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Many people think that having a great elementary school experience lays the foundation for learning. Great elementary school experiences can help you or your child gain a hunger for knowledge. That's why you're taking the time to read this guide. You want to learn how to have a great elementary school experience. Maybe you're looking for an online elementary school. Maybe you're looking for the best online elementary school.

Rest assured, you've come to the right place. This guide will help you decide whether or not online elementary school is for your family.

College Is Way Down The Line

Though college may be way down the line for you, a great elementary education experience is a building block to a great college experience. Let's be lifetime learners. Let's create in our children a desire to be lifetime learners. Where does it begin? At the elementary school level.

Speaking Of Laying A Great Foundation…

Let's start this guide out at the beginning.

What is elementary for some may not be elementary for others. This guide is designed to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about elementary education. In addition, it's important to know about online elementary schools. When you meet someone in the street, don't automatically think that they know what elementary education is. For that matter, they may not know what an online elementary school is or how it can be important.

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What Exactly Is Elementary School?

The Encyclopedia Britannica goes into great detail of what elementary education is about.

We remember elementary school to run from age 5 until age 12. Elementary school begins with kindergarten and goes until the sixth grade, generally. However, the Encyclopedia Britannica describes it differently. Elementary school is different for different countries. We will describe some of the basic differences later on in the guide. The encyclopedia states that elementary education begins with some type of preschool for children that are aged 3 to 5 or 6. Following the elementary stage of education is the secondary stage of education.

The age that the secondary stage begins vary. America has various secondary school entrance ages. One thing is universal across the world is what you were supposed to learn in elementary school.

The 3R's

The term "that's elementary" means that it's a basic idea. Keeping with that definition of the word, elementary school is the foundation of education. Online elementary school is the same. The best online elementary school holds on to the same thing. You're going to learn how to read. You are going to learn how to write. And, you’re going to learn the last "R", which is arithmetic. For the sake of making it the 3Rs, the "A" in arithmetic is "removed". The encyclopedia goes on to say that the overall objective of elementary school is teaching people how to become citizens of their country. Aside from the 3R's some very basic social studies and science are thrown in.


A good elementary teacher is laying the foundation for the rest of their students' lives. Let's face it, teaching is an extremely high calling. If you're going to do it for your children at home school, consider it seriously. The Center for Public Education believes that "reading is the Open Sesame for acquiring knowledge: learn to read, and you can read to learn just about anything."

Learning to read is complicated. Though it is complex, you should begin with the alphabet. Learn how the letters look. Learn how the letters sound. Singing the alphabet will help you understand how it sounds. This is why a good teacher starts with at an online elementary school. This is what a good teacher starts with at a brick and mortar elementary school. Go into any elementary school classroom and you're going to see the alphabet.

Decoding is involved with reading. Knowing sight words is involved with reading. Looking at the context or what is around a word or a letter is part of reading. That's why it's so important to have a professional teach your child how to read. That doesn't mean you can't become that professional if you want to homeschool your child. It's just important to know that reading is a complex process that comes easier for some than others.


Talk about a building block! Writing is a building block on reading. Online elementary schools will teach your child how to write after they learn how to read. The first thing you may learn how to write is your name. To do that, you need to know the alphabet. According to reading The five basic writing skills are:

  • spelling
  • capitalization
  • punctuation
  • handwriting
  • keyboarding
  • sentence structure

When it comes to letting your elementary-aged child get creative with writing, do it! suggests that you teach writing by:

  • Providing a place
  • Providing materials
  • Brainstorming ideas – what to write about let your child be the guide
  • Encouraging your child to draw and to discuss her drawings will help them write and open up creativity
  • Have your child tell you a simple story and write it down
  • Use games to create stories and expand your child's imagination

If your child can write, increase their writing skills by making their simple stories into books


Unlike writing, arithmetic is a basic function like reading. Writing is based on the foundation of reading. However, arithmetic is a basic function.

Counting fingers counting toes

You can start building a great foundation for math just by counting your infants' fingers and toes. As long as you live, there will be something to count. It may be your age, or the candles on your child's birthday cake. In elementary school your child will learn how to add and subtract, multiplication, and division.

Higher mathematical topics such as:

  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Calculus…

…come along later.

