Free Government Phone Service with Maine Medicaid

Free Goverment Phone Service with Maine Medicaid

If you’re a Maine resident and are currently enrolled in Medicaid, did you know about additional benefits that comes along with it through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) in partnership with EASY Wireless?

Forget expensive cell phone bills with limits on the amount of talk text and data you can use each month. When you qualify for ACP through Medicaid, you’ll eliminate your monthly phone bill and receive FREE Unlimited Talk, Text and Data.

Let’s explore the qualifications for Maine Medicaid, also known as MaineCare, and the advantages that come with it. Additionally, discover how to get qualified immediately with EASY Wireless so you can access free unlimited data!


What is Medicaid?

Maine’s Medicaid program offers health insurance to those who cannot afford it and is funded by the federal government. In order for your application to be accepted, you must prove that you are a Maine resident or US citizen as well as belonging in one of these groups:

  • Blind or other form of disability
  • Responsible for those under 18 years
  • Pregnant women
  • You take care of a disabled relative
  • Seniors

The application is easy for Maine residents. There are several options

You can visit one of the 16 local offices in Maine and file your application.

Applying for Medicaid is easier than ever with their online application. If you have any questions or need assistance filling out the form correctly, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Medicaid customer service staff – they are always available and more than willing to help. Just call 1-855-797-4357.

The Advantages of Maine Medicaid (Known as MaineCare)

Medicaid offers excellent support to Maine residents. MaineCare covers:

  • doctor visits
  • emergencies
  • substance use disorder treatment
  • prescription drugs, and more.

With MaineCare you also have access to TeleHealth and TeleMedicine options to get the care you need from the comfort of your own home with a zero or low cost co-pay. These free services are enhanced further when you don’t have to worry about the cost or limit of data for video appointments.

The Affordable Connectivity Program

The government is aware that those without internet access can become marginalized. This especially applies to recipients of Medicaid and other medical programs, which is why the Affordable Connectivity Program  was created by the federal government – an initiative designed to connect over 48 million households in need with essential services as well as family members. At EASY Wireless we are here to help bridge the digital divide in the U.S.

Qualify For Free Internet in Maine with the ACP

Qualify For Free Internet in Maine with the ACP

If you’ve already registered for Medicaid, signing up for ACP with EASY Wireless is a breeze. Fill out a quick application to check your eligibility and go through the National Verifier system to confirm that your name appears on the National Verifier database and that’s it.

What’s even better is MaineCare is automatically checked by the National Verifier. You may qualify without even having to manually enter your Medicaid proof, saving you valuable time during the application.

Don’t worry if you don’t currently have Medicaid though; there are still plenty of ways to join in on the action. In fact, almost half of all Americans are eligible for the ACP program!

Qualification Through Income Level

If you want to take advantage of qualifying through income level, make sure your yearly salary falls within the designated amounts. The amount that qualifies varies depending on how many members are in your household – check out the chart below and see if you qualify.

2024 Combo LL ACP Federal Poverty Guidelines Wide

Qualifying Through Other Government Aid Programs

If you don’t meet the income requirements, you can qualify for the ACP If you currently enjoy any of the following programs:

Get Free Internet with EASY Wireless Today

Get Free Internet with EASY Wireless Today

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Benefits of Free Internet in Maine - EASY Wireless


Benefits of Free Internet in Maine

Free Internet presents numerous advantages! For one, you can retire your monthly cell phone bill. Additionally, with a portable internet connection always by your side, you no longer need to trust the security of public Wi-Fi while out and about.

You can also use your unlimited internet to book appointments and can even see your doctor over a video call, saving time and money! You can stream videos, go shopping online and listen to your favorite podcasts to your heart’s content.

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