Parents: Here’s Where to Find Free Baby Clothes

Parents Here’s Where to Find Free Baby Clothes

If you’re a parent in need of free baby clothes, don’t worry – you’re not alone! Many organizations provide free resources for parents and children in need. In this blog post, we will discuss where to find free baby clothes and how to go about obtaining them. We will also provide a list of some great organizations that offer free clothing resources and other baby products.

Ask Your Facebook Friends

Your friends can be a great source. Simply post a status update or ask if anyone has any outgrown clothing they’d like to give away. You will find many people are more than happy to give you free clothes, toys and other baby stuff.

Parents that have children but are not planning to have more are more than happy to pass along all of their baby stuff. Many times you will be receiving basically brand-new baby clothes.

You may even find yourself swamped with people offering you a

  • Baby Stroller
  • Extra Diapers
  • Crib
  • Toys
  • Baby Bags
  • …and more.

It’s really a good idea to announce your baby sooner to avoid having to spend money when it’s not needed. Other parents are happy to help out and clear space in their own home.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

Check your local market for people offering free baby items. You will probably need to drive to the seller’s location to pick up the items. However, you may find great deals on clothing or other baby stuff.

Facebook Groups

There are many Facebook Groups that offer free baby clothes and other items. Some are dedicated to a specific region, while others are more general in nature. Browse through the list of groups to find one that applies to your area.

Thrift Stores

Many local thrift stores offer free or low-cost clothing for babies and children. Check with local thrift stores in your area for the types of items they carry. Many thrift stores are associated with churches or regional non-profits which may provide access to other resources than just clothes. Some may offer a baby food pantry service with access to:

  • Free baby formula
  • Free baby diapers
  • A free breast pump
  • Over the counter wellness items like diapers, rash cream, baby powder etc.

It never hurts to ask what additional resources they can put you in contact with.

Check Local Charities and Organizations

Check Local Charities and Organizations

Many charities offer free clothes, furniture, toys, and other baby items to families in need. You may need to provide proof of low-income or other financial assistance is a great database search tool to find local charities in your area and the types of services they provide.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army assists those in need with clothing and other items. If you qualify, they can provide free clothes for your baby. Visit a local Salvation Army family store or contact them at 1-800-SALARMY to find out if you are eligible for assistance. They also offer additional resources for those in need such as a food pantry, counselling, and skills training.

Ask Your Baby's Pediatrician

Ask Your Baby’s Pediatrician

A pediatrician can be a great resource for free baby formula samples and other health products. She may also be able to help you find other items like clothes, diapers and nursing pads. These doctors are in constant contact with many parents whose children have outgrown their baby stuff. They may be able to suggest parents who are looking to give away items their children have outgrown. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Online Baby Registry - Get a Free Welcome Box

Online Baby Registry – Get a Free Welcome Box

Setting up a baby registry is a convenient way to get a wide variety of items for your baby. Many stores offer free welcome boxes when you sign up for an online registry. The boxes often include a sample assortment of baby clothes, diapers and other goodies.

Amazon Baby Registry

The Amazon baby registry {insert Amazon Affiliate link} is a great way to get free baby samples, deals and discounts. When you sign up for the registry, they offer a free welcome kit that contains several items such as diapers, wipes and other goodies.

You need to have a Prime membership to receive a free Welcome Box. Low income families may also qualify through Prime Access which is Prime for those that qualify.

From Amazon’s site

“To receive your free welcome box gift, you just need to have an active Amazon Prime account, create a Baby Registry, add 60% of the items on your Checklist to your registry, and have over $10 of purchases from your registry (by you or others).”

Walmart Baby Registry Welcome Box

You need to first register on Walmart’s site for your baby registry. Afterward, you can use your Walmart registry URL to sign up for a free baby registry box to get free baby gear and samples.

Walmart’s program also provides third-trimester with a prenatal vitamin sample and other free goodies to expecting mothers. The earlier you register the better to maximize the free items for moms to be.

You can have items delivered or do in-store pickups. Your orders may be eligible for free delivery and you can also shop for other essentials from Walmart with your SNAP EBT card.

Target Baby Registry

Target’s baby registry Welcome Kit is valued at over $100. They recommend contacting your local store first to confirm they are available or stopping by Guest Services to yours up. If you have questions, call 1-800-888-9333 (7 am to 12 am Central).

Kits include free baby products and coupons for expecting moms to save money on future purchases.

Freecycle.Org - Find Free Baby Stuff

Freecycle.Org – Find Free Baby Stuff is a non-profit organization that offers a service where people can post items they want to give away for free. It’s a great place to look if you’re in need of free baby clothes or anything else. Everything is completely free, so take advantage of it!

Free or Low-Cost Options

These resources may offer free or low-cost options to find clothes and baby things.


Search CraigsList in your area for free or low-cost baby stuff. New listings go up daily so you’ll want to check back regularly. Many people will be willing to negotiate or add in additional free stuff to make the deal. Keep an eye out for people mentioning that they are moving soon as they will be more willing to negotiate.


Goodwill sells second-hand items at prices that are much lower than retail. These prices can be very affordable, so you may be able to find great deals on clothes and other baby items.

Check with different Goodwill stores in your area as each one carries different donated items. If they offer items online, the stock may be out before you arrive. It’s best to visit each location.

Garage and Yard Sales

Garage sales and yard sales are great ways to get free or low-cost baby items. A lot of times people will be willing to give away stuff for free because they don’t want the hassle of trying to sell it. Visit the sale early and start asking if there is any baby stuff they would like to give away. You may even find new items still in the packaging.

To find Garage and Yard Sales in your area, search:

Have a Baby Shower

A baby shower is a great opportunity to get together with friends and family. Not only will you learn about what to expect with your newborn from other mothers, you’ll also receive free baby stuff.

Set up a wish list with one of the baby registries mentioned above to make it easy for others to help you get the items you need. They may even be willing to chip in money instead of gifts.

Free Baby Samples - Clothes and More

Free Baby Samples – Clothes and More

Once you have your clothes covered you can find free samples for many other baby products. Companies offer free formula, baby bottles, and other items. You may just need to pay shipping to receive your sample kit.


StrongMoms from Similac offer coupons and free samples of their products. Signing up is free and also enrolls you in their rewards program. Sign up for the StrongMoms program today.


Enfamil Family Beginnings offers up to $400 worth of coupons and baby freebies when you sign up for their free rewards program. They also offer free educational tools and videos on their sites.

Women Infants, and Children – WIC

WIC is a government program that provides assistance to women, infants, and children with nutrition and health education. WIC provides financial assistance to qualifying mothers, infants and children. You can receive formula, food and cash assistance to help.

Contact your local WIC office or visit their website to learn more.

Free Up More of Your Budget Through WIC

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Free Baby Stuff is Everywhere

Free Baby Stuff is Everywhere

These are just a few places you can find free clothes and other items for your little one. With the right resources, you and your baby can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without spending a fortune. Don’t forget to ask family members, friends and neighbors as well! Good luck on your search for free baby stuff.

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