 Now many online elementary schools, even the best online elementary schools, are teaching algebra in elementary school. If you don't know a lot of math yourself, get help online. Just telling the child what algebra, geometry, or calculus is when you're still in elementary school will help.

The Earlier The Introduction To Elementary Education, The Better - EASY Wireless

The Earlier The Introduction To Elementary Education, The Better

Some people start in the womb. They try to teach your child how to count or recognize the alphabet while they're still in their mother's tummy!

Wait! Elementary school is more than the 3Rs!

As stated above, a good elementary school education for you or your child includes the 3Rs plus social studies and science. These are building blocks to secondary education and college level study.

An elementary social studies curriculum will include basic geography. Finding things on the map, recognizing what a map is, recognizing what other countries look like on the globe. According to time for and elementary social studies curriculum also includes:

History - of their native country, as well as places around the world

Civics - basically how people get along in a society. The basic duties and rights of people who live in a society

Economics - how things are calculated. Economics in elementary school is basically supply and demand and what things cost

and the three branches of government which include:

  • the Executive branch
  • the Legislative branch
  • and the Judicial branch

Basic science  - Involves how a plant grows. The different parts of a plant. Of course, each teacher will teach differently. If you're homeschooling your child and science is on the agenda, you may want to do a deep dive and do a volcano experiment with some baking soda and other ingredients. However, a basic elementary science program will include:

Discussions of different animals in the animal kingdom. They will learn about different species.

Elementary school science includes basic biology of humans. They will learn about their senses, – hearing, smell, taste, sight and touch

They will learn about the environment around them.

The grades in elementary school are generally one through five. Sixth grade begins at secondary education level. Secondary education builds upon elementary education.

Who Can Teach Elementary School - EASY Wireless

Who Can Teach Elementary School?

In the United States, you must be certified and licensed to teach elementary school in a public school setting.


The Cambridge dictionary defines accreditation quite simply. It is the fact of being officially recognized, accepted, or approved of, or the act of officially recognizing, accepting, or approving of something. That means that the online or in-person elementary school must be recognized.

Because elementary education is basic, most citizens of the country can understand and possibly teach it. However, accreditation means that another institution has approved of the school or the teacher.

Making certain that the elementary school you or your child attends is accredited, is important.

It is important because:

  • You want to make certain that the curriculum is sound
  • You want to learn what is necessary at the elementary level

Elementary education is expanded on by secondary education. If you do not receive sound elementary education, it will be difficult to do well in secondary school

Learning how to teach is supported by accreditation. Even though elementary education is basic, teaching it is not. There are certain styles, techniques and ways of teaching that are taught to professional educators. Going to an accredited institution, whether online or in person, means you are getting a professional education.

Accreditation is important in the United States. Essentially, someone has to attend 4 years of school followed by licensing exams and certifications in order to become an elementary school teacher. Going to higher level education, such as acquiring a Masters degree or a PhD is required for specialized elementary education positions. Different institutions of learning have different credentials. This is just a basic outline of the education required to teach elementary school in this country.

It's Quite Elementary Why We Think Of Online Elementary School

Online elementary school has moved from the outside to the center of our thoughts. Why, you may ask? The answer is quite simple.

The COVID-19 Pandemic

At the beginning of the pandemic, online elementary school was pushed on the world. Schools were closed across the globe. There was no choice. If you wanted to continue your elementary education, online elementary school was your only option. It was crazy parents were scrambling to find computers so that their children could keep up. Adults with limited income found they could not continue the online elementary school program they started.

Are People Still Opting For Online Elementary School Due To The COVID-19 Pandemic?

Though children and adults have gone back to brick and mortar elementary schools, COVID-19 is still around. Just because we are all back in the building does not mean it's 100% safe. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, WHO, COVID-19 is still a Public Health Emergency of International Concern or PHEIC. In plain language, that means the COVID-19 pandemic is still an issue. The WHO issued this statement in October 2022.

There Has Been A Lot Of Progress

One good thing that we learned from the pandemic is school can be done differently. We learned that a lot of people like going to online elementary schools! In fact, we learned that a lot of people like going to school online period. - no matter what level of education they are at.

There Are Many Advantages To Going To Online Elementary School - EASY Wireless

There Are Many Advantages To Going To Online Elementary School

Safety first - with the increasing dangers facing schools , getting an education online is a great option. Also, all of the "germs" that you'd get from in-person contact would be avoided. That's a great safety measure for both adults and children.

