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Did you know you can get free cell phone service in addition to your WIC Benefits?

WIC benefits qualify you for the new government Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) distributed by cell phone service providers like EASY Wireless. When you qualify for ACP with EASY Wireless you will receive FREE Talk, Text and Data.

It takes only minutes to sign up.

As a bonus we will send you a FREE Smartphone once you have qualified.

Just fill out your email and zip code in the box below and click “Enroll Now” to get started.

What is the New Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) - EASY Wireless

What is the New Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)?

The Affordable Connectivity Program is a continuation of the U.S. government’s Emergency Broadband Benefit Program, EBB, which provided discounts on monthly broadband Internet access service and certain connected devices.

The ACP program is funded by the federal government to help families connect to the internet and reduce some of the financial burdens they face.

How Can I Get a Free Phone Through the WIC Program - EASY Wireless

How Can I Get a Free Phone Through the WIC Program?

You can get your free smartphone by contacting an ACP Service Provider like EASY Wireless. When you sign up and are approved for ACP through EASY Wireless, we will send you a Welcome Kit which includes your free smartphone and SIM card.

How to Provide Proof of WIC Benefits

The National Verifier automatically approves most applications. Consumers may need to submit paperwork if their eligibility cannot be verified by checking a program eligibility database (for example, WIC, SNAP, Income).

A recent (dated within the past 12 months) statement of benefits from a qualifying program; a letter of participation in a qualifying program; program participation documents (or copy); or another official document of a qualifying program are examples of acceptable documentation to establish eligibility based on participation in a qualifying program.

Helpful Tip - You can always reach out to EASY Wireless during the application process to have a customer service representative help you with the signup.

A Free Smartphone through WIC is Saving You Money - EASY Wireless

A Free Smartphone through WIC is Saving You Money!

Free Phones and wireless service help you keep in touch with your loved ones while keeping your monthly phone bill at $0 cost. This is a huge saving for low-income households.

A Free Phone is Just the Beginning!

You are not only getting a Free Smartphone you are also gaining access to resources on the internet that can help your family head towards financial freedom.

Free Data also allows you to access entertainment content such as music, movies, and books without having to worry about data charges. Finally, Free Data provides access to important safety resources that can keep you Prepared for Emergencies.

Ready to sign up for ACP?

If you meet the eligibility requirements, then you can easily apply for ACP with EASY Wireless and cut out your cell phone and internet bills with your:

  • FREE Smartphone
  • FREE Talk
  • FREE Text
  • FREE 5 GB of data.

Just fill out your email and zip code in the box below and click “Enroll Now” to get started.

Amazing EASY Wireless Customer Service is Here to Help

Are you in Oklahoma, Missouri, or Arkansas and asking, “where is free cell phone service near me?”

Come to any of our 30+ retail locations and one of our customer service reps will help you enroll for ACP.

Do you qualify for more than just WIC?

If you are receiving additional support through other programs such as SNAP you may be eligible to add the Lifeline Program to your ACP application. By combining these two programs benefits you can receive UNLIMITED data and all of the ACP benefits mentioned above.

For a complete list of qualifying programs, check out “Lifeline and ACP Qualifying Government Programs”.

Apply for Government Assistance Programs - EASY Wireless

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