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Seniors Citizens - Guides for Living Your Best Life - EASY Wireless

Senior citizens actually deserve to live their best lives at all costs – or at as little cost as necessary. You’ve earned it.

We’ve compiled a series of guides to help you do just that – live your best life at minimal monetary cost!

People think that you change drastically as you get older. Nothing could be further from the truth. Older people have the same heart as when they were young. We’re not talking about the physical here, we’re talking about the emotional. We are the exact same people we once were.

The most important change is that we have gained the wisdom of living a long life.

Wisdom Gives You Bonus Points

OK, you have some gray – unless you’re coloring it – you have some wisdom. Now, it’s time to use your wisdom wisely! That’s why we created these guides.

If you like you can refer to them as the:

Use Your Wisdom Wisely Guides

We’ve lived long enough to know we are never too old to learn.

This wisdom is a great thing. You’ve seen some things. You’ve met some people. You’ve traveled to some places, whether physically or in your mind. You have BEEN THROUGH SOME STUFF! As a result, you know how to avoid the messes of life.

Just as a reminder, these deep dives will give you a brief refresher course on how to enjoy your golden years in style.

Senior Healthcare: Major Considerations in Healthcare for Seniors

Senior Healthcare: Major Considerations in Healthcare for Seniors

Senior Healthcare Guide

Linking to the above-referenced guide will give you access to great information! Our health is everything! You know the old saying, “health is wealth”. Be rich in understanding that you can never get enough information on how to take care of yourself.

EASY Wireless is in complete agreement. Being able to get convenient, efficient contact with your healthcare provider is necessary. Being able to take advantage of the programs will put you in touch with great health. This technology will help you make:

appointments with ease. This is the way of the future of healthcare. The above three bullet points is how you are able to see your doctor on your phone while at home.

In addition, you’ll be able to check in with loved ones to see if they are maintaining their health. You’ll also be able to have a regular telephone conversation with your doctor to:

  • Follow up
  • Make new appointments
  • Request medication refills

or anything you need to communicate.

The healthcare guide has sections on major considerations as we age, such as:

How to get around – mobility challenges often accompany aging. You will learn about different options for transportation for yourself (such as wheelchairs) and how to take advantage of what the community offers – ITNAmerica, which is a national network of transportation companies just for senior citizens.

  • How to better protect your vision
  • How your income impacts your healthcare costs
  • A thorough investigation of Medicaid vs Medicare

This guide also features a section on senior living options. Meal service plans are discussed and you’ll learn about the latest in home delivery options. Prescription discount plans are explored so you can save on your medication necessities. Staying healthy is staying wealthy!

Speaking Of Wealth, Let's Talk About the Paper Money Kind for a Moment

Speaking Of Wealth, Let’s Talk About the Paper Money Kind for a Moment

Be Financially Secure: A Simple Guide for Seniors

Let your money realize its potential. Contacting professionals to assist with your financial security goals is easy on your EASY Wireless phone. The bottom line is money has its proper place in our list of priorities. We need it to acquire the things we need.

Our guide on financial security is entitled “Be Financially Secure: A Simple Guide for Seniors”. All of these guides have lots and lots of links, so you can learn more about the given topic. The financial security guide is no different. You’ll get an in-depth look at Social Security. Learn how this program that was started in 1935 has continued for almost 100 years. However, it is not the only source of financial security for senior citizens. You’ll learn how to make a simple monthly budget list of expenses.

You’ll also learn how to get financial assistance in terms of housing. This guide focuses on obtaining security for those senior citizens who have low incomes. It’s all about having control of your finances and getting the most out of the money you have. Click the link to learn more about gaining financial security, “Be Financially Secure: A Simple Guide for Seniors“.

Don’t Be Victimized, Senior Citizens

Guide: Avoid Financial Predators and Elderly Abuse

Now that you have got it – some financially secure money – this guide shows you how to protect it. In this ever-changing, ever-advancing technology world that we live in, predators have gotten crafty. Unfortunately, with the infinite tech possibilities, comes infinite ways for thieves to steal.

Financial predators are out there -both in person and online – and you have to be careful. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed to admit someone tried to scam you. Beware senior citizens!

Don’t be afraid to engage in new technology. There are ways to encrypt your personal information. Encrypting is a way to protect your personal information while online. Linking to this guide will give you a detailed overview of how the elderly are abused. The focus is on financial abuse because there are so many scams targeting senior citizens.

Learn how to not be a victim by following the steps outlined in the guide. There’s a section included that gives you the steps to take if you are a victim of a financial predator.

A Real Problem as We Age Is Simply Where to Lay Your Head

Plan For The Best: An Overview of Senior Living Options

So, we’ve created a guide just for that entitled “Plan for the Best: An Overview of Senior Living Options”. As we age, different lifestyle changes become necessary. Unfortunately, sometimes our health declines. It becomes necessary to leave the home of your youth and relocate to an assisted living facility.

Learning about your options now while you can do something about it is smart. In this way, you’ll know what to expect if you have to make a sudden move. The more you know, the more comfortable you and your family will feel about changes that might occur.

You can maintain control of where you live by being ahead of the game. Link to this guide on senior citizens’ living options. Taking advantage of the EASY Wireless program will help you stay in contact with loved ones and family and friends in case you feel displaced due to a move.

This guide also informs you about the best places to live if you just want a change of scenery.

Give Yourself A Chance. It Might Just Be a Dance or Maybe Romance

Give Yourself A Chance. It Might Just Be a Dance or Maybe Romance

Dating & The Senior Citizen

You’re never too old. We have a deep dive guide on dating for senior citizens entitled, “Dating & The Senior Citizen”.

