The Guide to Continuing Education for Seniors

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Back to School at My Age?: Classes for Senior Citizens Guide

Have you secretly been interested in classes for senior citizens? Better yet, are you curious about free online classes for senior citizens? It’s something that you’ve always dreamed of. Getting your college degree. What is so wonderful about this dream is that it can come true! It just needs a little effort on your part.

Are You Ready to Turn Your Tassel?

Are You Ready to Turn Your Tassel?

Maybe you’ve seen a high school graduation class turn their tassel. The tradition is that as you sit at your high school graduation you wear your tassel on the right side of the graduation cap. Once the diplomas are received, all students turn their tassels to the left side. This isn’t done in college ceremonies, but you get the idea. Turning a tassel has a special inspirational quality to it.

Getting an education is a great goal to set for yourself. Returning to high school, entering college to receive a degree such as an:

  • Associates
  • Bachelors
  • Masters
  • Doctorate

degree is, as the young folks say, “What’s up”. It’s a win-win and utterly nothing but a positive thing. The point is when people throw their graduation caps or mortarboards into the air at the end of a graduation ceremony, it symbolizes to many that the sky is the limit. You can achieve anything that you set your mind to.

Seniors, We’ve Got The “When” Covered

You’ve thought about classes for senior citizens long enough. You’ve daydreamed about free online classes forever. Now, we know the time is now to go back. Let’s consider the “where’s, why’s, and how’s” you can make going back to school a reality. Take a look at what is available for free or low-cost just because you’ve made it to this point in your life. That’s right, you’re a senior citizen and why not expand your knowledge base – and not have to pay an arm and a leg for it?

Is There An Advantage to Going Back to School?

Best Colleges is a great resource for senior students. They took the time to compile a short list of some advantages of being an older college student.

Use this list to encourage yourself. When the going gets a little tough, you may want to think about this list to remind yourself of why you’re doing what you’re doing. Remember, you’re not only helping yourself and your family when you acquire higher education, you’re helping your entire community as well. You’re bringing a wealth of life experience coupled with textbook knowledge to help in any way you can.

  • More commitment – as you age you are more mature, ideally. Although we know some people who never grow up! But we’re talking about you here! You’ve been committed to employment, family members, maybe a spouse (or two) and you know the value of commitment. Maybe you didn’t have it and you couldn’t cut it when you were younger and you dropped out of high school or college for whatever reason. With age comes the ability to handle responsibility. Your level of commitment has increased.
  • You know what you want – your goals have become clearer. You’ve experienced life and you know what works for you and what doesn’t work for you. You know what may work for your family, what may best benefit you and your family and your goals are more focused. That is a great advantage of being a senior in college or in any educational field.
  • Motivation and focus has increased – Let’s face it, life is a more serious prospect at 60 than it was at 18! Moreover, your mind is clear from all of those concerns of youth. More than likely, your family is settled, your children are adults and your responsibilities can focus solely on you. You’ve tried life and experienced it without this level of education and now you are motivated to try it with a higher level of education.
  • You are uniquely you – the cookie cutter concept just doesn’t cut it when you get to be a senior citizen. You have a specific experience and unique perspective. This will help you and your classmates. It will probably help your professor or teacher, as well. This added layer of know- how makes your education a richer experience for everyone. You know who you are now and you can be yourself.
  • You have actual experience in the world – You’re not bringing a textbook lesson, you’ve actually been to places, done things and experienced life. Again, your particular experiences in life will bring a richness to your educational experience as well as your classmates, as well as the administration and the faculty.
  • One of the key advantages to going back to school as a senior citizen is that you may very well qualify to get discounts on tuition – . That’s right no time for student loans! This guide will help you better understand how to go back to school for no or low cost.

Is Free Tuition Real?

Is Free Tuition Real?

Classes for senior citizens are offered all over America and all over the countries of the world for that matter. There are free online classes for senior citizens, as well. Imagine, you don’t even have to leave your home to expand your mind. You’ll be hearing “Pomp & Circumstance” as you march down the aisle at your graduation in no time.

Returning to school to receive your high school diploma can be done in person or online. Getting a General Equivalency Diploma is a tremendous accomplishment and you should never feel like you’re too old to try. In the next section we present some resources if you’d like to get your GED Or complete high school.

Sandy & Danny Move Over, I'm Greasing This Seat Now

Sandy & Danny Move Over, I’m Greasing This Seat Now

Uh-oh, our age is showing. Pardon the use of the iconic characters from 1978’s iconic classic, “Grease”. This high school musical touched on some of the pains of high school student life. Seniors, you don’t have to worry about who to take to the high school dance when you make the decision to finish high school.

