Find a Free Car in 2023 – An EASY Guide

Find a Free Car in 2023 – An EASY Guide

Finding a free car seems too good to be true. However, at EASY Wireless, we are here to help you.

You might wonder how it is even possible that there are cars available for free.

There are a few reasons why this is a reality. Firstly charities and the government recognize that having a car can help people become financially independent.

Secondly, people get tax write-offs when they give away their cars. This allows them to recoup the money they would have paid in tax, which is a win-win situation.

Our list will start with 9 charities that give away cars. Then we will explain how to qualify for the government car voucher program. Finally, we will cover several other ways to get a free car or a subsidized loan.

Who Can Qualify For a Free Car

Qualifying for a free car usually requires that you are in one of the following categories.

  • Low-income
  • Seniors
  • Students
  • Veterans or Military families experiencing hardship
  • People transitioning from public assistance to work
  • Requiring medical assistance
  • Victims of a natural disaster
  • Medium income but struggling paycheck to paycheck
  • Individuals or families in shelters
  • Survivors of domestic abuse

How to Qualify for a Free Car

How to Qualify for a Free Car

The first thing you need to do is determine if you fit the qualifications of the program. Check the qualifications we list for each. Make a list of those you qualify for, then get together your proof that you qualify.

Some programs have strict requirements that you be very low-income or unemployed, while others require that you are working and can afford the upkeep of a car. So carefully check the requirements.

This will include things like your SSN, student id, proof of income, or proof of age or disability.

Apply for all the programs you can to give yourself the best odds of getting a vehicle.

Working Cars for Working Families

The first place to check is a charity that helps other charities by providing free cars.

They have a searchable database where you can search for all the programs that offer free cars near you.

This is a great place to check for all the programs that might only provide cars in your specific area. Places you won’t find online easily.

This charity strives to keep working families in a reliable car and is run by the National Consumer Law Center.

Free Charity Cars

Free Charity Cars were previously known as 1-800-Charity Cars. If you previously applied on the old site, you need to apply again on their new site.  The 1-800-Charity-Cars site is now only for people who wish to donate cars.

They have been giving cars away since 1996! They now ask that you don’t call but fill out the online form.

They ask that you tell your story of why you need help in getting a car and they will verify the details of your story if they decide to help you.

Free Charity Cars will give you an answer within 30 days but if you are not approved, you can keep applying until you are.

United Way Worldwide

The United Way is a well-known charity that helps people worldwide. They have a program called 2-1-1.

If you are in need and can’t afford a vehicle, they may be able to help you. If they can’t, they will refer you to other places you may get help.

They don’t have a hard set of rules for who they help. Instead, they consider each case. They try to help people in need only.

Their service is private and confidential, and their staff is known to be very helpful and understanding.


This is the same company as OnlineCarDonation.Org, so don’t get them confused. The .ORG address is for car donations, and you can call them if you wish to give away a car.

If you want to receive a car, you must go to OnlineCarDonations.Com and select the ‘Request Help’ option at the top of their website.

Read through their requirements, then fill out their online application. They don’t take phone calls ever.

OnlineCarDonation.Com provides quality cars to as many people as possible, and they even offer modified vehicles for people with disabilities.

They have a steady stream of cars coming through and even help smaller charities with cars.

Online Car Donations doesn’t have strict rules for who they help. However they have the following guidelines for application:

Help is for those in need and unable to provide a car for themselves. You will have to show evidence for why you can’t afford a car. They want to see that you are trying to help yourself and that it is not your fault that you are in need of help.

They will give you an answer within a month. Fill out your application as well as you can to have the best chance of getting a free car.

With Causes

With Causes offers support to people in need such as veterans, victims of domestic abuse, and people who are transitioning into work.

They don’t have a list of requirements but they ask that you fill out their online ‘Ask for help’ form and explain why you need a car.

Modest Needs

Modest Needs is a national charity that focuses on helping people who work and make too much to receive government aid but still live paycheck to paycheck.

Modest Needs doesn’t give free cars away, but they will give you a grant you can use to purchase a car.

They ask that you sign up for a membership on their website and then fill out an application.


Cars4Heroes are a national nonprofit. Cars4Heroes provides used cars for veterans or first responders with financial issues.

You will need to provide your service details if you are a veteran. If you are a first responder, you will need to provide work information.

You will also need to explain why you need a free car.


Cars4Christmas  is the same company as Cars4Heroes, but they provide cars for regular people in need.