  • The best online elementary school may be in your home. The statistics show that online elementary school students do well.
  • Adults looking to go to school online may want privacy. There are many reasons that adults may want to get an elementary education.
  • In preparation for the general equivalency diploma or GED

Are you smarter than a 5th grader? The popular TV show revealed to the world that many adults are not. Things learned in elementary school are vast and varied. There are so many topics covered. If tested, many adults would require a refresher in elementary school education in order to become as smart as a 5th grader.

Adults, online elementary school may fit into your busy schedule. Between work, children and life in general, your plate is full! Online elementary school can be done at various times. Some courses put you in the driver's seat. That means you make up your own schedule.

Your schedule is not the only thing that is custom fit. Not only can you make up your own schedule with online elementary school, many times you can go at your own pace. Though there are state mandates for children in many instances, adults are not in a rush. The curriculum for elementary school is serious business. It is not as easy as you may think. Going at your own pace will give you the freedom to get what you need, when you need it. Your learning will be richer for it.

Many online elementary school courses are free! We'll get into the details later on in the guide. What a great advantage!

You may have had to stop going to school for personal reasons. You may have had to earn money to help support your family. You may have a medical reason for leaving school at an early age. You may have had family issues that prevented you from attending elementary school.

Adults are not allowed to attend elementary school with elementary-aged children. It's great that you can attend an online elementary school.

This list only has eight reasons. There are many more reasons that adults may want to go to an online elementary school. Your unique reason may not be listed here. Your reason is still a great reason to go! Don't let your age stop you!

Have Everything You Need For Your Online Elementary School - EASY Wireless

Have Everything You Need For Your Online Elementary School

With EASY Wireless, having a cell phone is really elementary, my dear. Elementary school is a basic right. In most countries it is completely free and public. When you think about something being completely free, that means there is no cost. 

The new Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) from the Federal government makes getting free cell phone service posible for people who qualify. 

Find out if you qualify for ACP benefits. 

If you have a child who is attending elementary school, it is extremely important to have the convenience and reliability of a great cell phone plan.

 EASY Wireless offers FREE Unlimited Talk, Text and Data for anyone that qualifies for the Afforable Connectivity Program. Learn more at EASY Wireless.

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The Best Online Elementary Schools

When it comes to online homeschool programs, very put together a list of the seven best online homeschool programs of this year.

  • The best overall homeschool program is
  • The best budget home school program is
  • The best structured online elementary school program is Time for Learning
  • The best community environment online elementary school is Connections Academy
  • The best free online elementary school learning site is Khan Academy

and lastly, if you're looking towards college, the best online elementary school program is edX.

Are You Looking For A Free Online Elementary School Program That Can Enhance Your Teaching?

Connections Academy

Connections Academy is a K-12 grade education program. They have 20 years of experience in providing tuition-free online elementary school. In fact, the curriculum goes up to grade 12. Their schools are recognized in 31 states.

Discovery K-12

Discovery K-12 is an online homeschool that has an online elementary school. They feature basic courses such as: physical education, visual/performing arts, history/social studies, science, math, reading/literature, language arts. Discovery K-12 has 180 days of curriculum. That means they have your child covered for more than half of the year. They have over 16,000 lessons. Learn more about Discovery K-12 by visiting the website.

Easy Peezy

Easy Peezy all in one home school has a completely free, Christian-based home school curriculum. features virtual schools. Virtual schools are different from homeschooling options in one major way: at a home school, you, as the parents, are teaching your children. At a virtual school, there is a certified teacher that your child will view, virtually, who teaches your child. has a lot of information about homeschooling as well as virtual schools. In fact, they have a listing with links to virtual schools through in every state of America

Time To Get Started - EASY Wireless

Time To Get Started

However you decide to do it – make certain you lay the right foundation for your child!

As an adult going back to an online elementary school is smart. It will help you do better on your GED. Having a GED opens the doors for many employment opportunities. Understanding exactly what elementary education is, may help you make the decision to attend an online elementary school.

In addition, learning about elementary education will help you teach your home-schooled child better. You'll know what they are going through every day when they leave home to go to school. Teaching your child at home using an online elementary school can be a fantastic decision.

We hope this guide will be used to make great educational decisions for you and your family.

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