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Free phones, tax, and housing benefits are all available for Missouri veterans. The State of Missouri is proud of our veterans. We are committed to helping them transition to civilian life by providing various benefits. Veteran's benefits include education and training opportunities, healthcare coverage, and employment assistance. In addition, Missouri also offers a variety of discounts on state parks and hunting and fishing licenses.

If you are a Missouri resident, your benefits aren’t limited to the list above. You can receive Free Phone and Free internet services with Easy Wireless!

If you are curious about the benefits you own as an active or retired veteran, then continue reading this article to learn more!

Get a Free Phone and Unlimited Data as a Veteran - EASY Wireless

Get a Free Phone and Unlimited Data as a Veteran

You may have heard in the news recently how veterans can get a free phone and free data and are wondering if it is true. Veterans have been able to get help with their phone bills since 1985 with the Lifeline Program if they receive certain Veterans benefits.

Now because of a new government aid called the Affordable Connectivity Program, vets can also get help with their internet costs If they receive Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit.

In Missouri, EASY Wireless is authorized to work with both the Lifeline and ACP benefit programs. Our team has worked hard to develop a fantastic offer to ensure you don’t have to worry about paying cellphone bills.

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If you are not getting Veterans Benefits, you may still be among the many Americans who can qualify for free services through the ACP. If that is the case, we have the following offers available so you can still get your free phone and data:

1. Free Smartphone Plan

  • FREE Monthly Talk & Text
  • FREE Monthly 5 GB Data

2. Free Unlimited Data Promo

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  • FREE Sim Card

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Tax Benefits for Missouri Veterans - EASY Wireless

Tax Benefits for Missouri Veterans

The income received by the veteran during combat service is entirely tax-free. Apart from the combat zone, if you are serving actively in the army, 60% income is tax-free, but the exemption will increase to 100% by 2024.

If you are a retired veteran, your pension or grants from the government are also exempted from the income tax.

Education Benefits for Missouri Veterans - EASY Wireless

Education Benefits for Missouri Veterans

Combat veterans and service members are eligible for the reduced tuition fee in Missouri. According to The Missouri Returning Heroes Act, vets are charged no more than $50 for each credit hour. You must meet the following requirements to avail these education benefits:

  • You entered the army forces as a Missouri resident.
  • You are seeking admission to Missouri public institutions
  • You have an honorable discharge
Employment Benefits - EASY Wireless

Employment Benefits

The members of the National Guard or the Reserves enjoy the employment benefits during their service by receiving 120 hours of leave without deduction in pay and all the associated benefits. Moreover, all the professional license boards are bound to accept military training and service as a part of the qualification.

You can also receive five additional points in examinational score while applying for a job if you have served as a veteran. Veterans with service-related disabilities receive 10 points. The veteran's spouse may also be eligible to enjoy these employment benefits.

Recreational Benefits for Missouri Veterans - EASY Wireless

Recreational Benefits for Missouri Veterans

Missouri has some of the best hunting and fishing in the nation. We want to make our national parks affordable for disabled veterans.

Disabled veterans with more than 60% VA-rated service-connected disability can receive a hunting and fishing license for free. The National Guard and Reserve members deployed for 12 months on federal orders can obtain the hunting and fishing permit for $5.

If you currently serve in the military with no disability, you have to pay the amount set for the state’s residents. However, apart from the free licenses for hunting and fishing, the actively serving military personnel, disabled veterans, and National Guard and reserve members can receive a $2 discount on camping in the State parks.

Burial Benefits for Missouri Veterans

Veterans and their eligible family members can also receive free-of-cost burial services in one of the five veteran cemeteries. Following are the eligibility criteria to avail of these services in the veteran's cemetery:

  • The veteran died while serving in the army.
  • The veteran died after being discharged honorably from the US forces.
  • You have served for at least 20 years in the National Guard or Reserves.

Missouri Property Tax Credit

Missouri Property Tax Credit gives credits to 100% VA-rated service-related disabled veterans.

The credit is $750 for the veterans who pay rent and $1100 for homeowners. These credits may vary depending upon different taxes.

Veteran Centers for Missouri Veterans- EASY Wireless

Veteran Centers for Missouri Veterans

The state has seven veteran centers if you cannot care for yourself or need care. The available veteran centers are as follows:

  • Missouri State Veterans Home at Cameron
  • Missouri State Veterans Home at Cape Girardeau
  • Missouri State Veterans Home in Mexico
  • Missouri State Veterans Home at Mt. Vernon
  • Missouri State Veterans Home at St. James
  • Missouri State Veterans Home at St. Louis
  • Missouri State Veterans Home at Warrensburg

To be eligible for the services:

  • You must be discharged honorably from the military
  • You must show the need for care
  • You must be a resident of Missouri for at least 180 days

In these veteran centers, you can receive services like nursing care, physiotherapy or any therapy, laboratory care, and physician consultation without any cost.

At EASY Wireless, we are ready to help you get all the benefits you deserve. So join us on America’s fastest and most reliable network.

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