They again don’t have specific requirements except that you cannot afford a car.

You will need to fill out an application that includes why you can’t afford a car. The more details you give them the more they are able to help you.

Free Car Charities for Specific Areas

Free Car Charities for Specific Areas

The following two charities are specific to certain states while all the others are nationwide.

Good News Garage

If you live in New Hampshire, Massachusetts or Vermont you can try Good News Garage for their Wheels to Work Program. They also have a JumpStart program where they give away cars at reduced rates.

This was one of the first car donation charities in the country and they have been going since 1996.

They aim to fix and repair used donated cars and give them to people who are on their way to improving their lives.

You can apply even if you are not working if you are taking classes or working to improve your circumstances in some way that you can prove.

Vehicles for Change

If you live in Maryland or North Virginia and have a job where you work more than 30 hours a week, then apply for a free car from Vehicles for Change.

They have a few other requirements as well:

  • No DWI’s or DUI’s
  • Driving license in the state you live in
  • Ability to Pay for Insurance, Repairs, Title, and Taxes.

Vehicle for Change is dedicated to helping families get a car to improve their opportunities.

Government Car Voucher Program

This program is funded by the federal government but they do not directly hand you a car.

Instead as the name indicates they provide you with a voucher that you can use as cash towards the cost of a car or repairs.

You can get anywhere from $1000 to $2000 to help you buy a car.

Criteria for Applicants of the Government Car Voucher Program

There are very narrow criteria to qualify for this program and are as follows:

  • US resident
  • Hold a valid driver’s license
  • Unemployed or income not more than 125% of the poverty line.

The federal government disburses money for free cars through Community Action Programs so you need to find the nearest one to you in order to apply for a government car voucher.

You can search by zip code or the name of your town at the Community Action Partnership website to find your closest Community Action Program.

You will be assigned a caseworker and you need to bring in paperwork that confirms the details you state in your application. They will give you a deadline and you must have all your paperwork in by the deadline they give you.

Other Ways to Get a Free Car

Other Ways to Get a Free Car

Contact Your Church

If you have a local church that you go to, you can ask them for help with a car or a car loan. Many churches put aside some of their budget towards helping members who are in need.

Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help if you need it. You can pay it back once you have the means.

Get a Job that Supplies a Car

Some jobs come with a company car, and sometimes you can use the car outside of work.

Jobs like electricians, utility workers, delivery drivers, salespeople, and some repairmen get vehicles along with the job.

Sometimes you have to ask; other times, it is listed in the job benefits.

Free Car from Uber or Lyft

Uber and Lyft are ride-hailing apps. They offer an alternative to taxis.  They do not give away free cars, but you can rent a car from them if you work for them.

If they hire you to drive for them, you can rent a car from them until you can afford one.

You won’t make as much as if you had your own car but if you have a clean driving license and need a job this could be a big help.


If all else fails give crowdfunding a go. You can set up a donation page and share it on social media.

In this way you get small amounts of money from many people. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and tell your story.

The most popular crowdfunding platforms are:

Subsidized Government Loans for Used Cars

If all these things fail and you are in dire need of a car we suggest that you try a government subsidized loan to buy a car.

These loans will be easier to qualify for and have lower interest rates. Ways for Work is a very reliable and fair provider of these loans.

The loan is only for used cars and is made for people who have poor or no credit.

Another vehicle to apply for federal auto funding is Working Cars for Working Families who also give away free cars as listed above have a government subsidized loan program.

Save Money on Other Bills

At EASY Wireless we are dedicated to helping you save money and get all the benefits you deserve. To afford the money to buy a new car you can apply for other benefits you may be eligible for and put the money you save towards buying a new car.

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a new program designed to help almost half of all American families keep connected to the internet.

When you qualify for the ACP with EASY Wireless we provide you with a cellphone package that includes free talk, free text and unlimited data. There are no additional connection fees or hidden charges.

Most Americans spend over $100 a month on their cell phone bills so being able to save this money each month can go towards a car payment or other expenses.

A Free Car Can Change Your Life

We hope you are able to find a free car as we know what a difference having a vehicle can make in your life. It can allow you to find better work, get to medical appointments and to care for your family.

Make sure you fill out the application for a free car as well as you can, with as many details about your circumstances as possible.

Try every option we have listed and also search for local sources through your local community action program.

Join the Tens of Thousands that have already signed up for FREE Lifeline and ACP Benefits.

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