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Get Free Baby Formula: Samples, Coupons and More

Get Free Baby Formula Samples, Coupons and More

Looking for free baby formula? You’re not alone! A lot of parents are looking for ways to get free or discounted baby formula. The good news is that there are a lot of options out there, and we’re going to show you how to find them. We’ll start with free samples, and then move on to other options like coupons and donation centers. So whether you’re just starting out as a new parent or you’ve been struggling to afford baby formula, we’ve got you covered!

Where to Find Free Formula Samples

Where to Find Free Formula Samples

Baby formula manufacturers are all trying to get their products into your shopping cart, so free samples are a great way to do that. They may offer free sample sizes of their product, or they may even be willing to send you larger amounts for free if you register with them. Either way, it’s definitely worth looking into.


Signing up for the StrongMoms program from Similac is completely free and comes with a whole host of benefits – coupons, samples, and even their rewards program! Don’t wait – join today to enjoy all these great offers.


When you join the free rewards program with Enfamil Family Beginnings, get up to $400 in coupons and baby-related perks. Plus, enjoy access to their educational tools and videos – all for no cost! It’s a fantastic way to save money while getting essential resources that will help your little one grow.

MyGerber Baby

This free rewards program doesn’t immediately provide free samples once you join. What they do provide is coupons, free health advice and discounts when you sign up. Once you have spent $150 dollars they will provide free gift. So as you spend on your baby the rewards add up and can get you free formula. Learn more at MyGerber Baby.

Check with Your Pediatrician

Check with Your Pediatrician

Your pediatrician may have free samples of formula in their office, so if you’re unable to get free formula through the manufacturers mentioned above, it’s definitely worth checking with them.


Manufacturers are constantly offering baby formula coupons for their products, so it’s definitely worth checking out their websites or looking at coupon sites for discounts.

Popular coupon sites include:

  • Swagbucks
  • TheKrazyCouponLady

Many coupon sites have begun to switch to a cash-back model. As you purchase discounted items through their sites, you also earn cash-back rewards. Once you have enough rewards saved up you can use this to buy any baby stuff you need.



Facebook Groups

Search through the various groups to find coupons, free baby stuff, and notices of free infant formula samples being given out. Many of these groups will provide links to digital coupons or free gifts available from companies for new parents.

Set Up a Baby Registry

Another option for free formula is to set up a baby registry at AmazonTarget, or Walmart. These retailers offer freebies and a Welcome Kit with the purchase of items from your registry by your friends and family.

Food Pantries

Food Pantries provide free infant formula to those who qualify. Check with your local pantries and charitable organizations to see if they have free baby formula available. You may also want to inquire at local churches or community centers – they often provide free resources for families in need, including free baby formula.

Infant and Toddler Pantries

These donation centers may be part of larger food pantry organizations or may focus on supporting families with infants and toddlers. They provide free formula, diapers, baby food and other basic necessities free of charge. Check your area to see if they have an Infant/Toddler pantry available near you.

This is a great resource to locate food and infant pantries in your area. You can search by category and location to find the exact type of assistance you need.

Medicare Advantage Food Cards

Do you or someone in your household qualify for Medicare Advantage? Certain plans are offering free monthly food cards. These cards work in a similar way to SNAP cards but the items you can buy are much broader. These cards can add $35-$275 a month to your food budget.

Apply for SNAP Benefits

If you are on a limited income you may qualify for a special supplemental nutrition program formally known as SNAP (commonly called Food Stamps). SNAP is a free service provided by the government to provide assistance with groceries and formula.

Low income mothers or fathers need to apply for SNAP through their state’s services department. You can find a complete list of state SNAP programs here.

Women Infants, and Children - WIC

Women Infants, and Children – WIC

WIC is a government program that offers nutrition and health education, as well as financial assistance to eligible women, infants and children. You can get infant formula, food items and cash grants to help you provide for your family if you qualify. Find out more by either contacting the nearest WIC office or browsing their website today!

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Even if you don’t have SNAP or WIC, you may still be eligible for this free government program depending on your income level or if you participate in other assistance programs. In only a few minutes, discover more about how EASY Wireless can help get you connected today!

So Many Options to Find Free Formula

There are many ways to find free baby formula and other free items for taking care of your little one. With a bit of research, you can easily find formula in your area or online.

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