5 Best Seasonal Jobs With Housing

5 Best Seasonal Jobs With Housing

So you’ve been dreaming of a seasonal job that gets you outside exploring beautiful places. But trying to find housing can be a pain. You want a gig that takes care of it for you. Well, your dream job awaits. From national parks to resorts, ranches to camps, amazing opportunities with housing are out there. You just need to know where to look.

Ready for an unforgettable summer or winter of work and adventure? This list of the five best seasonal jobs with included housing is here to help you find your perfect match. You’re going to be set up in cool accommodations surrounded by stunning scenery. New friends and experiences are waiting. So check out these sweet gigs that take care of the housing hassle. Your next chapter begins now.

Camp Counselor Jobs With Room and Board

As a camp counselor, you get to spend your summer surrounded by nature while mentoring kids and creating memories. Even better, many camps provide housing and meals as part of the job listing.

Cabins and Meals Included

Most overnight camps include cabin housing and meals for counselors. You may share a cabin with other counselors, but at least you won’t have to worry about rent for summer! In addition to cabin housing, camps provide all your meals for free in the camp dining hall. For budget-conscious students or those wanting to save money over the summer, the room and board provided by camp counseling jobs is a major benefit.

Endless Activities

Camp life never gets boring. Spend your time organizing activities like swimming, boating, hiking, arts and crafts, sports and games. You get to share fun experiences with campers while enjoying the activities yourself. Exploring your creative side, develop activities, games, songs and skits to entertain campers. Every day brings something new at camp.

Leadership Skills

Serving as a camp counselor helps build valuable leadership experience that will benefit you for years to come. Mentor campers, solve problems, set a positive example, and navigate challenges. These experiences will strengthen skills like communication, decision making, responsibility and teamwork. The leadership abilities you develop as a camp counselor will set you up for success in both college and future careers.

For an unforgettable summer, you can’t beat the adventure of camp counseling. With the added benefits of housing, meals, activities and leadership development, camp counseling jobs are perfect for students and anyone wanting an exciting seasonal role.

Theme Park Jobs With Housing

Theme Park Jobs With Housing

Ever dreamed of working at an exciting theme park? Many offer seasonal jobs that come with inexpensive or even free housing. If thrill rides and cotton candy sound like a sweet summer gig, here are some of the best options.

Ride Operator

Operating rides is a fun, fast-paced job perfect for people who love rollercoasters and the like. Requirements are typically 18+ with a high school diploma. Pay averages $9-15/hour. Housing often includes dorms or apartments shared with other operators.

Food Service

From scooping ice cream to slinging pizza, theme parks need lots of food service staff. The work can be demanding, but also rewarding. Requirements are 16+ with some locations allowing 14-15 year old’s. Pay is usually minimum wage or a bit higher. Basic housing is typically provided.

Character Performer

For the outgoing and energetic, dressing up as a beloved character and interacting with guests is a dream job. Requirements vary but usually 18+ and some performance experience is preferred. Pay averages $10-15/hour. Separate housing is common since hours can be long and erratic.

Theme park jobs are perfect for people seeking adventure and excitement for a season. With housing provided and an unforgettable experience, working at an amusement park could be the opportunity of a lifetime! Round up your friends, brush off your resume, and start applying for your thrilling new summer gig.

Ski Resort Jobs With Employee Housing

If you love the slopes and don’t mind seasonal work, ski resort jobs are a great way to spend the winter. Many resorts provide employee housing, allowing you to live on or near the mountain. As a ski resort employee, you’re going to get free or discounted access to the lifts and trails so you can hit the slopes on your days off.

Lift Operators operating the ski lifts is a popular job at resorts. As a lift operator, help load and unload skiers onto the lifts, ensuring their safety. You may operate chairlifts, gondolas, T-bars or rope tows. Lift operators typically work long hours outside in cold weather, but many resorts provide insulated uniforms and breaks in warming huts. Employee housing is commonly provided for lift operators.

Ski Instructors

For those with experience on the slopes, becoming a ski instructor can be a fun winter job. Resorts hire instructors to teach skiing and snowboarding to students of all skill levels. Lead group and private lessons, helping students learn proper technique and build confidence. Certification as an instructor is usually required, but resorts may help you obtain the necessary training. Ski instructors often receive free or discounted ski passes, lessons and equipment in addition to employee housing.

Snow Groomers

Snow groomers operate the large machines that manicure ski slopes. They drive snowcats and snowmobiles, smoothing slopes for skiing and snowboarding. It’s demanding work that requires late nights and early mornings to prepare the slopes before and after the resort closes. However, snow groomers get to spend a lot of time riding the mountain and sculpting the perfect ski runs. Many resorts provide housing for snow groomers due to the long hours.

Working at a ski resort isn’t for everyone, but for those who love winter sports, the jobs often come with nice perks like housing, skiing privileges and an exciting environment. Spending a season working and playing in the snow can be a memorable experience. The jobs are temporary, but many employees return year after year to work at their favorite resorts.

National Park Jobs With Housing

Are you an outdoor enthusiast looking for an adventure this summer? A national park is a beautiful place to work. Take a few seconds on your browser to apply for a seasonal job at one of America’s stunning national parks. Many positions provide subsidized or free housing for employees, allowing you to immerse yourself in nature without worrying about rent.


If you enjoy working with people and have experience in customer service, look for positions in hospitality and tourism like front desk agents, tour guides, or retail. These jobs typically come with housing, meals, and a small stipend. Make a connection with park visitors from around the world and help them make the most of their experience.

Conservation and Trail Work

Help protect these natural wonders by doing conservation work like clearing trails, maintaining campsites, or assisting with wildlife management. Physically demanding but rewarding, these jobs often provide rustic housing or campsites right in the park. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, you can play an important role in preserving the park for future generations.

Park Rangers

For those with a degree in environmental science, forestry, or a related field, becoming a park ranger is a dream job. Park rangers help manage the natural and cultural resources of the park while also ensuring the safety of visitors.

While the jobs are seasonal, many parks rehire employees year after year, so make a good impression and provide great service.

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