billing programs to even out seasonal highs.

Tip #11: Search Coupon Sites Before Online Shopping

Find the best promo codes and cash-back offers through Rakuten, Honey, or CouponCabin before you buy.

Tip #12: Host a Holiday Potluck Instead of Big Dinner

Ask guests to bring a dish so you save on food costs hosting parties. Bonus: Less cooking and clean up!

Tip #13: Score Free Cell Service to Save $600+ Yearly

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Tip #14: Work Overtime and Holiday Shifts

Tip #14: Work Overtime and Holiday Shifts

Pick up extra work hours for premium holiday pay you can allocate just towards Christmas. Teachers can pick up tutoring work.

Tip #15: Turn the Thermostat Down

Every degree cooler during winter cuts energy bills while still keeping your home comfortably warm and you bundled up.

Tip #16: Do Weekend Side Gigs

Drive for Uber or Lyft, clean houses, run errands etc. for supplemental cash that won’t affect your day job. Have your side hustle money go direct deposit into a separate savings account so we won’t be tempted to blow your budget with this extra cash.

Tip #17: Stop Eating Out As Often

Skipping restaurant meals around twice a week saves about $100 monthly to redirect towards seasonal costs.

Tip #18: Cancel Impulse Purchases Within Return Windows

Sleep on bigger buys and exercise return policies during the frenzy of holiday sales to avoid unnecessary costs.

Tip #19: Research Extended Holiday Return Policies

Many retailers offer January return deadlines so if you did overspend, backtrack. Check return conditions first.

Tip #20: Use Cash Only for Remaining Holiday Season

Ditch the plastic to supercharge your savings self control and consciously feel every dollar leave your wallet.

Tip #21: Set Up Payment Plan For Upcoming Property Taxes

Check if your town or mortgage company lets you evenly divide annual tax bills instead of one lump escrow withdrawal.

Tip #22 Make Your Own Gifts This Year

Heartfelt homemade gift ideas cost less and often get remembered longer by recipients.

Tip #23: Keep Credit Card Spending In Check

Pay in full each month. Check balances daily so you’re not paying interest month after month.

Tip #24: Use Holiday Down Time To Organize Records

Shred old docs, file papers, and update important computer files so you start 2024 off responsibly.

Tip #25: Get Relatives Gift Cards to Their Favorite Stores

Then whatever they splurge on comes out of your relative’s pocket, not yours!

Tip #26: Buy Discounted Gift Cards to Save on Regular Expenses

Stock up on discounted gift cards from grocery stores, gas stations, and restaurants you frequent anyway. Check out this article from the Krazy Coupon Lady for a list of gift card options.

Tip #27: Review Next Year’s Benefits Options

Squeeze savings boosts for 2024! See if you can save by choosing different health insurance deductibles or 401k contribution levels.

Tip #28: Research Best Days for Holiday Clearance Shopping

Circles highlight ideal days for rock-bottom savings for next year on decor, supplies, clothes etc.

Tip #29: Make a 2024 Financial Plan

Map out big-picture money goals for the upcoming year. Where do you want savings, debts, investments etc? Set up a monthly budget and stick to it.

Tip #30: Spend 10 Minutes a Day Learning New Ways to Save Money

Tip #30: Spend 10 Minutes a Day Learning New Ways to Save Money

The internet is full of free educational sites and tools to help learn how to effectively change your spending habits, practical budgeting tips, the best type of bank account for your money and how to reach your financial goals. Take time to read one article a day and watch your knowledge grow.

Sites to help you learn to start saving money include:

Tip #31: Wake Up On January 1st Ready to Crush 2024 Savings Goals

After the holiday hustle and bustle, wake up with fresh money motivation. Review tips that worked well and set your sights on your brightest financial year yet!

Through conscious effort, holiday season costs prove manageable not catastrophic. A few daily money-savvy choices let you enjoy the magic without financing it for months afterward and put you in a great position to crush your 2024 savings goals!

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