US News & World Reports has a fantastic resource for adults who want to return to high school. In just five easy steps, you can complete this amazing task:

  • Get in touch with an adult education provider. Contact your local community college. They should be able to put you on the right path to figure out what’s best for you
  • Make the decision about which type of high school completion program you want to complete?
  1. A GED program This program is best for students who have a lot of credits to complete and don’t want to take the time necessary to do so. The GED is an exam that you sit for. There are classes available to help you complete and succeed in the GED. It’s like cramming four years of high school into one exam series. It is not easy, but it is doable. Go to, a GED testing service that offers free online courses. On this website you’re able to put in your local area information and find out how much the GED test fee is in your state. For example, the New York test is free for students who are New York state residents.
  2. An adult high school completion program. This program is best for students who only have a couple of credits left to earn their diploma. The adult high school completion program actually has courses that you can take to make up for the missing credits to earn your diploma. Taking a look at own your own will give you information on adult high school completion programs, their cost and how you can get enrolled.
  • Be certain that the program you choose is official and legitimate. Unfortunately, many organizations try to scam seniors by offering credentials that are not authentic. An online program can be reviewed by the state board of education or department of education. Check with your local state agency.
  1. Take a look at the bottom line of the program. Check the logistics, such as.
  2. The scheduling is very important.. Many programs don’t offer classes at night or on the weekends because they want you to focus on school. Make sure the schedule fits with your needs.
  3. Go back and get what’s yours. As part of looking at the bottom line or logistics of the program, you should also get all of your old transcripts from high school. With this information, the administrators will be able to determine exactly what you need to graduate.

The last step is the best step when you’re going back to get what’s yours from high school….

  • Enroll!! You’ve put it off long enough once you’ve done your research, get into the program and obtain your GED or enroll in the adult high school completion program. Now is the time!

Do You Have Your Sights Set On Higher Education?

Do You Have Your Sights Set On Higher Education?

Get Your College Degree

Perseverance – Don’t Stop, Finish Your Degree

The Oxford Languages dictionary defines perseverance as follows –persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

If you still have to complete credits to obtain your college degree, you’re not alone. According to less than 60% of students at 4-year colleges complete their degree even after being in school for six years. Community college has an even worse statistic for completion rates.

Adults have so much going on, it is very difficult to complete a college degree. However, back up to read the advantages of being a mature adult in college. It seems that those people have an “ain’t no stopping us now” attitude. You have to consider that finishing college takes perseverance, not necessarily great intelligence. We know many educated fools and many more people who did not complete a degree who are extremely bright..

Reading this guide and taking advantage of the resources outlined will give you the ability to persevere or to keep on going. The more support you have the easier the intimidating task of completing college is.

In most cases classes for senior citizens are free in person. Moreover, free online classes for senior citizens are offered everywhere. has taken the time to compile a list of free or inexpensive ways to attend college in all 50 states.

Let's Take A Brief Road Trip Around The Country

Let’s Take A Brief Road Trip Around The Country

  • In Alabama, you can attend any community college or 4-year institution completely tuition-free. Alabama’s Coastal Alabama Community College has free online courses for senior citizens, as well
  • in Connecticut, you can go to state colleges, both 4- year and 2-year colleges, free of charge. The age requirement is 62 years and it is given on a space availability basis.
  • Florida has a fun fact to go along with their absolutely free application, tuition and student fees for all students aged 60 and above. Florida Atlantic University’s Lifelong Learning Society has the largest adult continuing education program in the United States. They get 30,000 new registrants each year. Unfortunately, the catch with Florida is that no credits are granted.

Auditing Classes As Opposed To Matriculation For A Degree

Auditing Classes As Opposed To Matriculation For A Degree

Florida is not the only state with that issue. That’s why it is so important to check the logistics before enrolling. Make certain that the college you choose has the program that you want and that you are going to obtain a degree if that is your desire.

Auditing classes means you simply sit for exams, engage in the coursework, engage in classroom conversation and debate. Basically, you have all of the fun interaction of the college course. However, you don’t obtain college credits for the college course.

Matriculating for a degree, means you are enrolled in a degree program. There is a clear outline of how many courses you need to take, how many study hours, how many lab hours, if necessary, are mandated. At the end of the course, if you are successful, you will get a grade and you will receive college credit towards your degree for that particular class.

Ask any freshman college student and they will tell you. You have to be careful. You have to take courses that are going to go towards your degree. Some freshmen get caught up in taking a course that interests them but does not go towards their degree.

As a result, they end up paying for a class that does not bring them any closer to obtaining their degree. Some students find out at the end of their college years that they are still shy of the credits needed for their degree because they were confused about the credits.

Utilizing the resources you have as a senior citizen can help you persevere, as well. Take advantage of housing opportunities, transportation opportunities, and healthcare opportunities. Take advantage of all of the benefits that you are entitled to as a senior.

Seniors Needing Assistance

Moreover, there are other benefits you are entitled to as a senior with a low-income. Your healthcare, transportation, and housing needs must be satisfied in order for you to be successful as a college student. Having these basic things in place is necessary to succeed at the high school level as well.

Your Experience Matters

Your Experience Matters

Some colleges give you credit for life experience. Make certain that you ask about that in your registration. In addition, your work experiences can be added to your transcript in some cases. Gathering all of your old college credits is a part of the application process. Many times those credits will be accepted as transfer credits and can be used towards graduation. Sit down with the entrance staffers and learn how to gain the most benefit toward classes for senior citizens and your free online classes for senior citizens.

Let’s Talk About It

Use the zeal to embark on your educational goals and acquire ALL of the benefits you deserve. You are a smart cookie.

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Well, seniors, it’s time to start saving up for senior dues. Well, the fact is, you have already paid your dues. But the time to save up for your cap and gown ceremony may be right around the corner and you may qualify to get those fees waived, as well. You’ve proven that you can do almost anything, so why not go back to school, and – like George Bailey said in “It’s A Wonderful Life”, – “..See what they know”.

Carpe diem – seize the day. In other words, seize your degree and keep it moving, smarty pants.

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