No, it’s not all peaches and cream in terms of dating for senior citizens. There are some pitfalls to watch out for. Scammers prey on innocent senior citizens looking for romance in alarming numbers. This guide goes into detail so you’ll learn how to avoid this.

Another potential pitfall of dating is the fact that you can contract various sexually transmitted diseases. Yes, it can still happen in your golden years. Be on the alert, be careful, and never stop learning.

Returning To Things You Once Loved Includes Education

The Guide to Continuing Education for Senior Citizens

These guides are all about living your most fulfilled senior life. So you’ll see things all about getting back to things you once loved. In this deep dive about returning to education, you’ll get the inside knowledge of how to do it. Going back to college or returning to get your high school diploma is available for you.

This guide goes into detail about all of the resources available to senior citizens who want to enhance their brain usage. You’ll learn about:

  • How to save money
  • Where the free classes are
  • How to take advantage of educational opportunities

Continuing education usually describes a specific set of classes that are usually offered at the community college level for community residents.

At the same time, continuing education is what we all should do. You should never stop learning. Whether you go to a “continuing education” facility or if you just embrace the idea CONTINUING education.

Guide on How to Have an Enriched Family Life

Guide on How to Have an Enriched Family Life

Family Life in Your Senior Years

EASY Wireless is all about great communication. Great communication is the foundation for a great life. Staying connected with friends and family adds years to your life. Let EASY Wireless help you achieve this. Family reunions take place on ZOOM now every single day. Take out your cell phone and start an impromptu family reunion right now!

Social media is a great way to make sure everybody is in the know about family events. EASY Wireless gives you instant access to social media. Stay in the now and in the know about what is going on with your loved ones. This guide entitled “Family Life in Your Senior Years” puts the focus on how to go about it with wisdom. From dealing with problems in your family, to how your health can impact your family life – it has it all. Find out how to get the most out of your family life as a senior citizen despite declining health for some.

Ensure Your Peace of Mind

Major Types of Insurance for Seniors

Insurance options are for the “just –in–case” parts and the LIFE HAPPENS parts of life. It’s for peace of mind and protection of the things you’ve worked so hard for. This guide entitled “Major Types of Insurance for Seniors” goes into much-needed detail on this often neglected part of life.

As senior citizens, we may feel we don’t have enough money to buy insurance. The fact is, that’s not true. There are discounts for senior citizens for their insurance purchases. This guide will give you a brief outline on how to acquire:

  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Business insurance
  • Toy insurance

You don’t have to do all of the research on your own. The series of guides we’ve created could be your yellow pages – we’re dating ourselves – on how to do this senior thing! Imagine your children’s surprise when they discover, you know more about

  • Insurance
  • Dating
  • Family life
  • Senior living options
  • Financial predators
  • Financial security
  • Healthcare

…then they do. Take a look at this guide on “Major Types of Insurance for Seniors” and if you have some spare time over the next few days, take a look at all of the guides referenced in this pull it together piece. We just want you to know you’re not out here alone. There is a wealth of information to help your life be as golden as possible in your golden years.

You've Learned to Put Money into Proper Perspective

You’ve Learned to Put Money into Proper Perspective

The pursuit of money cannot drive your entire life, senior citizens! You have gained that wisdom,

You are not still under the assumption that coming across money is easy? Of course not! You know that getting a high-quality item for a little or no money is rare. You can appreciate a cellular telephone company that has high standards, excellent service and great programs for you and your family. EASY Wireless partners with their customers to make communication affordable and convenient.

The only way to capitalize on all of the great things in life is to have proper communication. Proper communication starts with great cell phone service and great Internet service.

  • It’s how we find out about things
  • It’s How we take care of ourselves
  • It’s how we take care of others
  • It’s how we call the doctor
  • It’s how we check in on an old friend
  • It’s how we catch up with a new friend
  • It’s how we photograph things
  • It’s how we record memories

…all of this right in the palm of our hand. You don’t have to dig out the old camcorder to record your grandchild’s first steps. You can just take out your EASY Wireless cellphone and get a movie of the most breathtaking movements in the entire world.

Don’t leave yourself out of the loop. Cell phone and Internet service do not have to be the most expensive monthly bill that you have. The Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program or ACP, are programs to help qualifying seniors acquire high quality communication.

EASY Wireless has a program that offers a free SIM card that pops right into your existing cell phone. They also provide you Internet service included with your cell phone plan.

Get in gear and contact EASY Wireless so that you can utilize all of the information in our senior citizens guide series. EASY Wireless is understands that communication is vital  in living your best life.

But, Before We Forget…

My Way –End-of-Life Planning for Seniors

An important guide to look at is our end of life deep dive. You’ll get a kick out of our senior living guide entitled “My Way –End-of-Life Planning for Seniors”. Just look at it as the reverse of all of the birth announcements and “baby on the way online content you see. Understanding how to end your life on your own terms is not just for “Ol’ Blue Eyes” – pardon our Frank Sinatra references, but you know what we mean. It is for everyone.

End-of-life planning should not be left to others. There are ways that you can plan the end of your life for free! There are thousands of templates that are available online to help you create the documents you need to make your wishes known and valid. Some of these documents include

  • A living will
  • Your last will and testament
  • A DNR – or DNI
  • An advance directive

We’ve called this deep dive guide a “peace of mind party”. The topics are sober, but they are necessary. Don’t put it off. Look at this end of life guide and be responsible for planning. Your loved ones will thank you for it.

We’d Like to Call This a Nutshell But…

This series is too expansive to fit into any nutshell. So we will just say “There you have it” a pull-it all-together brief on some of the most informative knowledge for senior citizens. Take advantage of our series of guides to help senior citizens live better lives.

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