Free Phones for Veterans: Where to Get Them

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Did you know there are free phones for veterans? In addition to free phones you can also get free service.

In this blog post, we are excited to tell you where you may also qualify for service. We will also provide information on eligibility requirements and how to apply for these benefits. So don’t wait any longer. Read on to learn more about free phones for veterans.

What Programs allow Veterans to receive a Free phone?

What Programs allow Veterans to receive a Free phone?

Lifeline and ACP

The Lifeline Program, which is run by the FCC, provides discount on service to those who fulfill certain income or eligibility criteria. This discount, if applied through Easy Wireless, provides free phone service, and you will receive a free phone!

Many veterans may qualify for this program, by simply showing proof of eligibility. This proof can be an award letter that shows you receive disability through the VA, which may qualify you through the low income program, or a VA letter that shows you receive a Veteran’s Pension or Survivor’s Pension, which will qualify you through the VPSP program.

While The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a program that provides price breaks on monthly broadband services and certain connected devices. If a Veteran combines these two programs together, they can get a Free Cell Phone with Unlimited, Talk, Text, and Data!

How Do Veterans Qualify?

How Do Veterans Qualify?

If you are already receiving government benefits from one of the following programs, you may be eligible for free phones for veterans through the Lifeline and ACP providers like EASY Wireless:

Every year, millions of veterans qualify for this military benefit through the following government assistance programs.

  • Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit
  • Medicaid
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps or SNAP)
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Income 135% below the Federal Poverty Guidelines

ACP Only Qualifying Programs

  • All Lifeline Programs Listed Above
  • National School Lunch Program (NSLP)
  • Community Eligibility Provision (CEP)
  • WIC
  • You may qualify for ACP if your income is 200% or less than the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

How much money can Lifeline and ACP save you?

Veterans may save money every month by cutting or eliminating phone services costs using Lifeline and ACP. Getting a free smartphone and service through providers like EASY Wireless can save you around $62 each month on average.

This can add up to $764 annually! Who doesn’t want to save money?

Ready To Get Your Lifeline Phone Service and ACP Benefits for Veterans?

Ready To Get Your Lifeline Phone Service and ACP Benefits for Veterans?

As a veteran-owned company, EASY Wireless makes it simple for you to enroll in Lifeline service and ACP.

Online Enrollment for Lifeline and ACP

To apply online, simply fill out your email address and zip code, then choose “Enroll Now” to begin.

Once you’ve been accepted, we’ll send your free phone to your home right away.

Contact an EASY Wireless Customer Care Specialist

Call our customer service representatives to assist you in signing up at (877) 476-3451 or just Email: We make everything EASY!


FAQs About Cell Phones for Veterans Through Lifeline

Can I transfer my Lifeline Benefits to a Family Member?

No, you cannot pass on your Lifeline benefits to a family member. Only one account per household is permitted by Lifeline. However, you can add low-cost additional lines to your Lifeline account. Check with your Easy Wireless Customer Service Rep about our Family Plans.

I have a phone I already like, can I use it with Lifeline and ACP Service?

Yes! We have a large variety of phones you can choose from but if you already have a phone you love and enjoy our Bring Your Own Phone option is the one for you. You can use your own device without having to get a new one. Check out our Bring Your Own Phone page for more info.

What if I have problems with my phone or service?

Our Customer Service Representatives are here to help you! If you experience any trouble, do not hesitate to contact us at (877) 476-3451 and we’ll be there for you!

Can I cancel my service anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your service anytime without having to pay early termination fees or other hidden costs. But why would you? We offer Great Phones, Great Service, and for Veterans Its all for Free!

Join the Tens of Thousands that have already signed up for FREE Lifeline and ACP Benefits.

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